East Rutherford: Eli Manning Retirement Ceremony

2021.09.26 20:26 Piper_Plummer East Rutherford: Eli Manning Retirement Ceremony

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2021.09.26 20:26 shallah ‘Leave or Be Removed’: Anti-Maskers Menace School Boards

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2021.09.26 20:26 nuggie9316 Did a massive shit after school (F)

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2021.09.26 20:26 quelquesquestions Equivalent Concordia courses for high school level

For some background information, I am enrolled in the Concordia Science Foundation program hoping to complete the prerequisites of the BsN program at McGill or UdeM or USherbrooke. However, it looks like my chances of getting direct entry to the BsN program as a mature student is very low compared to the fresh out of Cégép students. I am now planning to apply for the DEC in Nursing instead. I should have applied for the DEC Springboard in the first place so that I would know exactly what classes I need to take. Anyway, it is too late now. Since I am already enrolled in some Concordia classes, I am hoping to see if any of my Concordia classes can be deemed equivalent for Cégép requirements before I apply for the DEC springboard. Can someone shine some light on the following 3 requirements?

Secondary 4 Mathematics
- From what I gathered, MATH 200 is equivalent to Secondary 4 Mathematics in Quebec, while MATH 201 is equivalent to Secondary 5. I am now enrolled in MATH 201, so hopefully I do not need to complete the remedial course again later. Can someone confirm if this is accurate?

Secondary 4 Environmental Science and Technology
- I know this one is most likely not available at Concordia, as Concordia splits science into different disciplines (i.e. chemistry, physics, biology). I will complete this remedial course at Cégép springboard. If you have any information on the equivalent courses at Concordia, please let me know!

Secondary 5 Chemistry
- From what I gathered, CHEM 205 is equivalent to the Cégép 1st year chemistry course 202-101 or 202-NYA. Since this course is technically more advanced than secondary school level, do you know if Cégéps accept this course in replacement of Secondary 5 Chemistry?

Thank you in advance !
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2021.09.26 20:26 zeratul274 The only truth about Pisslam

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2021.09.26 20:26 General_Pack_3526 My father took home a drunk stranger man to massage him in MOTHER'S BED

So my father is 53 years old an alcoholic. Doesn't give a crap about women at all. Spends my mother's money while HE'S UNEMPLOYED. My grandmother has hearing issues, so when she's watching TV in the living room, he likes to sit down and change channels and turn down the volume to the ABSOLUTE MINIMUM. TO THE POINT WHERE EVEN I AT 19 YEARS HAVE TROUBLE UNDERSTANDING. So don't tell me that he has better hearing than me. My granny just watches the TV and doesn't understand one thing because she can't hear it.
He bought a used motorcycle that has terminal damage for a lot of money. While he was drunk, of course. And he's not an expert either. My mother told him if he buys that we won't be able to pay the bills and eat. He bought the bike, they went into ZERO. ZERO DOLLARS ON THE ACCOUNT.
Even I have more money on my bank account, and I don't even work full-time. That bike became a bed for my cats. He told my mom he wants to travel the 370 mile distance to his workplace by that bike that has a maximum speed of 25 miles per hour. THAT WOULD TAKE HIM AT LEAST A WEEK!
So my room is right next to the entrance. I heard him bringing a man inside. But I was on my computer so I didn't notice anything else. Later, my granny told me he took a guy inside their bedroom WHERE MY MOTHER SLEEPS WITH HIM. The guy was sleeping on the bed. He asked for some blankets from my granny. On a family party, my mom found out from some relatives that HE WAS MASSAGING THE GUY. And who knows what else he did to him. My mom felt so ashamed.
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2021.09.26 20:26 M00nKnightvol7 I found these two masks that caught that caught my interest for my upcoming cosplay, but I can't identify which generation these are.

Mask 1:

Mask 2:
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2021.09.26 20:26 This-is-Peppermint Cotton Candy Grape Time!

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2021.09.26 20:26 DeadlyVenomCW Horror of the ancients prequel

(If your character has already interacted with horror of the ancients part 1, don’t interact with this, if you have another character use it on this I’ll intertwine that character with the character in part 1) while stationed on the USG ISHMURA for mechanical assistance with a work captain, one Mr Samuel irons, when the colony on the planet below the ship, discover an artifact suddenly after a few days there’s violence then a monster grabs you while you and irons are working with plasma saws, irons cuts the monster in half’s killing it “somethings wrong let’s go”
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2021.09.26 20:26 Danleydon Is GIF gun worth getting?

I create a lot of artwork gifs for work. My process is generally to export a PNG sequence in RGB. + Alpha. Then I use PNGyu to crunch down the size of al the images at once. Then I open the sequence in photoshop and export as a gif.
I'm thinking my method is in dire need of an upgrade.
Does gif gun allow for similar crunching down of PNG size?
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2021.09.26 20:26 Schwiliinker Is there any problem with storing away a PS5 inside a luggage or box/bag for 2 and a half months

It would be in an indoor storage unit or regular room
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2021.09.26 20:26 Hexidian Correct

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2021.09.26 20:26 fred1266 Mikel Arteta Post Match Interview - Arsenal vs Tottenham

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2021.09.26 20:26 moog-e made an alex g inspired tshirt :-)

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2021.09.26 20:26 DaydreamMainframe Cybernetic Hunter build I threw together

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2021.09.26 20:26 greencoralcaves old cheap 5 string bass i got for free has no slot for the b string (it snapped off)

I wouldn't really care about the 5th string normally, I have a nice 5 string bass any way and i never even use the extra string but the bass sounds awful the E and a have extreme buzz and the d and g dont even produce a note just pure buzz.
before i waste a pack of strings on it, is the nut casing this problem, as in some sort of pressure on the strings? Its worth noteing that practically all buzz stops when fretting a note and what i said only applies to open strings which makes it seem like the nut is the problem
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2021.09.26 20:26 colts1899 [USA-IL][H]Unlocked iPhone 11 128GB, Unlocked Z Flip 3 128 GB [W]Paypal, Airpods Pro

Hello all - Couple of phones up for sale today:

Timestamps: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1UjtHW9Xeo0ZbJepZXvGZYlpguIgvAIVx?usp=sharing
I’m also looking to buy a pair of AirPod Pros. If you’ve got some for sale let me know!
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2021.09.26 20:26 braschendorf "Alright heyyy, good job guys, let's just not come in tomorrow..."

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2021.09.26 20:26 jarrodthomsonLV Does she really like me or am I just thinking it’s more than it really is

This girl and I have known of each other for a few months now but never had the confidence to go and talk to her when seeing her out, Initially I requested her to follow her second account on instagram to which she followed back then requested to follow me on her main account, it was my intentions to message her that night but after a rough couple of months getting over an ex I thought it would’ve been another disappointment if I did.
Fast forward to only 4 days ago when she was out drinking with a mutual friend of ours and I received a snapchat from her that being a photo of her and the mutual friend which set off a few more messages that night, the next morning she messaged me again and that’s when we started properly talking. I am about a 4 hour drive from our town (at a city on the coast as we don’t have a beach in our town) so I thought I couldn’t meet up with her this weekend until she told me her and a friend are coming to the city we are in for the weekend and wanted to catch up.
On the saturday night me and a friend had gone out drinking and decided to meet up with them when they arrived here, the drinks had definitely helped me because we hit it off instantly, they wanted to go to some beaches that night so me and her both sat in the backseat where nothing too big happened just some hand holding and she was laying on my lap. We got back to the place they were staying to drink a bit more but it was the first time we were alone to have a proper chat.
She was on top on me on a recliner and I felt extremely comfortable talking to her, we discussed all sorts such as life goals, our plans for the next year, told eachother about our most recent breakups and ended up telling her I could genuinely see something with her in which she seemed to feel the same way, keep in mind this is only the first night of actually meeting her.
We ended up falling asleep cuddling to a movie on the couch and she had gone to the bed sometime during the night which I don’t blame her for the couch was ridiculously small, in the morning I piled in there with her for some more cuddles until me and my friend decided we wanted to go home but we would meet up later at a beach which we ended up bailing on and going to another beach for a better surf so we didn’t see them again that afternoon.
I was still keeen to see her so I told her she could come to dinner with me but she would have to bring her friend as i couldn’t leave my mate she said she wanted to do the plan was to meet up at 6:30 but they had been gone for a long time and eventually found out they were with some boys we know also from our town, while trying to sort dinner she had left my message on delivered so me and my mate went out alone and now messages have been getting replied to not as fast but she is still initiating conversation.
I feel i am much too invested for this to be not even a week of actually talking yet, reslly scared to get my heart ripped out again but I haven’t felt like this about someone ever, stuck between ghosting her completely or putting all my eggs into her basket since I already have these strong of feelings.
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2021.09.26 20:26 Gobblegah A sub like justunsubbe, but instead Just Banned From.

Sometimes you get banned for ridiculous things from ridiculous subreddits. Can someone create or show me to a community where I can announce what I’ve been banned from today. Preferably with a snappy descriptive title
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2021.09.26 20:26 Historia_Maximum Sumerian Shakespeare or how far our hobbies can take us

If in any search engine to find information on the Internet you are looking for something related to the history of Ancient Sumer, then sooner or later (rather early) you will find yourself on a site called Sumerian Shakespeare. In this somewhat old-fashioned place, you can read a number of small but very fascinating articles about various aspects of the history of the first civilization of Mesopotamia.
New articles and photographs appear on the site every year. And besides, here you can read the author's translations of several cuneiform tablets.
The author of all materials on the site is one person. This is an American and his name is Jerald J. Starr. This person reads ancient Sumerian cuneiform, conducts independent research and is not a professional scientist.
Yes exactly! You can read more about this person here.
I will not judge the scientific usefulness of the entire Sumerian Shakespeare site. In addition, the author himself considers his relationship with professional historians not ideal.
It seems to me that the academic principles of defending your work in front of other professionals are very important. In modern historical science, the knowledge of specialists in chemistry, genetics, metallurgy, architecture and many other branches of knowledge is used. Therefore, working alone may not be as effective as working in a team.
I want to draw your attention to how far Mr. Jerald J. Starr's fascination with the history of the Cradle of Civilization has led him.
Are you ready to learn an ancient dead language and writing as part of your hobby?
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2021.09.26 20:26 Brian_Nature_Darling Jellyfish in Blue Aquarium to relaxing ambient music

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2021.09.26 20:26 Mostly_Harmels [CR Media] Mighty Vibes Deails/Easter Eggs

Watching the newest Mighty Vibes I had fun hunting for all the fun little details and nods to their other stuff that are packed in there. Some are: - Vax is watching/listening to the first Mighty Vibes video - Simon the snake in his terrarium with miniature Castle Greyskull in it - Vex has a fucking bear tamagotchi! 😂 - The Henry Crabgrass poster - The twins seem to have been playing a game of Uk'otoa - Some of the books: "Kith&Kin", "Traveler's Guide to Market", "How to train your bear", "Paladin 101", "A Throne of Feathers" (isn't that one of the smutty books TMN bought or at least saw in some shop...?), "The Glass Tomb" (not sure what that one's about, anyone have any idea?), "History of Exandria", "The Age of Arcanum". There were also some other ones I couldn't make out fully... - Vax having trouble because he let Scanlan use his computer... 😏 - The snow drops... 😭 - A sticky note with " boots! 😠". Long live that particular sibling fight... 😁 - The poster with "RAVE IN QUEENZ", aka Raven Queen....? 😜 - The poster with the old "dagger, dagger, dagger" shirt design - Vex's broom - Trinket with the bows from early on - Vex's (or let's be honest: Laura's) dice bag
What fun details did you find in this or one of the older Mighty vibes videos?
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2021.09.26 20:26 nitaxa9936 金球娛樂城的技術優勢

金球娛樂城採用了目前最好的加密技術和防火牆系統,不只保護玩家的安全、私隱,並讓玩家享受公平的遊戲。由於採用了企業級別的加密科技(1024位RSA金鑰交換和 448位blowfish),金球娛樂城提供比一般的商業級別的SSL更高的保護。而且為娛樂城客戶著想,嚴格且效率的出入金,申請提款,當日立即出款,非巔峰時段15分鐘內迅速出金,會以線上娛樂城會員申請順序依序安排出款。
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2021.09.26 20:26 whartonm19 I'm probably the last to know, but there's a longer version of the theme song out there...

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