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COVID Swabbers of Reddit, what the weirdest thing you pulled out someone's nose?

2021.09.26 19:53 YeetBudgie COVID Swabbers of Reddit, what the weirdest thing you pulled out someone's nose?

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2021.09.26 19:53 AnimanHunter [US] [BUYING] Ajin & Hell's Paradise Manga !!!!

Hi everyone,
I'm looking to buy the full set of Ajin up to the most recent volume which I believe is volume 16. If you have a set to sell, please let me know.
I'm also looking to buy a full set of Hell's Paradise up tp its most recent volume (is it finished yet?). If anyone has a set they're willing to part with. Please let me know.
Thanks for stopping by.
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2021.09.26 19:53 Dourado28 Barbara Muñoz - Dancing In The Sun (Official Video)

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2021.09.26 19:53 HikeTheSky What do you guys think about the Canon RF 100-400mm f/5.6-8 IS USM Lens

I have an EOS R and I am looking for something I can use with wildlife without breaking the bank. What do you guys think about this one?
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2021.09.26 19:53 KickItKIT Love it when China bans crypto - How much we going up this time?!

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2021.09.26 19:53 AetherMemes The one thing im waiting for, that one chapter, that one sickning chapter, i can already see its name in my head "Hope"

that one moment, when all hope is lost, the people of dicathen lose hope in everything, only for a shining beam of hope in the form of Arthur to appear, to instill in their hearts that as long as he stands, dicathen stands with him, and that hope will always come, as long as he still stands, that i just need too see that relief of the people arthur cares about, they all need it, ellie, virion, alice, etc.
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2021.09.26 19:53 neverdetroit Is all fair in love and war? (Cheapskate Noobish Hardpoint Strategy; high yields)

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2021.09.26 19:53 RingoStarAllies Why is George Harrison absent on the Abbey Road cover, and why did they put Charles Manson in his place? SMH

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2021.09.26 19:53 Avazlife Please help!how can I make money it’s urgent.

I desperately need to make money, and I’ll do anything seriously anything to earn some so that I can pay for my rent and some essentials, but I don’t know what I can do(since I’m on a visa). I have a doctorate, and I’m currently doing research in the US in a lab, my employer was supposed to pay me after some time, but due to Covid and some other financial crisis, they couldn’t. I’ve been looking for different positions that will support my visa and also pay me, but so far, I couldn’t find any that will do both, and also even if I find a new position again I’ll need money to be able to move. I have no friends or family members that can help me, and going back to my home country is not even an option; I’d literally rather die than go back. I don’t know what I should do; I feel so helpless. Would you please guide me on how I can earn money to get my life back?
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2021.09.26 19:53 Kittymahri Classification and Evaluation of Hero Abilities

Anima Lenses+ are a limited resource. They might not be sparse if you’re caught up with endgame content (still limited though) or if you’re a mega-whale, but regardless, you’ll need to make decisions about how to use these limited resources, and which HA to prioritize. Generally you’ll want to prioritize those who are being brought to endgame content, typically with a Sync or Awakening, but that leaves open the question of which of those gets higher priority.
Criteria These are the more common factors to consider, at least for DPS HA. Other types of HA need to be evaluated by different means.
Hits The total number of hits determines how well an ability will build a Chain count, and also the damage ceiling of the ability. Earlier in the game, abilities are likely to cap since fewer buffs would be needed to attain that, so the damage ceiling is the more prominent factor.
Multiplier per hit This is how hard each hit is. On one extreme, there’s Rapid Fire which deals 10 hits of 0.35 multiplier each. It might seem attractive to those unaware of how hard it would hit (and before elemental factors become prominent), but it will be outclassed quickly. On another extreme, there’s Stone Press which deals 1 hit of 7.00 multiplier at full charge. This can be very good for breaking Rage (and indeed was heavily recommended early in Quetzalcoatl’s release), but considering its limitations in hits and that it usually requires a rotation with a weaker ability (or else hit with a weaker multiplier of 3.00 if going for something like Stone Press/Entrust), it might be easily replaced.
Multiplier This is just the product of the above two, which is a major factor in how much damage the ability will do (assuming that not everything caps). Given the difficulty of endgame content, total multiplier is usually the most salient criterion for determining how good an ability is.
Flexibility This is how many battles you can use an ability in, related to how many elements and possibly damage types that an ability covers. Usually, more flexible abilities are worse in individual circumstances. For example, Blastspell Strike is not a good choice for Record Ruby purchases since it’s overall worse than Inferno Assault and Tremor Assault, and later on the impact of being limited by a four-hit ability will be noticeable (which might occur in cases where you need to use someone’s HA and a 6* ability, possibly because both Sync Commands are needed, or possibly because no Awakening is equipped and hones will run out for a single slot). Overall, the tradeoff of flexibility versus power is something that needs to be evaluated, though there are some cases where you can get the benefits of both.
6x1.10 physical or 6x3.50 magical These are the benchmark HA. As most 6* abilities are only 5-hit, these are an upgrade in that regard, and that multiplier per hit is also typically an upgrade too, especially for some schools like Thief. There aren’t typically many drawbacks to them; they tend to be for characters who are more specialized (e.g. Tidus) as opposed to more generalized (e.g. Bartz). These are therefore some of the more worthwhile HA to invest in.
To see how these measure up against some typical 6* abilities:

For users of these schools, getting a 6x1.10 or 6x3.50 HA is a clear improvement in Chain building, or in Rage breaking, or in just overall damage.
In some cases, there are slight modifications:
5x1.10 physical or 5x3.50 magical But the most common tax on a HA is trading a hit for an additional effect, and these are so common that they outnumber the untaxed HA.
On a 6-hit HA becoming a 5-hit HA, that’s a 16.7% tax, but for lower-hit HA, that tax becomes increasingly worse, for example a 4-hit HA becoming a 3-hit HA is a 25.0% tax.
Since 6* abilities are typically 5-hit, these types of HA are no worse in damage ceiling, and are usually an upgrade in multiplier. Depending on how hard it is to reach the damage cap (Cloud is fine), and how many other DPS are competing for the same skills, and what other secondary effects are granted, these types of HA can be worthwhile.
These taxes, and others not yet listed, might apply to other structures.
7x0.85 physical or 7x2.85 magical On the other side of taking away a hit, some HA add a hit to the 6x1.10 or 6x3.50 ones but tax the multiplier. With these multipliers, they are overall lower than the 6-hit variety, but gain an additional hit for Chain-building. They are going to be noticeably worse per hit, especially if breaking Rage is an issue.
One other note is that the physical ones tend to be for Machinists, and these are a considerable improvement over Trinity Grenade or the imperil abilities. However, the magical ones have a 2.60 second cast time instead of a 1.80 or 1.65 second cast time, and tend to be for Witches (though Serah’s is Black Magic).
Also, the 6x2.85 tax is more common than the 7x2.85 base, due to many Witches getting a multi-elemental tax. This is compared to the 6* ability being 6x2.60, so the HA is only a 9.6% improvement.
4x1.00 physical or 4x3.30 magical The 4-hit HA are going to be worse in hits than a typical ability, so the tradeoff must be really good if you want to consider them.
Note that Thieves and Knights have a 5x0.80 alternative, so the HA is the same in overall multiplier and 25% better for breaking Rage. If not capping, the HA isn’t noticeably worse, so the secondary effects determine how worthwhile these are.
However, for mages, the Chain-ja spell is 5x3.05, so these types of HA are only 8.2% better for breaking Rage but deal only 86.6% of the total damage per attack.
Additionally, some of these get further taxed to 3-hit HA if coming with imperil. These can be very underwhelming for immediate damage but can be okay for support, depending on how much imperil the situation calls for. Remember that Machinists have the 6* imperil option too, so you should weigh that 3x1.00 of Cater HA against 4x0.85 and the different imperil rates.
4x1.10+p5.76 physical or 4x3.50+p18.40 magical These 5-hit HA replace the last hit with a piercing hit - ignores DEF and RES (but not other damage reduction). They use a different damage formula, and are much more likely to hit high numbers than the non-piercing hits against endgame content. If you have two layers of Break Cap, they can easily break King’s Rage against Dragonking Bahamut.
They should be considered an improvement over the 5x1.10 or 5x3.50 HA, but still face the same issue with having the same damage ceiling as typical 6* abilities.
1x7.10 overflow physical or 1x22.50 overflow magical The single-hit overflows are very good at one thing, and that’s breaking Rage. Even without Soul Breaks, they are capable of breaking King’s Rage as long as they’re properly buffed. They have better multipliers than the 6-hit HA, but lower damage ceilings when a single Break Cap is present (and essentially the same damage ceiling as 5-hit HA) and are worse for Chain building.
5x4.95 SUM magical Summoners play with different tools than Black Mages: while a 6* Summon is 4x4.73 AoE with a 2000 minimum damage coefficient per hit, the typical Summoner HA is 5x4.95 single-target with a 2000 minimum damage coefficient per hit and a party 1000 heal. Getting that extra hit makes them more competitive with other mages (it’s a 25% improvement in damage ceiling already, and hit count tends to be what holds Summoners back), and the party heal is a nice bonus. These might do a bit worse at healing than a typical healer HA (an h20 factor with 1000 MND would heal ~1500 before other factors are considered, and the Summoner ones are not affected by WHT healing bonuses but all can be affected by Healing Boon), but the Summoner HA can contribute chip damage and even possibly break Rage with fewer buffs.
There are a few exceptions:
6x1.15 jump physical or 7x0.95 jump physical Dragoons get somewhat improved multipliers on their HA, compared to the 6x1.10 or 7x0.85 on other physical HA. Dragoons can usually use the +35% Jump Damage RM with little drawbacks since their Soul Breaks are often Jump, which is an extra improvement Dragoons get over other physical schools (and even if they have a +40% RM, those don’t always represent a 40% damage gain due to additive stacking).
Some of these come with air time, some of these come with longer cast times. This is the downside of those HA, and they need to be dealt with in various ways, maybe rotating in Hurricane Bolt to deal with air time, maybe linking to a Sync Command to negate cast time.
And of course, there are various exceptions to Dragoon HA, like Luneth, Freya, Nine.
For comparison, Sky High is 6x0.95 with no airborne Dragoons, while Impulse Dive is 6x1.00, and Dark Side Dive is 6x0.91 with a 20% heal.
Heals Healer HA, focusing on heals, tend to follow one of the following:
Healers can often get the job done with Curada or Holyja and relying on Soul Breaks or other heal chases. So see if you really can get some worth out of these HA before considering them.
Support plus heals Some get support/heal style HA, whether their main kit focuses more on the supporting or the healing. These have more utility than the heal-focused HA, which is why some give more consideration to Penelo and Deuce.
The effects of these buffs and debuffs depend on what else is present in the party, especially if the buff soft cap is in play. The breaks are easier to calculate; a 50% DEF or RES break to a 70% Break Resistant enemy is an 8.5% damage improvement, while a 50% ATK or MAG break to a 70% Break Resistant enemy is a 10.8% damage mitigation to non-piercing attacks (for piercing attacks it varies with the exponent used, though there are typical ones).
Whereas for buffs, consider the following: Mog is brought to an Argent Odin, with both Awakenings equipped and with a MAG-buff Chain. As 1.5*1.5*1.3=2.925 is already over the buff soft cap, the buffs from Mog’s HA will have virtually no effect once all buffs are up, so its main use would be for the healing, and possibly for early buffing before Soul Breaks can be cast. Or consider another scenario: Mog is brought to Dragonking Bahamut. A DPS has ~1300 MAG, and the Historia Crystal is at Level 110 so it adds 237 MAG after buffs. Mog uses his Awakenings. Without Mog’s HA, the DPS has 2772 MAG. With Mog’s HA, the DPS has 3487 MAG. Since these are over the second soft cap, the DPS would be dealing (3487/2772)^0.5=1.122, or 12.2% more damage. So Mog’s HA can contribute a bit more than a 50% stat break from Crushing Tango. Of course, these numbers are very dependent on a number of factors.
The worth of these depends on how good the Soul Breaks are (i.e. Mog or Selphie?), and how much the breaks or buffs can contribute, and how much more healing is needed.
Miscellaneous And of course, there are always going to be HA that don’t neatly fit into common or notable categories, or are notable except so unique that they should be considered exceptions. Orran’s HA is one; it’s a somewhat worse version of Allegro Con Moto for physical type, whereas other forms of quickcast usually come from Soul Breaks. Or another example, there are some physical HA which are inexplicably 7x1.00.
Ninjas just get different HA. On the physical side, some of them are based on the 6x1.10 or 7x1.00 or are Yuffie’s. Anything that deals ninjutsu damage is fairly unique, as the only things that deal non-piercing ninjutsu damage are those HA, certain Soul Breaks and effects (including Sync Commands). The main thing to know about those is that the ninjutsu damage formula is rather favorable compared to the normal magic damage formula, but ninjutsu does not benefit from magical boosts or magical quickcasts.
Some HA have different effects depending on whether another character is alive in the party, these ones are usually slight variants of the types of HA already mentioned (e.g. Yang’s HA is 6x1.05 or 6x1.15 depending on Ursula, Ursula HA is a 6x1.10 with a 1.65 or 0.825 second cast time depending on Yang; these can be considered variants of the basic 6x1.10 HA).
Evaluating HA Now that we have general ideas on how to classify HA, what do we do with that? Here’s a sampling of that process.
Tidus You didn’t think I’d make a HA post without bringing up he-who-memes-in-HA, did you?
Ability Hits Multiplier per hit Total multiplier Other effects
HA 6 1.10 6.60 +20% crit damage on last hit
Sapphire Bullet 5 1.05 5.25 0.95 multiplier without ranged weapon
What’s not to like about Tidus HA? With 20% more hits, 4.8% more damage per hit, 25.7% more overall damage, a chance for additional damage if a crit fix is present, and no requirement for grabbing Tidus’s balls so he can instead swing a sword with higher ATK, this is a clear winner, and a prime example of that. Especially with his ATB Sync, which lets this get cast more times overall so he can make the most of these improvements.
And yes, this is still an improvement over the Sync/Awakening/Watera Strike combo, but that’s another topic.
Ability Hits Multiplier per hit Total multiplier Other effects
HA 7 0.95 6.65 Cast Time 3.3
Serpent Dive 6 0.84 5.04 Cast Time 0.825, Air Time 1.65/0.82/0.55
Aqua Corkscrew 4 0.80 3.20 Cast Time 0.01, Air Time 1.65
Kimahri have drawback with each option, but Kimahri have means to remedy. Awakening remove air time, Serpent Dive preferred. Ultra-2 remove cast time of jump ability, Sync remove cast time of linked ability, HA preferred. HA too slow without cast time removal, or else at least two layers of stacking quickcast.
Seven-hit Dragoon HA good in general, 31.9% improvement in damage. Kimahri further bolster with Heights of Honor RM.
Ability Hits Multiplier per hit Total multiplier Other effects
HA 5 4.95 24.75 1000 heal to allies
Dark Valefor 4 4.73 18.92
Yuna gets the standard Summoner upgrade, which gives 30.8% more damage. But there are other factors to consider: Yuna gets plenty of summon-focused Soul Breaks, including her Awakening-1 (though her Awakening-2 can work with either Summons or White Magic), but she’s also the realm’s only healer. And there are some Soul Breaks that don’t combine healing and damage well (i.e. her Burst-1), so having an option that does combine those well helps her function in her roles.
Ability Hits Multiplier per hit Total multiplier Other effects
HA1 4 1.00 4.00 ATK/DEF +50% to self, ATK/DEF -50% to target
HA2 7 0.85 5.95
Aquatic Weakness 4 0.80 3.20 Imperil water 10% every second activation
Sapphire Bullet 5 1.05 5.25 0.95 multiplier without ranged weapon
Rikku’s first HA is a clear upgrade over her Thief option with 25% more damage, but it has very different utility. Her HA would give a fixed damage boost to the party, but Aquatic Weakness gives stackable imperils which can give a greater damage boost; this is especially true when many of the battles that she’d be brought to would use bar-water. If she’s just in a supportive role, she might be able to equip both and rotate them so she can boost everyone else’s damage.
However, if her own DPS is important, Sapphire Bullet is better. This should be compared to her oddly Machinist-style second HA (and indeed, it is Machinist school, which works with some of her strangely cobbled kit), and the second HA is 40% better in hits, 20% worse in multiplier per hit, and 13.3% better in overall damage. For DPS builds, her HA2 is worthwhile, with the caveat that Sapphire Bullet is better for Rage breaking, and that neither her HA1 nor Aquatic Weakness could easily be maintained when needing to do more damage with the HA2.
Also note the varying cast times, but if bringing external quickcasts, these aren’t as big of a difference.
Ability Hits Multiplier per hit Total multiplier Other effects
HA 1 7.10 7.10 99999 cap
Torrential Assault 5 0.90 4.50
Paine gets the single-hit overflow type of HA, which is good for Rage breaking, and is even better before she can break the cap. One catch is that it has a worse damage ceiling than the 6* Spellblade when she has at least two levels of Break Cap, and her Sync gives extra Break Cap stacking. In order to take advantage of that, she would therefore need a lot of damage buffs, because if she’s not breaking 20k per hit, she might as well be using her HA instead.
Ability Hits Multiplier per hit Total multiplier Other effects
HA 4 1.00 4.00 Buff Water 10% every third activation
Sapphire Bullet 5 1.05 5.25 0.95 multiplier without ranged weapon
These 4x1.00 HA are just not good on their own, and given how good Sharpshooter is, this HA is worse on all counts (especially since Wakka’s balls should be out instead of forcing a dagger in him). Well, there’s that party Buff Water, but as a reminder, the elemental soft cap isn’t that hard to reach, especially for the best DPS he’d be supporting.
Ability Hits Multiplier per hit Total multiplier Other effects
HA 6 2.85 17.10 Cast Time 2.60
Chain Blizzaja 5 3.05 15.25
Chilling Blizzard 6 2.60 15.60 Cast Time 2.60
Lulu gets the Witch-style HA but with a tax for multi-elemental. It’s still an improvement over her Black Magic or Witch 6* options in overall multiplier, though it’s still worse in cast time and multiplier per hit than the Chain-ja spells. She really needs quickcast or a Sync link to make use of that HA, and in-realm quickcast sources aren’t common, so she might need to fall back on a Chain-ja spell in some circumstances.
Ability Hits Multiplier per hit Total multiplier Other effects
HA 1 7.10 7.10 99999 cap, Cast Time 3.30, 40% Full Break
Fire-Touched Blade 5 0.85 4.25 50% crit chance with Retaliate
Frostfire Carnage 5 0.88 4.40 Multiplier scales 0.74-0.88 with targets
Auron gets a single-hit overflow HA, but also gets a cast time tax in exchange for a Full Break. This is a normal stat debuff, so it will not stack with Passionate Salsa or similar, and will not be advantaged as such (in fact Passionate Salsa is the stronger but shorter debuff). This cast time penalty is huge, and makes it difficult to use without either a Sync link or at least two stacking quickcasts. But linking to a Sync partially offsets the HA’s usefulness as a Rage breaker because it can trigger only once in a turn. And there aren’t too many quickcast sources in realm (though there is a Paine Ultra, but if using that, her HA would be a better Rage breaker).
Ability Hits Multiplier per hit Total multiplier Other effects
HA 5 1.10 5.50 +20% crit damage on last hit
Ruby Bombshell 5 1.05 5.25 0.95 multiplier without ranged weapon
Ironfist Fire 5 0.94 4.70 Multiplier buildup 0.80/0.87/0.94
Meditative Palm 5 0.88 4.40 Ranged
Demon’s Cross 5 1.07 5.35 25%/10%/5% recoil
Taboo Raid 7 0.80 5.60 SB generation 60
For fire, Jecht’s HA is 4.8% better than Ruby Bombshell, 17.0% better than Ironfist Fire, and 25.0% better than Meditative Palm. For dark, the HA is 2.8% better than Demon’s Cross and doesn’t face the recoil, but 1.8% worse than Taboo Raid in total damage; it’s still 37.5% higher in multiplier per hit if breaking Rage is an issue. With a Sync the lower SB generation of Taboo Raid won’t matter, but with other setups the HA’s normal SB generation can matter.
Another thing to note is that Jecht’s HA can trigger both the fire chase and dark chase on his Awakening-1, and in particular he can give himself both quickcast and crit fix. This is unusual for Soul Breaks that have different chases for elements.
Ability Hits Multiplier per hit Total multiplier Other effects
HA 4 4.95 19.80 Buff Fire 10% every third activation
Lunar Ifrit 4 4.73 18.92
Braska’s HA is only 4.7% better than the 6* alternative, and with good setups either is likely to cap anyways. Like with Wakka, he gets the buff element which is subject to elemental soft and hard caps. Like with Rydia, his HA seems overtaxed.
Seymour SKINNER!
Ability Hits Multiplier per hit Total multiplier Other effects
HA 5 4.95 24.75
Anima 4 4.73 18.92
Forbidden Cross 5 3.63 18.15 25%/10%/5% recoil
Necro Countdown 5 3.15 15.75 Additional hit if Doom<20
Seymour’s HA gets an additional hit over Anima, and is 30.8% better for damage overall. It’s the standard summoner HA except it’s AoE and it doesn’t have a party heal - but Seymour isn’t one to give life to others. When compared to the 5-hit Darkness abilities, the HA is 36.4% and 57.1% better, though Necro Countdown can get a sixth hit towards the end (at which point the HA is 31.0% better in total damage).
Summary There’s a lot to determine how good a HA is, whether its raw power (6x1.10 or 6x3.50 are considered the very good ones) or whether it meshes well with what Soul Breaks the character has or whether it would hold up well in the long run.
And remember, if the HA isn’t that much better than the 6* alternative, perhaps hold off and save your resources, perhaps see if they get a second HA that improves on it. Especially knights like Warrior of Light, Firion, Basch.
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2021.09.26 19:53 ass-pounder4000 Preventing an Overdose

Let me preface this by saying I have extreme anxiety and a Xanax prescription but I rarely use it because I’m not a huge fan of the hangover.
So yesterday morning my boyfriend was mean to me, then I took a long shower and had a full blown panic attack laying in the tub (the kind where your hands cramp up and look deformed), then I come out and silently wash the dishes while he watches TV. Then I try to talk about what happened, he immediately becomes aggressive and said he’s leaving and starts packing his bags. I ask him if he wants to break up and he says yeah sure and I say ok sounds good I do too. Then I sit on the balcony for awhile, come back in and he’s gone and his keys are on my dresser.
So anyway, I took 2 bars and fell asleep. Woke up in the afternoon and took approx. 1.5 bars. Woke up later and took approx 1 bar. Woke up at like 9am and took a shower but I was falling over and clearly having a Xanax hangover. Now I’m back to bed.
My question is, if I take 1 (prescribed) hydrocodone will I be safe from overdose? Idk what the dosage says because it says “”5-325MG.”
Or will I be better off taking 3 (prescribed) Fioricet, each with 50mg butabtital each? I just want to feel happy.
Keep in mind I rarely take any of these meds I’m just in a low place right now. I do NOT want to kill myself. I just want to mentally be not here for a little bit.
Also keep in mind I’m underweight (5’5” and 108 pounds) and haven’t eaten for 36 hours.
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2021.09.26 19:53 frozen_problems The time my party turned the goliath into a megazord

For starters i didnt know my players where planning this so i was completely suprised by this.
My players where fighting a mimic dungeon and by this i mean the whole dungeon was the mimic.
All of them made it outside and left the inside of the mimic and it started crawling out of the mountain to kill them.
The Alchymist then started buffing the Goliath fighter and the Barbarian used a staff they found (that let them cast 4 cantrinps and a level 3 spell per day) in total they gave Haste, Giant might, Enlarge, Longstrider and a elixir of Resilience to turn the goliath almost as big as the mimic and doing 6 attacks in one turn with action surge and almost 30 damage per attack.
Needless to say that the mimic that i put so much work in had died in 2-3 turns even though im not mad since i got to see our chaotic goliath become a megazord and the best cooperation my party has ever had.
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2021.09.26 19:53 spyroapparel How to Create a CUSTOM Skater XL Map

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2021.09.26 19:53 Lenora256 Grants are what?

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2021.09.26 19:53 flyingpenguin115 Do the pillars in Infinite remind anyone else of this toy?

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2021.09.26 19:53 shartmyshorts Evaluating win rate

Hey y'all
Question on evaluating win rate online. I'm using Poker Tracker 4 and noticed over a sample of 6,196 at 10NL I'm currently seeing a 4.8 bb/100 win rate, but all-in adjusted is more like 7.81. I'm curious which number you would use to decide when to move up (assuming bankroll isn't an issue), and what bb/100 is enough to move up.
Also, my sample might still be too low so I welcome the discussion on that too!
Thanks for any thoughtful replies, shitposts welcome too
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2021.09.26 19:53 vloitaz 20 # Going to more points and improving # Ocean of steel

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2021.09.26 19:53 editsoul BMW fault codes meanings in brief? and if they are serious issues?

Hello Folks,

Checked my BMW fault codes and this is what is seen? I am no expert and I'd like if these are any serious issues that need immediate attention and approximate cost of repair.

I am in British Columbia, Canada, if that helps.

Thanks in advance.
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2021.09.26 19:53 angryadobo77 That's it. For Southeast Asian fans, this was the last F1 race. Thank you, Fox Sports Asia.

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