I think I almost shifted...

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2021.10.24 08:27 AnarchistStoryteller I think I almost shifted...

Ayo, yes you read that correctly. I think I might've almost shifted! This is big news for me because its telling me that I'm almost there!
Basically what happened wad that I was listening to some shifting subliminals that pertain to my DR to get me in the mood. I've actually been listening to subliminals daily for the past few days to help me with my journey to shift because at this rate, I need all the help I can get. Anyways, after those subliminals had ended I put on another blockage removal subliminal to meditate to so I can get ready to do my method. Tonight I chose to do an awake method since I recently noticed that I've been struggling to fall asleep with sleeping methods; I chose the Julia method. A method nearly everyone's heard of. So after meditating for a good 9 minutes (thats how long I was able to sit still for before getting impatient) I put on 6hz theta waves and got ready to shift!
There I was counting up to 100 and felt my body slowly start to disconnect. I did it a couple more times while letting my mind wander and think about my DR. After I felt like I was disconnected enough, I started to repeate "I am" and "I am more than my physical body". I felt so many symptoms! I could feel the vibrations, my body going numb, my mind felt like it was floating. I kinda felt like I was here and not here at the same time, if that makes any sense. But then my arm flinched and moved, it spooked me and so I got out of my dazed state.
Did I almost shift??? If so, I think I found the method that'll bring me home. I know you don't need one, but I've tried to do the intent method and it never worked for me. But now, I'll be taking a break until Wednesday, so you'll still have to hear from me. Sorry. Happy shifting and good luck to all the shifters out there! 111
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2021.10.24 08:27 Fast-Necessary9045 It sucks to be invisible to people

This is my throwaway, but I’ve seen a lot of posts from people who have these super cool friends that hang out with them or even just have people to pay attention to them at all. I am 17 and I have done every single thing to become a noticed person in society, but none of it works. I don’t know people to confess crushes to, heck I haven’t even enjoyed crushes since 3rdish grade. I think I would rather have people shit on me daily then be invisible. So to the younger kids 13 up don’t forget to enjoy the friends u have, and keep people close to you to not end up like me.
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2021.10.24 08:27 ivtonic Holon Hackathon 2021

Hey all!
Wanted to invite you to a Hackathon I'm organising at the moment, sponsored by Filecoin and IPFS
Up to 55k in FIL to be won!
Check out this link for all the details https://taikai.network/en/holon/challenges/holon-innovate/overview
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2021.10.24 08:27 YodiDady04 Assuming DeNA actually NOT giving us new BP Pairs for next year but they release EX for all BP pairs instead,what will you do for the 2nd and 3rd BP Master Tickets

View Poll
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2021.10.24 08:27 Ramsay_Sausage Now that we've all had a good look at player stats, who do you think has been over/rated?

I'll start with Michail Antonio. Maybe I'm being biased because I'm a West Ham fan and I love the man but 14 work rate and determination along with 12 in both finishing and first touch makes me sad.
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2021.10.24 08:27 tihagi2452 My Micky was already diagnosed with cancer, I was devastated. Took 3 months break from my work, packed my bag and went out with Micky. We came back home after two months of travelling, I never saw Micky so happy. Micky is still battling, pray for him.

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2021.10.24 08:27 rajiviyer My Outlaw Gun config

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2021.10.24 08:27 dnsfiltercancelled Best mower for low, dense grass cutting

Hey all. Current mower is a Toro self pace 21" walk behind. Seems to really struggle and bog down all the time when I mow. Time to upgrade and wondering what people would recommend upgrading to? Happy with a push mower, but want a professional finish, must mulch as I want it all recycled back on lawn, and must be powerful enough to do dense low cutting nicely. Cheers! I'm in Australia btw.
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2021.10.24 08:27 Cain_Soren Technically almost every parent is a motherfucker since the majority of mothers would've mistreated at some point therefore fucking themselves

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2021.10.24 08:27 Skankhunt4Life asd

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2021.10.24 08:27 ThiccyThiccman Fort Slava from Attack on Titan

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2021.10.24 08:27 FinePercentage1239 [General Fiction]What’s the coolest application of telekinesis you’ve seen?

From any media, what's the most ingenious, coolest, grandest etc. application of telekinesis you've witnessed?
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2021.10.24 08:27 Luke_Username So... 3 EN and 2 ID livers will be playing Dungeons & Dragons this week...

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2021.10.24 08:27 MademoiselleBorgir Friend is sending out mixed signals (needy and argumentative)

Hey all, I’m on mobile. I’m looking for perspective. Changed identifiers.
So i (25f) befriended mat (27m) 4 years ago, we met on a city bus as we were both heading to the same concert and i recognized the band t-shirt he was wearing so i just complimented it and we became friends from there. I’m a really social person, I’m very open and i like people.
Anyways, throughout the years mat and i mostly bonded over common music and movie interests, and not much else. He’s a nice guy, i enjoy hanging out, and our hangouts were literally just jam sessions to geek out on music. Like, beer and watch a movie or a j and listening to an album. We sometimes discussed school or work, but really our hangs were focused on common taste in media. Throughout these hangs, multiple things started coming to light, over the period of our 4 year friendship.
Mat would often talk over me, or when I’d try to talk about literally anything (an album, a concert, a song, what i did that day) he’d usually veer conversation back to himself or try to « one up me ». This personally annoys me, but i initially figured it was probably just a quirk of his.
Mat would also often try to put himself in a position of power, for lack of a better term. Idk how to explain this y’all, so bear with me. Example: if i say I’m studying a new music piece, and am enjoying it, he’ll jump in to tell me how he knows it better than me, or how his being older or having been into a genre of music longer makes him more of an expert. It’s weird to me and i really don’t like it when he does this.
Anyways, he also sometimes blatantly puts me down, for instance scoffing or wincing when i told him i was starting to teach students (Im doing a phd, so it was my first time teaching).
Well because of all these developments, mat is someone that I very much came to consider as a « side friend ». I don’t consider him a close friend, but we do have good times with music and movie interests. He can be pretentious and sort of arrogant, but not all the time. We also have fun, so i see him maybe once a month or every 6 weeks at most and that was that.
And that was fine until the past few months…he’s started reaching out more and more frequently, like multiple times per day, he and keeps sending me uncharacteristic messages (ex what he made for breakfast, new outfit, amazon orders, rants and complaints about day to day stuff like a barista giving him the wrong drink). He did not do this before, and i don’t send him this kind of content. So i was a bit puzzled. He sends me a lot more pics too whereas before we only messaged to set up a hang out.
I hung out with him yesterday and I’m just feeling very confused. In the span of a few hours he insulted two of my best friends, stated he felt as if he didn’t belong to any friend group who aren’t abusive to him, demanded i introduce him to my friends, stated he « needs to infiltrate » my friend group, and told me to F off (jokingly but also not were his words) when i mentioned i was going to the cottage with my fiancé this weekend. I confronted him about this and he shrugged stating it bothered him that several of his friends have cottages, but no one invites him to cottage weekends. I didn’t know what to say.
Y’all idk. I consider this a casual friendship, but i think mat wants to be close friends and honestly I’m not interested cause he’s just not bestie material for me.
Idk how to proceed, have any of you dealt with something similar?
Thanks for taking the time to ro read me.
Tldr: casual friend is seemingly pushing for deeper friendship all the while acting out (putting down my friends, sulking).
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2021.10.24 08:27 Spidey5421 Masteries

How do I pick other options in minion offense or other masteries . Is it limited to only one option in each mastery?
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2021.10.24 08:27 vhjdjndcjcdn [a levels] need advice for taking H3 math

post got filtered out after like 948394928 times 😭😭 pls post 🙏
hi im j1 and got shortlisted for some H3 subjects. im intending to apply for MOE H3 math but im worried i might not know what im getting myself into 😅 i did read the syllabus document and looked at jc prelim papers but thats it. i also know about how H2 is more important and all that 🤨
context: for promos i got high As and few Bs and frm rather low tier jc.
i have some qns and if anyone can answer i would greatly appreciate it! :)

  1. how grindable is H3 math? as in would spamming practice qns be adequate? for eg imo H2 math grindability vs skill is like 85-15 ? (coming from inexperienced j1 :p)
  2. assuming i drop the subject halfway, how much does the absent grade on the A lvl cert affect me?
  3. since its one of the last papers scheduled, does it mean i can focus on other subjects first, then spam right after science MCQ papers?
thank you!!! also congrats to those who got H3 offers! ;)
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2021.10.24 08:27 ColossalTitanAteMe 26M/europe looking for friend

Hello, I'm med student from Europe(last year), just looking to talk or make friends with people from other countries. I m into music(mostly older stuff like rock/metal/bluse/80's),sports(basketball.tennis,football,volleyball and few others),animals, walking/swiming/,anime/manga and trying to workout,also am trying to learn to cook. If u wanna chat hit me up.
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2021.10.24 08:27 HamishWarne Match Thread: SSV Jahn Regensburg vs Hannover 96 | German 2. Bundesliga

0': SSV Jahn Regensburg - Hannover 96 If the match has started, ESPN might not be providing updates for this game.
Venue: Jahnstadion Regensburg
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SSV Jahn Regensburg
Alexander Meyer, Steve Breitkreuz, Jan Elvedi, Erik Wekesser, Benedikt Saller, Carlo Boukhalfa, Max Besuschkow, Sarpreet Singh, Jan-Niklas Beste, Charalampos Makridis, Andreas Albers.
Subs: Thorsten Kirschbaum, Christoph Moritz, Sebastian Nachreiner, Benedikt Gimber, Leon Guwara, David Otto, Joël Zwarts, Kaan Caliskaner, Konrad Faber.
Hannover 96
Martin Hansen, Julian Borner, Marcel Franke, Niklas Hult, Sei Muroya, Tom Trybull, Gaël Ondoua, Mike Frantz, Lukas Hinterseer, Linton Maina, Florent Muslija.
Subs: Dominik Kaiser, Luka Krajnc, Sebastian Kerk, Jannick Dehm, Sebastian Stolze, Hendrik Weydandt, Marlon Sündermann, Maximilian Beier.
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2021.10.24 08:27 Elizabeth-sama Smash wifi problem

I was playing the game with no lag until now but these days when I play a quick match it loads to the match and it freezes. It happened a lot and got disconnected. I don't know why is that happening. But when I connect my phones internet it is going to normal. 2 years of playing with no lag but my wifi now going crazy. ( I can use my internet on everything btw like Pokemon Unite, Sword and Shield.) Do you guys have solution?
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2021.10.24 08:27 AutoModerator Happy Cakeday, r/GriffithUni! Today you're 10

Let's look back at some memorable moments and interesting insights from last year.
Your top 10 posts:

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2021.10.24 08:27 anthonychapman123 Best Way To Buy And Sell Crypto

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2021.10.24 08:27 Morgan-992 They're made especially to bump your favorite drinks to the next level and give them more eye-catching appeal! Enjoy your own delicious and pleasantly fancy drinks right in the comfort of your own home! Use cocoa powder, cinnamon, or green tea with your art stencils Stencils made of Eco-Friendly

They're made especially to bump your favorite drinks to the next level and give them more eye-catching appeal! Enjoy your own delicious and pleasantly fancy drinks right in the comfort of your own home! Use cocoa powder, cinnamon, or green tea with your art stencils Stencils made of Eco-Friendly submitted by Morgan-992 to McrOne [link] [comments]

2021.10.24 08:27 kirancoffey How To Open An Account With Binance

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2021.10.24 08:27 liwiakitty Trading nfr snow owl!

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2021.10.24 08:27 Capswick Magic

So, inspired by u/willboss27 amazing Phase 3 story - and in lack of time for my Magnifying Glass - I decided to write a short story as well. As I do not want to reveal too much up front, I will add a short comment afterwards again. This is my very first "fan-fic", I would appreciate criticism. I apologize for my bad grammar at times, English isn't my native language. I hope it will be understandable regardless.
It was around 9 PM and Matthew sat in his room and cried. Ever since the death of his mother a few months, this has became a worrying habit. Not only because of the loss of her, but also because of the sheer loneliness he felt at this small apartment somewhere in this suburban of London. Moving to his dad has been hard, not only had it meant to leave Derby and all his friends behind, it has also meant to move in with a man who despised him. Until this day, it was a riddle for Matthew as for why his father had even bothered to take him in. Didn't he always tell him what a waste of time he was? That he, Matthew, had buried and destroyed all his dreams and hopes and that his generating has been an accident?
But of course his father has taken him in, as it gave himself the illusion that his failures and shortcomings could easily be blamed on his son. Matthew could not wait to finally get 18, it was a little less than 2 years now, until he was grown up and could make his own living, independent from anybody. He would travel Great Britain, he had decided. His mother, while being full of love and affection for him, had never been able to travel with him, as she lacked the finances for trips like that and his father had simply never cared to travel anywhere with him. Matthew wanted to see the sea, wanted to see the mountains in Scotland. In his mind, he pictured himself in Glasgow, Belfast, Swansea and Dublin. In his mind, he visited Berlin, Paris, maybe even Rome and Athen. He pictured the pure joy of-
BANG! "Matthew, open that door, immediately!", the voice of his father and another loud BANG, as he violently knocked at the door. By the sound of his voice and the anger in his tone, he had been to the pub again. Matthew closed his burning, tearing eyes. BANG! The door shook, the lock threatening to give in. BANG! Would he really go as far as breaking through the door today? BANG! The sound of splintering wood accompanied by his father's voice, calling him an ungrateful bastard. BANG! The door gave in and then suddenly, everything went black.
There was silence all around Matthew. Slowly, he opened his eyes. This was not his room. He frowned, as he looked around. He felt dizzy and exhausted. The furniture was strange to him, yet the room, laying in the dusk of the evening, was oddly familiar. He got up from the floor, leaning against the wall in order to soothe the dizziness he felt, resisting the urge to throw up. How did he get here? The last thing he remembered was the sound of the breaking door. The anger of his father. Unsteadily, he walked over to the window and carefully moved the curtains aside. No way! He glanced out at a street he would always recognize. A street in Derby, on which he had played with his friends. A street in Derby, on which he had walked home from school for about 10 years. The dizziness increased, as he looked around in the room. As he recognized the shape of the room behind all this strange furniture, he toppled over and threw up, just laying there for a moment, confused about how he had ended up here, afraid of the gap in his memories. How long did it take him to get all the way up here? With shaky hands, he pulled out his phone from his pocket. That was impossible! The clock on his phone showed 09:13 PM and it was still the same day. Starting to doubt his sanity, he put his phone away, as he heard the front door open.
A sliver of hope came up in his chest, his heart started to beat like crazy. Maybe it had all been a dream? Was this his mother returning from work? Despite his fatigue, he managed to get to his feet, wobbling towards the door. The mere idea of opening this door, just to see his mother again after these months of emptiness, kept him going. He pulled the door open and glanced at the hallway and the stranger woman he faced froze and yelled out in surprise. Matthew yelled as well and then he was on the playground of his old school and collapsed. The last thing he saw, before he passed out was the sky, sprinkled with stars that he had not been able to see in London.
He woke, as a man leaned over him, blinding him with a flashlight. The bad taste of throwing up earlier was still in his mouth. "You're way too young to be out here that late, where are your parents?", the voice of a man came from above him. "Wha-", his brain slowly caught up with where he was and with what had happened. "I'll take you to the watch, where you'll make an alcohol-test. Always the same with you kids getting drunk, overestimating yourself like that. One night in the disenchantment cell and you'll think twice about drinking in the future." He was pulled to his feet and then left standing there on his own, confused and overwhelmed with the situation. "What is your name?!", the policeman asked. Matthew opened his mouth, he wanted to tell him everything, wanted to tell him about his memory loss, about the fact that he had no idea how the hell he had come to Derby again. Instead, his lips formed other words, "Fletcher. My name is Fletcher Renn", his lips said and suddenly, power flooded his body and a second later, the playground and the school building were gone, replaced by a beach he had seen on a postcard once before. And this was the moment, it all started to make sense...
Soo, as you can see, I wrote a "prequel" to Fletcher. I chose to give him a given name and add some locality information. While I am fairly sure that his given name was never revealed, I am not so sure about the places. Maybe they were, maybe they weren't. So then, I used the information we got about him - that his mother died and that he was on bad terms with his father - and decided to write a bit around it. It was far less time-consuming than discussing a whole book, so I decided to do this to bridge the gap between the last MG and the next one (I hope to be able to release that next week-ish).
I hope it was a good read, as I said, this is the first time I ever wrote a fan-fic. :x
Have a lovely Sunday and a good start into your week tomorrow.
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