The Ruination Saga Interim III: The Road to Silvermere Part II

2021.10.15 22:03 LucasVerBeek The Ruination Saga Interim III: The Road to Silvermere Part II
Been a bit, but finally got around to writing a bit more of this.
Work/School have been crazy so this is likely gonna be the last chapter for a bit.
Writing Poppy and Morgana has been fun, and we will return to them.
Now, who was it that attacked them? Bet that one was obvious.
What about the mysterious Ionian trio?
What am I gonna do about Irelia being a massive bitch to Riven?
Well, hopefully, we get a chance to find out.
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2021.10.15 22:03 thirdeyeblink Best State to move to with my conditions?

I love living a spiritual life, and I love nature even more. The sun, snow, trees, lakes, parks! I'd love to relocate to a state that has a trendy way of living but not a superficial way of living so no, not LA, San Francisco, Chicago ect. Any advice on some great states to do a solo move to?
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2021.10.15 22:03 ADadWhoDraws How to draw a One Eyed Parrot

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2021.10.15 22:03 HhammerSharkK The Round Table Project

The Round Table Project is recruiting for positions remotely and locally in the Muncie/Anderson area! The Round Table project's major goal is to collaborate on projects, share ideas for new projects, provide others within the project team with skills, and share materials for project builds. Ultimately we aspire to have an exclusive maker space to share tools and materials with the other members of the team. We also would be making YouTube videos and hand crafted original products to supplement expenses of projects. If this interests you or may interest someone you know please look at the skills list provided and message hhammersharkk with the skills on the list you have and a portfolio of your past projects. If you do not have any of the skills on the list but wish to learn how to do one of the skills on the list you may still apply just be sure to let hhammersharkk know what you are interested in learning and or gaining more experience in. See list below.
Local applicants preferred, although remote is possible as well
Video editor Coder Programmer 3d artist 2s artist Cad programmer Web developer Marketing Music production Video game coding Video game modding
Local only
Video camera operator Carpenter Welder Electrical engineer Mechanical engineer
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2021.10.15 22:03 GeenaStaar Adrien Thévenot - Baigneuse surprise

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2021.10.15 22:03 BornAgainRedditGuy What is dating men as a man like?

Right now I’m working on myself. I quit drinking (2 weeks sober today btw), I want to quit smoking, I want to get in shape, and I want to dedicate myself more to my career. But once I’m ready to date again I want to try dating a man. I’ve been fantasizing about it. Not just the sex, but love. I want to know what it’s like to fall in love with a man and to have a man fall in love with me. I fantasize about living together, talking about our days, doing random couple shit, and all of that. In my fantasies it feels easier to date a man than a woman for me.
In my past relationships I’ve always had this underlying anxiety that she would leave me. Would I likely have this same anxiety with a man? I’ve always found men easier to get along with, but then again for most of my life I believed I was just a regular straight guy, aside from the times I was attracted to men and tried to repress it.
I still love women and all, but dating them stresses me out in ways I don’t think it should.
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2021.10.15 22:03 GmoLargey DO NOT INSTALL LATEST WINDOWS UPDATES/ Oculus cv1.

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2021.10.15 22:03 nastyitalian20 I was homeless for 7 months, still struggling to stay off the streets. I sell content for a living AMA.

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2021.10.15 22:03 Upper_Commercial_629 Migration

Where is the best place to find recruiters for their kingdom?
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2021.10.15 22:03 Dread_Pirate_Jack My husband likes to put my art on the fridge like I'm in elementary school.

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2021.10.15 22:03 GameOnBrother Game Scoop! 647: Favorite Game of All Time - That Isn’t a Sequel?

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2021.10.15 22:03 heinaga1989 👴Daddy Floki🐕 | BSC Project | Finally fairlaunch today in 2 hours, join our telegram with great community | Liq locked and ownership renounced after launch |

We know the furor caused by the Floki, today we bring the father of all coins, Daddy Floki, with an initial liquidity of 10 BNB and locked for 2 years
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TOKENOMICS ⚙ Total supply: 100 Billion ⚙ Dev wallet: 2% ⚙ Marketing wallet: 3% ⚙ Initial burn: 30% ⚙ Pancakeswap: 60%
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Contract: 0x86996d4d28b95f20e4bF237eD9a71E5B47d83D9A
Don't miss this opportunity, we will hit +100K marketcap
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2021.10.15 22:03 SilverSurferr69 Civil War Black Panther Skin Mod

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2021.10.15 22:03 BadBadFan $12.75 for the Complete 1997 DASH 4 CASH Series

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2021.10.15 22:03 chairbornebg Преглед на някои от основните теми в британския печат (Агенция "Фокус")

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2021.10.15 22:03 kawi-bawi-bo Tried curing and making salmon nigiri

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2021.10.15 22:03 Beneficial-Arm-5468 Selling hot4lexi mega with 90+ sextapes 3$ hit dms

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2021.10.15 22:03 PossessionMundane620 Going to pick this yesterday

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2021.10.15 22:03 nanthan7744 Worth anything?

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2021.10.15 22:03 rango2020- [Recruiting] British Blokes| Any Town Hall | Clan Level 1| Social/Relaxed| Independent

British Blokes is a new community clan looking for players of any skill level and town hall. We will help you improve at the game with BTB wars and tips from our higher-level players. Our main focus is to have a friendly community and relationship between clan members. UK Based Clan tag: #2Q9V89VY8 Discord:
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2021.10.15 22:03 iwantsalmon2015 With limited sample size this season, Jake Sanderson breaks Dobber's statistical model

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2021.10.15 22:03 loose_cannon007 A baby mouse my mom found!

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2021.10.15 22:03 triplebowman [WTS] Grand Seiko SBGW231

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2021.10.15 22:03 Cakuchi28 14 Days...: Chapter 07 (Re-Thrashing)

Chapter 07: Re-Thrashing
8 Days…
…What the hell am I doing?
The 4th Age of Sabrilia - The Rebirthing Age
Partrilyx 22nd, 2 Weeks After <->...
…My wife and son are at the tavern…I can go home and be with them right now…protect them…rebuild my relationship with them…so why am I out in the desert right now?
What am I hoping to find? A Bholka scout? A fantastic monster?
…Something to flex my skills on again?
Why does it feel like i’ve been itching to fight for so long…wait…
I peer out into the thick of the humid desert wilderness and all I see is rolling hills…steam bellowing off the burning sands…it’s hotter than usual out here…I mean it’s almost the frigid winter but you’d never notice it out here in Kraven…
In the distance, I see a silhouette move along the hillside…a Bholka scout perhaps?
I slowly move forward into the thick wilderness as I pull an arrow out of my quiver, readying my longbow for…something. As I move forward, vultures fly in the opposite direction as I approach the hills that the silhouette moved through.
I peer at the sands below my feet and notice tracks that break off northward from my location…still no signs of this silhouette anywhere in sight…I focus my sight northward, trying to find any signs of movement but the heat is causing my sight to blur…
It’s getting so blurry I swear i’m beginning to see things…I could of swore I just saw an oasis in the north…
Must be a mirage--
“Earl!”, I hear a voice call out to me as my attention turns back to the west.
Two adventurers approach, it’s pretty clear they followed me out here from Onyxstone…looks to be Gwyndolin and Ghesh from the Orphan’s Cradle crop. The human and the copper dragonborn were both party of a group that helped to rescue my son Junior when he and a few others went missing many days prior…I got to know them pretty well after that ordeal.
Gwyndolin: “Earl? What are you doing out here by yourself?”
Ghesh: “If you were gonna be out here hunting, you should of called us to back you up.“
Earl: “Ahh…sorry about that. I’ve been so used to hunting alone that I must of forgot to keep track of my surroundings…hm?”
In the middle of the conversation, I noticed a faint bit of movement in the distance north that caught my attention. I quickly raised by longbow and fired an arrow into the distance, much to Gwyndolin and Ghesh’s surprise. Not but a second or two later I heard the arrow impact against a matured desert boar.
Earl: “…Huh. Lucky shot I guess.”
Gwyndolin: “More like scarily impressive shot…we didn’t know you were THAT solid with a longbow.”
Earl: “Hehe…well, luckily I got some practice in over the years after I retired.”
Ghesh: “Y’know what? Why don’t we bring that hog back to the tavern and have a pint there to relax?—“
Gwyndolin: “Ghesh…he’s not—“
Ghesh: “O-Oh…yeah…sorry about that man…forgot about you and your—“
Earl: “I-It’s fine…we just need a bit of time away from each other to get our priorities in check…well…mostly mine…”
Gwyndolin: “Why don’t we just…start by bringing the boar back to the tavern, then we’ll take it in ourselves?”
As the two adventurers began walking towards the boar, I felt myself…hesitating…like I was almost afraid to go back to Onyxstone right now…
We made the trek back into Onyxstone, carrying the dead boar to the main tavern in the city.
As we ventured through the streets, townspeople and refugees alike were starting to become more and more familiar to me the longer we stayed here. Maybe it’s because people knew that I was recruited to help out the Town Hall, but the town began to treat me and many others who were active in the city like local celebrities.
It was a really weird feeling for me, since I felt like I wasn’t doing anything that special compared to those like Flashbang, Aurora, Oswall or Badashi. I mostly spent my days scouting the surrounding wilderness for enemy forces, or bringing back animals that I had bagged while on a hunt to supply to the tavern and feed the people.
I’d hear whispered conversations between civilians about me as we walked through the streets.
Civilian#1: “*whispering* Oh! Oh! That’s him! Earl Hevrak!”
Civilian#2: “*whispering* I heard he’s been out in the wilderness almost every day, protecting the city from monsters!”
Civilian#3: “*whispering* Really? That’s so cool!”
Civilian#4: “*whispering* I heard he fought an ankheg with nothing but a dagger and he won without even wearing a shirt!”
Civilian#5: “*whispering* Holy shit! That’s so cool!”
I shook my head as we walked along, it would be funny if the stories weren’t so overblown…
…Well…there might be some validity to the ankheg one, but that was from MANY years ago.
I stopped near the entrance of the Onyxstone tavern as we approached. Junior and Shanna stood just inside the tavern, staring at me from the front window…
…The day Junior was brought home from his kidnapping…I had a major falling out with my wife.
Shanna: “…You’ve still got something you want to prove out there…that’s why you’re working with the Town Hall and Onyxstone in the first place…so until you figure out what you’re trying to prove…i’ll look after Junior myself.”
Things were tense between us…they most likely still are because Shanna didn’t want Junior to be around the harsh lifestyle of being a hunter or adventurer, and I just continued to hunt and fight without thinking. The after thoughts of combat and the consequences with fighting for your life…she wanted us to start a new life and work as farmers, staying away from fighting all the time.
Oh how long that lasted for…we still don’t know where all the geese fled to after the fissure destroyed our farmland. We had to take refuge in Onyxstone ever since…
I watched Junior and Shanna through the window as my son gave a small wave to me. I waved back with a faint smile. Shanna slowly pulled Junior away from the window as she watched me. Nodding to herself, her and Junior stepped away from the window, and out of my view…
…What hell am I doing?
She’s right…I did have something I wanted to prove…but what was I trying to prove? Who was I proving myself to?
…Am I trying to prove to myself that I can still go? That I can still protect my family when it counts?
Or maybe…maybe I just miss the days where…everything was simpler for me…when I wasn’t an old man trying to be 21 again…
As day time died down into sunset, I resided to having dinner at Town Hall instead of at the tavern…
They had a small kitchen of their own that was free for members of the Town Hall to use, so I decided to keep myself fed properly.
I sat alone in the small kitchen before another member of Town Hall noticed my presence, Badashi Windhammer.
Badashi was a black dragonborn who was the head cleric of the city. His church had been destroyed during the fissure, so he gathered up his belongings and set up a space to work on his teachings in Town Hall, becoming an official member of the team much like myself.
Badashi: “Hmm…Earl.”
Earl: “Hey Badashi…you alright?”
Badashi: “…Honestly, I feel as though I should be asking you that question.”
Badashi approached the table I sat at, sitting down next to me as I ate my meal.
Badashi: “…I can’t help but feel a little bit responsible for your current situation with your wife and son—“
Earl: “It’s not your fault Badashi…you’re looking out for the people. This problem between Shanna and I…it lies with me.”
Badashi: “So what are you planning on doing about it?”
Earl: “…I can’t do anything about it until I figure out what it is i’m looking for first…”
Badashi: “…and would that particular thing be…the Green Mistress?”
I looked over at Badashi, hearing the title of that woman once more…
It had been a while since we last heard anything about her…but the Green Mistress was said to be the one responsible for causing the fissure that destroyed my family’s farmland in the first place.
Earl: “…Perhaps it is…she came to give me a warning back before the fissure happened…and then she just disappeared and Bholka began blocking our path…”
I kept thinking back to the warning she gave me that day…
The one of the thrashing snake…
Green Mistress: “It will never escape it’s demise…it’s quite sad when you think about it…but your life is intrinsically connected to that of this snake, isn’t that right?”
Earl: “What are you talking about?! What do you know about me!?”
Green Mistress: “…I know how you used to be an adventurer, Earl.”
Green Mistress: “You really are a fool…and you will thrash along, just like this snake did…but in the end…the adventuring life is gonna come calling back to you…and you’ll be wrapped back up in that chaos yet again…”
Earl: “…She knew who I was…knew my name, knew I was an adventurer…and now she’s out for blood in eastern Kraven…if someone like that—…if someone like that was to target my family, I would not be able to live with myself if they were caught up in the danger.”
Badashi: “Hmm…the Green Mistress is my responsibility as well…as a representative dragonkind who wish to smite those of similar ilk who purposely cause trouble on a continental scale…it’s my duty to put her down…I promise you that I will put myself between her and your family to protect all of you if she ever comes after us…this is the least I can do for getting you involved in the affairs of dragonborn…perhaps this will allow you to—“
Earl: “If you’re telling me this in hopes that i’ll put down my bow and arrows…go and rejoin my wife and son then you can stop now Badashi…because what happens if you fall to her?”
Badashi said nothing as I continued.
Earl: “If there’s even a chance…that my family can be put in danger, then I CANNOT retire yet…not as long as the Green Mistress remains out there, can respect my decision or not, it doesn’t matter to me.”
I continued eating in silence as Badashi wordlessly nodded.
“Ahem.”, A voice called out from the entrance of the kitchen as both Badashi and I looked to see who was there waiting for us: Oswall the Gunsmith.
Badashi: “Hmm?”
Earl: “Oswall?”
Oswall stood at the entrance, staring at me. He had something in a burlap sack over his shoulder as he entered the room. As he approached our table, he took the sack off his shoulder, putting the bag on the ground and began fishing into it.
Badashi and I looked to each other confused before Oswall slammed a pack of ammunition onto the table. I looked at the box in front of me, it carried 20 long bullets that were fit for a gun of his own design, however the bullets looked too big to fit into a regular revolver.
Earl: “…O-Os, what’s this for—“
Before I could finish my sentence, Oswall pulled out a long rifle from the sack, laying it on the table in front of me. The rifle had a massive scope built on top that allowed the user to shoot at targets from up to 500 feet away. It was highly customized…and then I remembered what I had done.
The day Junior was kidnapped, I tasked him with finding Oswall for me, and showing him a crest of mine that I had received from Auntie Delila, back when I used to work for Muleo’s Adventurer’s Corps…
I told Oswall that if he found someone carrying my crest…it came directly from me, meaning that I would be interested in purchasing a firearm from him…
Earl: “…This is—“
Oswall: “What you wanted.”
Earl: “…I…don’t know what to say…”
Oswall: “…Well thank your kid…if you still plan on giving it to him for protection.”
…Should I still give this to Junior?…What would Shanna think at this point? She would not be okay with this…this whole ‘mission’ I gave to Junior was the reason he was kidnapped in the first place…
Earl: “…Th—…Thanks, Oswall…how much do I owe you?”
Oswall: “…”
Oswall turned and began to leave the kitchen, stopping at the entrance for a moment.
Oswall: “…Considering what you’re going through right now, it’s on the house…but you owe me one, got it?”
Earl: “…I guess so…thank you Oswall.”
As Oswall left the room, I stared at the rifle on the table, wondering what I had to do with this powerful weapon that my friend gifted me. I initially got it for the exact purpose of gifting it to Junior one day…perhaps i’ll have to hold onto it for now…
…and I definitely can’t let Shanna see this…she would absolutely freak out…
I guess it falls on me then…i’ll have to find some time to practice with this on my own…
Out of the corner of my eye I noticed Badashi staring at the rifle.
Badashi: “…Earl…please, please be careful…none of us want to see you go to a place where you can’t return…that includes me.”
Badashi placed his hand on my shoulder before getting up and walking out of the kitchen, leaving me alone once again…
…What was that about?
…I wonder…
…am I thrashing right now?
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