8htae 5hyyy si25d ezdy7 949s9 z2ka7 a8dt9 hkh68 5kfrd kz4sf zr8z8 8fyhf shey5 e6en3 bfah2 dzi6b sstnb riiay ts52a z674f y5nyb ⧗ Cults 101: The White Lotus Society = Insulate China ? | The New World Order & The White Race Genocide Agenda! Must ...

⧗ Cults 101: The White Lotus Society = Insulate China ?

Dear Twitpic Community - thank you for all the wonderful photos you have taken over the years. We have now placed Twitpic in an archived state. The article you have been looking for has expired and is not longer available on our system. This is due to newswire licensing terms. China Main article: Cannibalism in China Cannibalism is documented to have occurred in China during the Great Leap Forward, when rural China was hit hard by drought and famine.[141][142][143][144][145][146] During Mao Zedong's Cultural Revolution, local governments' documents revealed hundreds of incidents of cannibalism for ideological reasons. In China's white papers, they claimed that the "regional government organised 'employment-oriented training' and labour skills for nearly 1.3 million workers a year from 2014 to 2019". Some believe that these are Xinjiang's re-education camps as they have used similar terminology to describe them. Animal worship (or zoolatry) is rituals involving animals, such as the glorification of animal deities or animal sacrifice.When a god is respected or worshipped by means of a representative animal, an animal cult is formed (Teeter et al., 2002, p. 355).Animal cults may be classified according to their outward form or according to their inward meaning, which may of course undergo ... The white race is the Holy Seed of the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob and the devil and his children, the Jews, know who the true tribes of Jacob surnamed Israel is and wants to exterminate all of the white race as well as all the non Caucasian Christians grafted in. Iceland has 329,000 people,about half the population of Charlotte.93 per cent are white.If the population of the U.S. was 93 per cent white what would the crime rate be.Now I know liberals will say that is racist,but facts are facts.Crime stats in this country are huge in the non white population.Iceland also has about 90,000 guns.How does this fit into a liberals mind that is a perfect place ... This seems to us a thoroughly contemptible way for the human race to end up, and we doubt that many people would find fulfilling lives in such pointless busy-work. They would seek other, dangerous outlets (drugs, crime, "cults," hate groups) unless they were biologically or psychologically engineered to adapt them to such a way of life. 177. Editor's Note: This is the text of a 35,000-word manifesto as submitted to The Washington Post and the New York Times by the serial mail bomber called the Unabomber. The manifesto appeared in The ... In modern English, a cult is a social group that is defined by its unusual religious, spiritual, or philosophical beliefs, or by its common interest in a particular personality, object, or goal.This sense of the term is controversial, having divergent definitions both in popular culture and academia, and has also been an ongoing source of contention among scholars across several fields of study.

2021.10.24 08:54 LordHughRAdumbass ⧗ Cults 101: The White Lotus Society = Insulate China ?

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2021.10.24 08:54 yummybanchan Mina, Sana & Jihyo

Mina, Sana & Jihyo submitted by yummybanchan to kpopGirlsMob [link] [comments]

2021.10.24 08:54 rememberthedamnpaper 21[M4F] SoCal/Online -- calling all super readers B)

Hi it me, I am Latino who is 5'8ish? Anyways I'm kinda your average quirky gamer boy that enjoys all kinds of RPGs and JRPGs under the sun, I spend way too much time gaming with those types of games and grand strategy ones as well. I kinda have the memory capacity of a 2002 floppy disk tho so while I've played a lot of games, I definitely cannot list them all off the top of my head so just go ahead and shoot, I know I've played a ton of Nintendo ones as well as a ton of online mp ones, just shoot, I don't bite (I think). I'd love to talk and maybe game with you if we have any games in common, and I've done my fair share of anime watching so we can also talk and maybe watch those together, same floppy disk memory applies tho so am sorry if I can't list them all, but the only two that I'm currently keeping up with the mangas on are my hero and Tokyo revengers (super unique tastes here I know, I know). Lack of being in college this year (for personal reasons) has really taken it's toll on me and I find myself lonely and heavily unproductive, so I do apologize in case I may seem desperate or spend more time than usual reading up on the birthing cycles of a lobster, I swear I'm not always this weird, I'm just used to learning a lot and not used to social interaction after 5000 years of being locked inside.
Although I do kinda want a relationship I think it's something we should ease into if at all, as I am incredibly inexperienced at them, and would prefer to kinda be friends before anything else so I don't do anything horribly wrong, and to try and get to know you without making conversation seem like an interview we have to ace. In any case, I'd much prefer if you were local and we could find out what this outside thing is and tried some places out, but either way I'd still love to meet people from everywhere, I'd love to talk to all you lovely people and I hope you all have a good one!
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2021.10.24 08:54 Enemy_16 Hearing United fans wanting Salah to beat us to sack Ole

Hearing United fans wanting Salah to beat us to sack Ole
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2021.10.24 08:54 DaddysLittleSexDolls -

- submitted by DaddysLittleSexDolls to Barbie_Bangs [link] [comments]

2021.10.24 08:54 itsnotokay146766 I love carefree barefoot girls like Emily Zeck. Female should not be allowed to own socks.

I love carefree barefoot girls like Emily Zeck. Female should not be allowed to own socks. submitted by itsnotokay146766 to celebrity_soles [link] [comments]

2021.10.24 08:54 Bobo_1298675 Digital Art Teacher

I have years of experience doing digital art but I still suck! I feel I need a teacher at this point or I need to sign up to some academy course. Any suggestions ?
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2021.10.24 08:54 Favouredmojoe95 My situation

I destroyed the things that a relationship is built off of, trust and communication. I sacrificed love because I was confused. Now, I know I’ll never meet someone again who I’ll connect with like that again. I just want to die.
submitted by Favouredmojoe95 to Vent [link] [comments]

2021.10.24 08:54 urangminang Opini saya tentang R/Indonesia. *warning sensitive topic*

Gua mau kasih pengalaman menjelajah di subreddit ini selama kurang dari sebulan, awalnya gua cuma silent reader terus bikin akun. Alasan gua bikin akun ini gua lagi cari rasanya ngaskus jaman-jaman dulu, nemu info,hint/tips,random gag, diskusi. Adanya platform lain yang lebih menjanjikan gua coba berjelajah forum ini.
Ini pendapat gua tentang subreddit ini.
Sejujurnya ini gua agak pusing baca komentar disini. Karena dicampur" bahasa dengan inggris.
Not big deal, Next one
Gua user kaskusdari 2010, vakum bbrp tahun, mulai kenal reddit dan kepincut. Apa dsini juga banyak junkers seperti kaskus skrg? Ga ada dialog terbuka lagi, semuanya cuma troll, dan ignorant people.
User kaskus sekarang itu yang komen berisi mulai berkurang, dulu pun juga sama, gak kalah banyak drama & sampahnya tapi seenggaknya bisa dilengserin komentarnya. Setelah lihat berapa lama lagi nih buka indonesia & lounge kaskus, sepertinya mending gua lebih buka subforum/subredit yang gua bookmark aj
Gua melihat ada OP yang tidak jarang membuat isu yang cenderung sensitif jika ditanyakan di tempat lain. Dan isi komentarnya netting ke islam dan cukup banyak divote. Inj janggal melihat komentar seperti ini di fb atau ig
Jangan tersinggung, sy punya keluarga orang salaf walau gua ga belum sepenuhnya taat, (kalau taat kenapa juga gua main reddit yg diblokir) saya merasa perlu tahu apakah user-user disini banyak yang non muslim? Atau banyak orang cuek?
Jika iya, tentu sy akan merasa bodo amat melihat komenan negatif soal kepercayaan gua. hukum aceh anehlah, musik haram itu anehlah.
Dan ga bisa dong bales ke junkers kayak... Hey-hey islam itu indah saudara-saudara, islam tuh bukan fpi saja, ikuti kata rasul, panjangkanlah jenggot, tinggalkanlah musik, ayo asyhadu... tanpa didownvote warga sini.
Ya, kasih alasan kenapa anda mengikuti subreddit ini. Sy pingin tau apa masih ada redditors merespon bijak disini
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2021.10.24 08:54 BootyMcSwag A new Ring design I made: CRATRE - share your opinions 😊

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2021.10.24 08:54 leftoverfucks_given Im really glad they added a non binary specialist

Its great to have some representation in the game. I actually didn't expect them to do it but here we are. And it honestly makes me happy :]
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2021.10.24 08:54 Tiger9000000000000 Seven years of university vs five or six years of pain and suffering

I’m a first year engineer, and I’m not enjoying it. I like what I’m learning and I like my courses, and I like most of the people in my program, but the course load is killing me. I anticipated this, and moved a course from each semester into the first summer term, so right now I have five courses, next term I have six, and the first summer term I’ll have two (WRDS and undetermined elective). Even five courses is a lot. I don’t have weekends anymore, even though I rarely procrastinate. It’s becoming harder to concentrate on my work as I haven’t had a full day off in over a month. I’ve looked at the requirements for some different specializations and in general it’s about forty credits per year. I’d rather not take many more summer courses though, but I don’t mind too much if I have to. Up to now I was thinking of spreading my degree over six years (assuming I get into co-op), but if I want about four courses for semester then it’ll have to be seven. That means I won’t graduate until I’m 24. I have parents and grandparents who are paying for my education, and money isn’t a problem, but idk if I should be graduating so late. If it means I can actually enjoy these years, it’s probably worth it though. I’ve heard many friends saying their mental health is gone now, nobody’s said the opposite. Mine isn’t doing too well either and I’m afraid of burnout. So five years (again, assuming I get into co-op which I want to do) is just… no. I’m starting to think that the people who designed this program are evil. Also keep in mind I don’t know what specialty I want and also I might even transfer into math or physics, maybe chemistry, but I think engineering could be best since you can do a lot with a BASc and the job prospects are good. Any advice is appreciated, thank you so much!
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2021.10.24 08:54 AdministrativeCap846 F24 Hope the dramatic look isn’t off putting

F24 Hope the dramatic look isn’t off putting submitted by AdministrativeCap846 to Faces [link] [comments]

2021.10.24 08:54 kralperx Allah , Amerikayı başımizdan eksik etmesin

düşünsenize , Amerika diye bir ulke hiç olmamış nolurdu bilemiyorum. muhtemelen götümüz komünistler tarafindan sikilirdi , önce rusya ebemizi siker sonra çinin hasmetli yarrağıni yerdik ustüne yetmez gibi bi de kuzey koreden nukleer yerdik. tovbe tovbe. Allah , Amerikayi başımizdan eksik etmesin. golgesi yeter
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2021.10.24 08:54 dreadful773 I recieved a confusing email from instagram please help I can't figure out....

here is what happend actually I recieved a mail (legit email not a scam one I checked it) from instagram (23 Oct , 2:am (IST)) that a new device logged into my Instagram account in a windows through chrome In United States, las Angeles, ca on 22 Oct 1:30 pm (PDT) which is apparently 2 am of 23 Oct because I live in india
So I opened my Instagram morning when I saw the mail, no password was changed (anyway I changed the password just in case) and checked the recent login activity no device active login shown other than me so then I went to account data (access data) and went to all login activity data then there was no login listed on Oct 23 2am and I checked whole login list and no login was made at that time...
So does this mean no one logged in at that time??
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2021.10.24 08:54 Myrandall Tree Song by Masae Seki

Tree Song by Masae Seki submitted by Myrandall to ImaginaryTrees [link] [comments]

2021.10.24 08:54 derbrt П.Жижин, исследователь эл. голосования отвечает Венедиктову по поводу ключей и всего остального.

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2021.10.24 08:54 metaiyo Help for Halloween playlist!

I'm putting together a playlist for a kids' Halloween party and I could use some help. I need: ・Songs no longer than 4-5 minutes; ・No just sounds or ambient noises; ・Don't worry about the lyrics, I'll be the judge of that; ・Instrumentals and soundtracks welcome; ・Not necessarily Halloween themed songs, they just have to sound creepy/eerie/weird/odd; ・Of course I've added many Gizz and Pipe-eye, the latter being an excellent Halloween vibes source; Here's what I've put together for now, to get an idea Also feel free to use it to build your own playlist! Thank you so so much weirdos
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2021.10.24 08:54 Airfox0 God forgives me

I sold $shib at 0.000035 yesterday evening and bought it back at 0.000043 God please forgive me for my horrible decision
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2021.10.24 08:54 BigassEyebrows Jean-Paul just died, I have no idea why, he was just 1 year old.

He was eating, singing and preening just few hours ago. I just took a nap and when I woke up in the evening, I found him on the ground, already cold. No visible injuries. I weighed him and he actually gained a bit recently. He was always smaller and a bit weaker than his mate, his feathers were a bit more fragile and took longer to regrow and he was very flushy and much more easily stressed than his partner... but other than that a happy bird with no visible problems. I had him since spring and never took him to the vet as I saw no reason to and didn't want to stress him unecessarily. His death was so sudden and unexpected. I'm heartbroken. What could have happened?
For context... I'm not doing well. I'm already in a middle of a severe depressive episode (and on a sick leave) and to add to this, my mother recently said extremely hurtful things to me and cut contact with me... and now this. I know it's irrational but still I can't help thinking this is somehow connected / my fault... that if I was fully functional, I would have noticed some signs that something is wrong with my birdie and could have intervened, or at least could have spent more time with him.
Also, how strongly do diamond doves feel the loss of their mate? I guess they are built to be emotionally resilient and I'm probably much sadder than them bit still... Do you have some ideas of what can I do to help them feel better? I don't even know if I should interact with them more or give them space. The bird was bonded to the deceased one and is not very interested in me (although I recently started systematically "taming" them and they learned to sometimes tolerate sitting on my hand and being gently rubbed on their chest).
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2021.10.24 08:54 bufleica Pandah

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2021.10.24 08:54 Ok_Stretch_9643 WTB Pam 005/111/1312. I have a vsf 126610lv willing to trade/sell. Conus

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2021.10.24 08:54 evilmaker I love this CN behavior

I love this CN behavior submitted by evilmaker to chaoticneutral [link] [comments]

2021.10.24 08:54 Arcalmh What would you bring back for Sunbreak/MH6?

I was watching a few videos about how the franchise evolved through time and wondered, what people really miss from older games? So I'm making this post just out of curiosity.
It can be anything, from monsters, zones, mechanics, cities, campaign...
For me, it would be the treasure system from Freedom 2/Unite (Maybe I'm alone here), for monsters would be Akantor, and I'd love to go back to 4th gen, specially Generations where the story mode focused in various cities from old MH games. I'd love to see an updated Pokke or Kokoto
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2021.10.24 08:54 lakynshultz Welcome to BurgerNomics! 8% Burger Rewards! Buyback System also Next bsc gem! NFTs already minted and giveaways! Presale soon Whitelist application!

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