[LoL] Slithery Snek//Professor Snake

2021.10.24 09:26 nattyicicle [LoL] Slithery Snek//Professor Snake

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2021.10.24 09:26 Lavanado A website like Glassdoor but for rentals. Previous tenants can say if the landlord was decent, if there are screaming children next door. All the things you can't find out just from one viewing but make a huge difference once you've signed a year-long lease..

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2021.10.24 09:26 ClarenceSherman51 Bards college is de best

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2021.10.24 09:26 frodostarkins Audiobooks are thousands of years older than books.

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2021.10.24 09:26 dannybombs That M. Night Shyamalan masterpiece

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2021.10.24 09:26 dripdripmywhip This game is a joke

Masters is filled with plebs, you should be able to be de ranked from masters. Matchmaking is so bad, you win 3 games in a row and then get ultras and veteran in your team. Like wtf is that all about, I don’t want to play with lower ranks. MOBA with no good comms hahaha funny joke and the skins are so over priced like wtf. Like who makes up these prices. The battle pass is shit too.
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2021.10.24 09:26 MarvelsGrantMan136 Akutami's Author Comment from Weekly Shonen Jump Issue #47

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2021.10.24 09:26 lilysmh043 Arrows u.p if your dick is above bigger than 5"Snap: lilysmh02

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2021.10.24 09:26 snitter_2 Jane reacts

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2021.10.24 09:26 ncdlek Do you tip and why?

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2021.10.24 09:26 saren_x Feeling guilty for being right?

Hey everyone, I am struggling with a problem that occurs when I find myself in the middle of a discussion with my boyfriend. It often happens that I feel like he isn't listening to me (Just during discussions, otherwise he Is caring and understanding towards me) and we argue for hours, and I try to "break" the wall he builds , and make him understand how i feel..during this process, he usually says I'm overreacting and being annoying, but sometimes I manage to convince him that I've been sincerely hurt by his behaviour. When this happens, and he says he's sorry, I start to feel like shit, thinking I've "manipulated" him into feeling guilty when he was actually right, thinking about how he is so good to me and maybe I AM overreacting and being toxic.
As you understand, this makes arguments ten times more difficult, leaving me feeling guilty for days, even weeks, and I don't know how to manage It.
Has anyone experienced something similar? Any advice?
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2021.10.24 09:26 juanchogreat Hesabımı nası sıfırlarm

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2021.10.24 09:26 muffin2526 [Xbox] [h] credits [w] TW Octane, Blk Tunica, Magma

Hoping to pay 13k, 8200, and 250, but may negotiate
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2021.10.24 09:26 Mixitrion94 What will you do when SHIBA reaches your desired amount?

No "if's", "maybe's" or "woulds", speak definitively to manifest it
Oh boy the thigs I will do. I will finally get my girl and I out of the debt we got into when living with her family. I will be able to pay off my student loans and pay my parents mortgage off. I will be able to buy myself a decent, working, car. I will pay off rent for the next year and start the process of buying a house. I WILL INVEST! Whether thats back into crypto, stocks, real estate, or w.e it is! (Suggestions on good investments are always welcomed). I will finally be able to afford a psychologist and work on personal matters without having to worry about the money. I WILL BE ABLE TO GIVE BACK TO THE COMMUNITY! I will buy my big sister whatever she asks for, she deserves that and more.
I'm definitely leaving out things I can't think of right now, but now my question is, What will you do when SHIBA reaches your desired amount?
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2021.10.24 09:26 silly_bugga Shanna and Taeler having at each other

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2021.10.24 09:26 IntelligentShame2886 Teen heaven 💋😈

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2021.10.24 09:26 Beneficial-Stock-389 Can you guys help me and join via my referral link I would appreciate it <3 https://r.honeygain.me/ALEXA4E3FD

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2021.10.24 09:26 alc59 International frequency records airline pilots using Let's Go Brandon

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2021.10.24 09:26 wbradleyjr1 Another 'Let's go, Brandon' song goes viral with nearly 1 million views

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2021.10.24 09:26 Xtrmylatrktv Sigma rule #43016: be fatphobic

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2021.10.24 09:26 AhriOfAstora Vulpine Farm so far (y4)

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2021.10.24 09:26 igneousink "Oh look, if it isn't the girl who said she was totally fine and able to drive before taking a header off the stoop into the bushes while giggling wildly."

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2021.10.24 09:26 tatezaray66 Head pain that last for more than a month... and more

20M, 170lbs
So I’ve been having this pain all over my head, Muscle pain feeling on neck, Jaw, pressure pain on Cheeks, Nose, Eyes, Forehead, Temple and Scalp that can sometimes be sharp... this can occur with one and the other or sometimes its just one of these, and it’s definitely painful when 3 or more/all of this happens at the same time... This has been happening for 2months now and I’ve checked with a doctor and they said that its probably just neck pain/muscle pain/tension headache, its probably just this and its probably just that... And Im sick of having this thoughts that this might be something more serious than they thought it is.
Pleaae do note that I have more than just head pain, I also have shoulder pain sometimes arm/s pain dunno if this is something related tho, and also because of this, my typing speed and accuracy has significantly decreased lately cuz I feel like my hands are much weaker than before... dunno if this is because of the pain tho just adding that or maybe because of my shoulder pain thats been here for few months now... That shoulder pain comes from my back that feels like cracking when I do a arm rotation. Just so you know
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2021.10.24 09:26 trainerfry_1 The Shape of Halloween

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2021.10.24 09:26 The_Lobster_X Pilmer, graphite pencil, me, 2020

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