Is it actually that profitable for artists to sell nfts? Especially when they’re selling a collection from the ground? Aren’t they only making $100/$200 per piece?

2021.10.24 08:58 law05004 Is it actually that profitable for artists to sell nfts? Especially when they’re selling a collection from the ground? Aren’t they only making $100/$200 per piece?

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2021.10.24 08:58 Trivial-not-for-me Wenn Studium eine Beziehung wäre (von meiner Freundin)

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2021.10.24 08:58 John_585 25 [M4F] UK - Even a single upvote could help me find the love of my life! (Photo included)

25 [M4F] UK - Even a single upvote could help me find the love of my life! (Photo included)
Hey :)
Like everyone else on here, I'm looking for that special someone. I know you're out there somewhere! With a little luck you'll stumble across this post and maybe, just maybe, this could be the start of something amazing.
I've realised recently just how alone I really am. Just how much I'm craving a real connection to another person. I want to get to know you better than anyone I've ever known in my life. The good, the bad, and everything in between! I want to be able to open up and feel at ease being myself around you, to be goofy and have a laugh together and to make each other smile. I want to be there to support you when things are rough and for you to be there for me. I want to spend hours chatting with you back and forth as we get to know each other, and to send you cute goodnight or good morning messages, and to feel that giddy feeling when I see a message from you pop up on my phone. I'd love to have you next to me, snuggled up under a blanket as we binge watch shows on netflix after a long day at work. Or for you to join me on adventures as we explore new places and experience new things. Hopefully by now you get the picture! In short, I'm looking for my soulmate.
Here's a little bit about me: I'm 25 and originally from the north west of England. I recently moved down south to start a new job as a trainee actuary, which so far I'm really enjoying. I'm about 6'2 and relatively slim. There's a photo of me here: I'm a fairly big introvert. In my spare time I love to read, especially history books or fantasy novels. Getting lost in a story is one of the best ways to cope with stress in my opinion! I love watching shows on Netflix, playing board games, gaming, going on long walks, visiting museums and more.
Ideally you'll be around my age, say 20 - 30, and in the UK. I'm not totally against the idea of a long distance relationship though so if you're somewhere else in the world and you think we would make a good match then feel free to message me. The most important thing is whether or not we click, and for that there's only one way to find out! If you do send me a message I'd appreciate it if you could send a photo, it's always good to put a face to the person you're speaking to, but if you'd prefer to chat a bit first that's ok too. Tell me a bit about yourself to get the ball rolling.
I think that's everything for now. Hopefully I hear from you soon!
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2021.10.24 08:58 cl0wnery My parents’ backyard wedding, 1983

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2021.10.24 08:58 CelebrimborTheGreat Tolkien's worst failure

"There is no part of the history of Middle-earth more full of problems than the story of Galadriel and Celeborn, and it must be admitted that there are severe inconsistencies "embedded in the traditions"; or, to look at the matter from another point of view, that the role and impor­tance of Galadriel only emerged slowly, and that her story underwent continual refashionings." - Christopher Tolkien
Absolutely nothing about Galadriel makes any sense.
Galadriel departed Valinor because "she wished for freedom" (NoME) and "she yearned to see the wide untrodden lands and to rule there a realm maybe at her own will." (Later Quenta) and because "she had dreams of far lands and dominions that might be her own" (Shibboleth of Feanor) and because her kinship with the Sindar influenced her decision (Shibboleth), in other word she wanted to save uncle Thingol and the rest of her mother's kin from Morgoth.
But what does she do when she gets to Middle-earth? She goes to Sindar and becomes the handmaid of their Queen Melian and that's it. She never establishes any realms in First Age. She completely started acting out-of-character. She neither had any big adventure for 400+ years nor did she establish any realms in the entire FA, not even a village or a stronghold.
Her gender had nothing to do with this. We are shown in Concerning Galadriel and Celeborn that Galadriel was the sole ruler of Lorien for many years. Celeborn was not with her when she retreated to Lorien in that early version. The Noldor and Sindar and Nandor of Lorien delightfully accepted her as their ruling lady. Not to mention that in the same version she and Celeborn founded the Noldorin realm of Eregion. The Noldor followed *her* into Eregion, not Celeborn the Sinda really.
Moving past this, let's see another thing that absolutely doesn't make any sense about Galadriel. There are THOUSANDS of mentions of Galadriel being superbadass: "A sister they had, Galadriel, the fairest lady of the House of Finwe, and the most valiant" (Morgoth's Ring, Later Quenta, Princes of Eldalie) "Galadriel, the only woman of the Noldor to stand that day tall and valiant among contending Princes" (LQ, Flight of the noldor) "Therefore led by Fingolfin and his sons, and by Inglor and Galadriel the valiant and fair..." (Ibid) "she was then of Amazon disposition and bound up her hair as a crown when taking part in athletic feats." (Tolkien Letters) "She was called Nerwen ‘man-maiden’ because of her strength and stature, and her courage." (NoME) "Her mother-name was Nerwen (‘man-maiden’), and she grew to be tall beyond the measure even of the women of the Noldor; she was strong of body, mind, and will, a match for both the loremasters and the athletes of the Eldar in the days of their youth." "She was proud, strong, and selfwilled," "she fought fiercely against Feanor in defence of her mother's kin" (PoME, Shibboleth of Feanor) "In Eregion [Sauron] perceived at once that Galadriel would be his chief adversary and obstacle" (UT, CG&C) "he [Sauron] sees that he has met his match" (NoME, CG&C)
Now what does the most valiant woman do for the Siege of Angband and Bragollach and Nirnaeth? Absolutely nothing. She hides under the skirts of Melian. She doesn't even help Beleg and Mablung in protecting the borders of Doriath! So much for being equally as valiant as the princes of the Noldor. Even Gwindor was more useful and brave than her.
Let's skip to the ending of First Age and the start of the Second Age.
Galadriel proudly rejects Eonwe "for love of Celeborn" (NoME) and because she believes they have done nothing wrong; "what wrong did the Golden House of Finarfin do..." (UT, Elessar draft) and "for all who had fought against [Morgoth]" (Shibboleth)
Whoa dude what a great Middle-earth benevolent. Subjecting herself to the Doom of Mandos for sake of her pride for herself and her family and all other suffered people of Middle-earth.
Sounds great, right? But her actions in the following years sounds very inconsistent.
Finally, Galadriel got a realm of her own to rule, well, at least as something of a co-ruler with her husband: "In Lindon south of the Lune dwelt for a time Celeborn, kinsman of Thingol; his wife was Galadriel, greatest of Elven women." (LotR Appendix B) "Gil-galad's people were mainly Noldorin; though in the Second Age the Elves of Harlindon were mainly Sindarin, and the region was a fief under the rule of Celeborn." (PoME, Of Dwarves and Men)
Then Galadriel persuades Celeborn to abandon their realm and cross the Mountains of the Ered Luin. In a brief note in Read Goes Ever On, published by Tolkien himself, Galadriel crosses the mountains and goes to Eregion, but in CG&C she goes to Lake Evendim for some adventure and becomes the Lady of all of the Elves in Eriador and eventually she moves out to Eregion. Whether Tolkien had abandoned the idea that Galadriel lived for a time at Evendim is unclear. Perhaps he was merely highlighting the 'real' important events in that very brief summary in RGEO. Perhaps not. Anyway,
Now let's see why she went to Eregion? "[Celebrimbor] was a great silver-smith, and went to Eregion attracted by the rumours of the marvellous metal found in Moria, Moria-silver, to which he gave the name mithril." (POME, Of Dwarves and Men) " some of the Noldor went to Eregion ... This they did because they learned that mithril had been discovered in Moria." (Appendix B) Galadriel was a half Teler and the Teleri were renowned for their love and skill in silver material (Unfinished Tales) "Galadriel became aware that Sauron again, as in the ancient days of the captivity of Melkor, had been left behind. ... it seemed to proceed from a source further to the East, beyond Eriador and the Misty Mountains. Celeborn and Galadriel therefore went eastwards ... she perceived from the beginning that Middle-earth could not be saved from "the residue of evil" that Morgoth had left behind him save by a union of all the peoples who were in their way and in their measure opposed to him. She looked upon the Dwarves also with the eye of a commander, seeing in them the finest warriors to pit against the Orcs. Moreover Galadriel was a Noldo, and she had a natural sympathy with their minds and their passionate love of crafts of hand, a sympathy much greater than that found among many of the Eldar: the Dwarves were "the Children of Aulë," and Galadriel, like others of the Noldor, had been a pupil of Aulë and Yavanna in Valinor." (UT, CG&C)
As long as we assume Galadriel was the founder of Eregion it is consistent with her character. But the thing is, it is generally presumed in the Tolkien fandom that Celebrimbor was the first and last and only ruler of Eregion, as opposed to the idea that Celebrimbor took over Eregion after the Coup.
In Appendix B revised edition published in 1966, Tolkien (or rather say the in-universe author) states that Celebrimbor was the Lord of Eregion, but below this it is stated "Eregion founded by the Noldor". Which Noldo(r)? The in-universe author states that "the recordings are few" about SA and there isn't much clarity and details. It is crystal clear that the in-universe author has no idea that Galadriel and Celeborn were ever present in Eregion, as we see their names aren't mentioned in the Fall of Eregion. In a writing in Parma from 1965 or earlier it is stated "the settlement at Eregion under Celebrimbor was also very important", but in a note in Nature of Middle-earth, dated to August of 1965, Tolkien states Galadriel and Celeborn "took part in establishing Eregion" and directs us to Concerning Galadriel and Celeborn where they "founded Eregion". In a note against a passage about Celebrimbor of Gondolin who followed Galadriel into Eregion it is stated 'make him a descendant of Feanor', but it is not stated 'make Galadriel the follower of Celebrimbor'. Moreover, the fact that Tolkien wrote Celebrimbor was a Sinda/Teler in 1968/1969 writings implies that he couldn't be the founder of Eregion, because "Eregion was founded by the Noldor". Nonetheless, on Discord people kept saying to me they prefer Galadriel as only a noble of Eregion, not THE Lady of Eregion.
If that's so, then Galadriel broke character again. Some younger guy from the house of "the Dispossessed shall they be forever" took over the rightful leadership of "the greatest of the Noldor except Feanor maybe" even when Annatar still hadn't come around to persuade Celebrimbor (and most of Eregion) to revolt against his "great friend" and in some versions *great crush*.
After the Fall of Fingolfin, majority of the Noldor became the followers of Finrod -> Orodreth -> Gil-Galad, and Galadriel. It is said many people followed her into Eriador. After all she was the eldest of the House of Finwe now, and also a great Telerin Princess among the Sindathe-Teleri-who-didn't-cross-the-Sea-in-the-Great-Journey, and now the greatest Elf alive. She had enough amount of followers to establish a realm of her own near Moria and Eregion and form great friendship and power with the Dwarves and others and oppose the Shadow in the East. In another word, she could keep in-character. But nope, she didn't. Instead she went to Eregion and as most fans assume she was lesser in title and rank than Celebrimbor in Eregion. So much for Galadriel being "eager to be gone" from Valinor to "rule a realm of her own".
Galadriel did it again in the year 1697 of the Second Age! She broke character again: "Galadriel and Celeborn, and their followers, who after the destruction of Eregion passed through Moria" "Galadriel and Celeborn only retreated thither [to Lorien] after the downfall of Eregion." (Parma) "...Oropher had withdrawn northward beyond the confluence of the Gladden and Anduin: to be free from the power and encroachments of the Dwarves of Moria, and still more, after the fall of Eregion, from the “domination” of Celeborn and Galadriel. They had passed through Moria with a considerable following of Noldorin Exiles and dwelt for many years in Lórien. Thither they returned twice before the Last Alliance and the end of the Second Age; and in the Third Age, when the Shadow of Sauron’s recovery arose, they dwelt there again for a long time." (the note about Oropher, included in Nature of Middle-earth and Unfinished Tales)
As you can see, she led her CONSIDERABLE host of the survivors of Eregion into Lorien. You know, into somebody else's land. Into the realm of someone who is pretty much a random hobo unintelligent Elf, especially compared to her. Logically she should've led them into another land to establish a realm of HER OWN. But she didn't. Merely gaining a 'domination' in somebody else's land does not match up with her character. She desires far more than that. The land wasn't hers, she merely had a great influence in there, probably more than the King himself tho!
I have posted something similar about 'why Galadriel was not establishing her own realm or why she didn't return to her own realm Harlindon' on a Tolkien forum before. And the answers I got were "she had grown up past her I wanna rule phase". No she didn't. You know what happened to her after the hell she went through in the War of the Elves and Sauron? She became worse. Far worse. Now she was lusting after the Great Ring of Power and now she insanely desired to own the entire Middle-earth and 'save the world' and herself from the Curse of Mandos.
“I do not deny that my heart has greatly desired to ask what you offer. For many long years I had pondered what I might do, should the Great Ring come into my hands,” (FotR, Mirror of Galadriel, Galadriel speech to Frodo) "It was not until two long ages more had passed, when at last all that she had desired in her youth came to her hand, the Ring of Power and the dominion of Middle-earth of which she had dreamed, that her wisdom was full grown and she rejected it," (Shibboleth)
Skipping to the ending years of Second Age... Where was Galadriel in the War of the Last Alliance? Where was the Elf who 'preached' to people that the Valar have abandoned us again and we need to save ourselves by our own efforts? Where was the Elf whose fate was bound to the result of this war? Where was the Elf who desired to turn Middle-earth into Valinor v2? Where was the great pupil of Aulë when they were forging weapons at Imladris? Where was the great pupil of Yavanna and Melian when the healers and supply providers needed her in the war? Where was the most valiant and strongest woman? Where was the greatest of the Noldor? Where was the Elf who was called "the equal ... of Feanor"? Where was the Elf that Sauron feared so much and thought of her as his match and greatest adversary? Where was the angry gal who wanted to avenge her brother Finrod? Where was the Elf who took upon herself that even if the Valar forgive her she would yet again reject them, because she was telling herself I'm so freaking prideful and it is my duty to fight Sauron? Where was the great benevolent of Middle-earth? :')
In Third Age when they offered her the title of the Queen she rejected it. "they [Galadriel and Celeborn] took no title of King or Queen; for they said that they were only guardians of this small but fair realm, the last eastward outpost of the Elves." Finally, after so long, she got a realm of her own (again), but then she proceeded to declare 'nah I'm just a guardian of this realm, not the Queen.' It's not really clearly stated at all why she did that.
The worst character of all time. If Tolkien had so much trouble to finish her character then Tolkien should've just stayed with the version where she abandoned Nargothrond and Doriath and crossed the mountains of Ered Luin and Misty Mountains in early FA and became the wife of Celeborn the Nandorin Prince of Lorien. He should have just finished that version which was very easier to finish. The making of Celeborn into the Sindarin Prince of Doriath and the making of Galadriel into 'I was everywhere but I barely did anything in-character' was a great mistake. A great ambitious retcon, but a completely inconsistent one that was never fleshed out into a logical tale. Therefore, a great mistake.
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2021.10.24 08:58 4_tha_luv_of_crypto SHIB at .000044: Give them Nothing!!!(NO SELLING🚫🗑🚮) But take from them, EVERYTHING!!!!(Keep buying .00004 levels and Holding)

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2021.10.24 08:58 CKsTechnologyNews Hackers somehow got their rootkit a Microsoft-issued digital signature

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2021.10.24 08:58 toptoyouyoutube Failing street lights in Tampa emit bright purple hue - Fox 13

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2021.10.24 08:58 toptoyouyoutube Sen. Braun welcomes unvaccinated Chicago police to Indiana: 'You deserve respect' - YouTube

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2021.10.24 08:58 TotalAgreement I'm tired of miserably falling in love.

I'm 22M. I felt in love 2 times, every time the relationship was going great, we've had wonderful connection, were talking a lot, met couple times. It was like nothing could go wrong, but then out of nowhere something "clicked" (I didn't do anything wrong or nothing bad happened) and she either didn't want to meet with me for various reasons or stopped answering my texts at all.
Pervious time was couple years ago, recent one couple days ago and I didn't date anyone serious in between.
I know it happened only twice, but it hurts anyways and I feel like total garbage since last time.
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2021.10.24 08:58 JoshFromPalletTown Who is the worst "main" character in the Harry Potter series?

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2021.10.24 08:58 Insertblamehere Cursed image

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2021.10.24 08:58 TiksonBobikson Arena Sport premium kanali

Ne znam koliko ste upućeni, Arena Sport je sada, nakon što je kupila maltene sve što valja, odlučila da otvori neke premium kanale. Sada obični kanali Arena 1, 2, 3 prenose gluposti kao što je francuska liga, a Partizan, Zvezda, El Klasiko, Inter Juve su prebačeni na te premium kanale.
Ne znam kakva je situacija na telekom kablovskoj, jer ja sam na SBBu, ali vidim mnogo komentara na društvenim mrežama, kako jebu mater Areni zbog ovoga.
Dosta je popularna aplikacija Rokkr koja se koristila, baš zbog raznih kanala koji su samo na Telekomu. Međutim ni Rokkr još uvek nema ove nove kanale.
Tako da sam danas par sati tražio neke aplikacije i našao sam konačno jednu koja valja.
Aplikacija se zove Eva IPTV. U suštini pratite korake sa ovog videa. Nije reklama u pitanju.
Evo kako izgleda slika
Možete i castovati na TV.
Eto, to je to. I još jednom nek se Arena napuši kurca.
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2021.10.24 08:58 SannieV Drum monitor

I have a question about a new drum monitor. Im planning not to give out that much money. On Thomann I found the box PA M 12 ECO MKII. Its not a drum monitor. Can I use this thing to connect to my Roland VDrum?
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2021.10.24 08:58 Remarkable-Cash5184 Oooweee! Moon time!

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2021.10.24 08:58 toptoyouyoutube Why Biden is flailing - KITV

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2021.10.24 08:58 sniffyourbutt Christians are ufologist. They just dont know it yet. How do you explain a man coming from the sky.

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2021.10.24 08:58 toptoyouyoutube Alec Baldwin was told firearm was unloaded, search warrant says: report - FOX 5 DC

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2021.10.24 08:58 Chris-Biersack Live right now on Maybejuul1

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2021.10.24 08:58 Eight40 [Co-op] [Xbox] [ds3] [ng+] (sl114)

So boom I just bought the DLCs not too long ago and was wondering if anyone would help me run (or meme) through them
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2021.10.24 08:58 TheWaltzy Steve's Big Adventure | City of Gangsters - Part 19 - Full Version(Gangster Manager)

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2021.10.24 08:58 Beautiful_Prompt_959 Dakrai raid on me lets go

1746 2730 9726
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2021.10.24 08:58 AndrewChulchie Does anyone kind of wish they hadn't started their collection?

So recently I made a backlog of games I had that still needed to be played and it was something like over 200 games that either need to be restarted cause it's been so long or just never started at all.
It's now almost ten years since my collection began and for the past two-three years I've really slimmed down on the amount of games I buy and even still I'm not getting through games quick enough.
So many of these games were 2 euro finds at charity shops, thrift stores, flea markets etc and at the time I didn't necessarily have enough time to play them then but I assumed I would in the future, it's the future and I still haven't, despite being out of work for a lot of last year's lockdowns.
The collection didn't necessarily start as a dream of having a book case full of games, but to actually play them. However in the ten years since video game archiving has gotten a lot better. Ten years ago Xbox Live Marketplace might release the odd PS2 game at a ridiculous price, now there's remakes, re-released, remasters and HD Collections everywhere I look.
I suppose I could sell them, but the issue is some of them are worth a bit of money so I feel a duty to hang onto them. preserve them, and sell them in a couple years when I actually do need the money.
Getting a new video game, just doesn't quite hit the way it used to, a few years ago getting a new game could mean the weekend was sorted but now getting a new game doesn't have quite the same joy because whatever I want to play that's new I'm sure I've got something like it at home already
It also means starting a new game which starts off slow or takes a while to get used to is especially difficult because there's a gazillion alternatives at my fingertips.
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2021.10.24 08:58 whoisbisi @typicalredfox on here, I absolutely love you for your advice, I didn't realise I let go so soon

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