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HC Shri Abhay Thakur delivered a lecture on "Counter-terrorism and Counter-Insurgency: The Indian Experience" at the NDC, Abuja on 03 March 2021 HC Abhay Thakur joined Nigerian dignitaries led by Minister of Health Dr. E. Osagie Ehanire, at the arrival ceremony of 3.92 mn doses of Covishield vaccines from SII on 2 March 2021 Insurgency: Sandstorm is a multiplayer tactical first-person shooter video game developed by New World Interactive and published by Focus Home Interactive.The game is a sequel to the 2014 video game Insurgency.Set in an unnamed fictional Middle Eastern region, the game depicts a conflict between two factions: "Security", loosely based on various world militaries (specifically NATO forces ... J'Ula's insurgency, supported by multiple Houses that include the powerful House Duras and House K'Lek, has moved swiftly to strike at both KDF and Starfleet forces near the borders of the Empire, prompting the Federation's Sector Command at K7 to order an evacuation of Seedea Starbase. ... Published Oct 8, 2021 . PC Patch Notes for 10/8/21 ... The announcement comes just weeks after Christopher Nolan , Martin Scorsese and other leading film directors joined cinema goers in a dismayed call for the rescue of Radio 4’s The Film Programme . An angry letter, printed in the Observer and drafted by director Carol Morley , criticised the axing of the long- running show and accused the BBC ... We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. The 8888 Uprising (Burmese: ၈၈၈၈ အရေးအခင်း), also known as the People Power Uprising and the 1988 Uprising, was a series of nationwide protests, marches, and riots in Burma (present-day Myanmar) that peaked in August 1988.Key events occurred on 8 August 1988 and therefore it is commonly known as the "8888 Uprising". The protests began as a student movement and were ... Get to know your Apple Watch by trying out the taps swipes, and presses you'll be using most. Here are some helpful navigation tips and features.


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2021.10.15 22:22 betteroffalonee Mechanic services with IID?

Can anyone tell me how this goes down? My car is in need for services soon… how does it work with the IID in there? Do i have to drive my car and move it for them or ?? I guess i’m just confused on what to do if i need service done for my car
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2021.10.15 22:22 mtfolivine The Bones Thieves 2.0- A lineage of plague doctors, inspired by the Crows from The Merciful Crows (now with more lore and some edits

I was reading a new book series, and I was suddenly struck by inspiration, so I made this race. I love the flavor, but I really need a balance check, since I created some new features. (Notes- Yes, I am aware that not technically bones, but it makes it much easier for them to have someone's baby teeth than to carry abound a bunch of femurs [although that is an option.] The feature is more based off of the idea that bones are the part of the body that will stick around practically forever, millenia after the body dies.) Thanks for any feedback, I am currently looking for balancing and an outside opinion on it!
I am still working on putting the specific lore and flavor text together, but heres the cliffnotes version, broken into a couple sections (heads up, I am basically just word vomiting, so feel free to skip this part)-
Reincarnation- They are not actually a specific race, but rather a lineage. Reincarnation is a big part of their beliefs (and life cycles). Effectively, there are a set number of Bone Thieves (as of the moment, 997, which sounds oddly specific but we will get into it). However, if an intelligent creature is dying from certain diseases (I have specific magical diseases that effect people, but it could be any plague), and are willing to join them, they can be saved by 12 Thieves who believe that the creature is worthy, and they are cured by ancient rites and rituals. They lose all of their racial traits, and take these. When they die, the creature is treated as one of their original race (so they would go to their race's heaven, their soul would be in their original form). The original 997 Thieves, however, are always reincarnated as a Thief, unless one of the 3 Thief gods tasks them with going forth to serve them for the advancement and protection of all (for example, a king creating laws to protect the Thieves, a scientist who creates a cure). However, once you join them, your memories of whether or not you joined them or were born into it becomes blurry, making all Thieves come together as a single band, united by duty and camaraderie.
Origin and Pantheon- Some scholars believe that the Thief pantheon is actually one of the original race, born with the multiverse. However, other religions are quick to snuff this kind of thinking out, as they see it as threatening to their deities and their absolute power, and believe that such all-mighty origins are beyond what an inferior Thief could be descended from. Thief mythology states that all 997 original Thieves are actually the reincarnations of the original pantheon, which was 1000 gods strong. However, the deities saw that their beloved creations had no true freedom, their lives dictated only by the gods they followed. Conferring, the gods decided to make the ultimate sacrifice, to give up their godhood to create the first true race. They elected three gods to remain and protect their people;: Thousand Eyes, who watch everyone, keeping tally of their sins and good deeds, and watched the future and past to warn the others of any threats, Plague Eater, who protects them from disease and taught the newly formed race their duty in the world, and Knave-of-Bones, who is the source of their bone magic, and the protector of dead souls and god of reincarnation.
Culture and Duty- The Thieves are hated by many other races, often seen as inferior. However, they are protected by what they see as their ancestral duty- to protect others from the plagues of the world. In return for their gift of sentience and free will, the gods tasked them with one duty- to grant mercy where ever necessary. They are granted immunity from disease (DMs note: I would personally also extend this to radiation if its in your world, like it is in mine), and end the suffering of those who are dying in agony from it, and cleanse and dispose of the body so that no others will suffer as the unfortunate soul did. However, they do not do this for free. In return, they are paid in food, firewood, any goods. And most importantly, humanoid bones, from which they received their name.. Every household keeps all of the teeth that the family loses, in case the Thieves need to be called. They live as nomads, traveling from hidden shrine to hidden shrine, answering the call of the plague.
Bones- The Thieves are practicers of a magic older than any school can categorize, and many a wizard has gone mad attempting to figure out how to imitate it. Many call it necromancy, but it runs far deeper. Scholars of the arcane believe that the Thieves are somehow able to tap into the pieces of the soul that remain within the bones of the departed, and use that spark of life to imitate the abilities that the soul had in life, as well as the memories that they held as important. Additionally, they can read the soul of the living (if they have their bones) and see their surface emotions.
Names- Thieves are named after the first ever ill word headed their way. The superstition goes that if its your name, it can never hurt you. When a member joins the tribe, they are given a new name
Mechanics- Alignment- There is no true implicit bias to any alignment, and it runs the gambit from lawful good to chaotic neutral. However, evil examples are uncommon, although not unheard of. Age- This is based on your base race (ie- if you appear as an elf, it is an elf's lifespan. if you look like a dragonborn, you live for a dragonborn's lifespan.) Thieves can be reborn as any humanoid species, they are a Thief before anything else. (note- your base race only has a mechanical effect on your size. otherwise, it is mainly for aesthetics) Size- You are either Small or Medium, decided by your base race. Speed- Your base speed is 30 feet. Gift of Plague Eater- Same say they are chosen, some say they are cursed. But one thing stays true- a Thief suffers no disease. You are immune to disease. Spark of the Bone- They say that the Thieves can read the future in the bones of the damned. This is nothing but superstitious fear-mongering. However, they can certainly see the past. You can read the history of the unfortunate owner of any bones you touch. You can always tell if the subject is living or dead. At 3rd level, you are able to see memories that the subject held as important, such as pivotal events in their life, the birth or death of a loved one, or simply the joy of baking a new recipe. Additionally, you are able to read the surface emotions of a living target if you are reading their bone. Bone Magic- The Thieves are able to call on the souls leftover in the bones they read. You are able to use the power left over in the bones of others. Over a Long Rest, you can choose to attune to one Humanoid's bones. This can be anything from a tooth to a femur. To qualify for this, it must have had an intelligence score of at least 6 in life, and be a Humanoid. The benefits change depending on the origin of the bone you wield. If a creature's bones qualifies for multiple, you can still only choose one. Additionally, you can use bones as you spellcasting focus (can be any kind of bone) You start out the game with a number of bones that is determined by your subrace, and can gain more by visiting shrines or collecting them yourself- ~Bones of a Magic User- If they belong to a class, you can choose a cantrip from their class, and use their spell casting ability. For example, if you wield the bones of a cleric, you choose one cantrip from the cleric spell list, and you use Wisdom. If you are wielding the bones of a creature that have innate spell casting, you can only use that cantrip (or choose from their available cantrips) and use their spell casting ability. ~Bones of a Craftsman- You gain one of the tool proficiencies the creature had in life, and you can double your proficiency bonus. For example, if you are using the bones of a wood smith, you gain a proficiency in Carpenter's tools. ~Bones of the Gifted- You can use the bones of a creature that have a special sense to gain it. For example, you can use the bones of a Drow to gain Superior Darkvision, or the bones of a Wood Elf to gain the benefits of their Keen Senses. (Ask your DM if something will apply if you are not sure. Additionally, this only works for a creature's base senses, and does not apply to class features, such as Sense Undead or Twilight Clerics 300 feet of Darkvision. However, if a creature has taken the Eldritch Initiate Feat and taken Devil's Sight, you will gain the benefits of that.) Sub-race (strictly speaking, their training/age in the tribe)--
Corpse Burners- You are the average member of the tribe, and the most hated. You take care of and cleanse all of the plague ridden bodies, and as such, have trained to be able to run, hide, and climb on a moment's notice to avoid trouble. You start with one Bone of the Gifted and one Bone of a Craftsman. Always Keep Your Boots On- Those that view the Bone Thieves as pests seek to destroy them all, damn the consequences of allowing plague to run free. However, the Thieves are well aware of this fact, and they use specialty tools to escape when necessary. You are proficient in Acrobatics, as well as an Exotic weapon, the Spiked Boots. Wearing these on your feet, you can make a kick attack and deal 1d4 piercing damage. While wearing these boots, you gain a climbing speed of 20 feet.
Shrine Keeper- You have become unfit to run and hide as you have, whether from old age, physical wounds, or even just mental tiredness, and chose to settle down and protect one of the secret, hidden shrines that Thieves can always find refuge at. You are the keeper of the ancestral tales of the Thieves, the legends of the dead gods. You start with two Bones of a Magic User and 1 Bone of the Gifted, with one of the Bones of a Magic User being tied to Minor Illusion, unable to be changed. Ancestral Stories- Whenever you make a History or Religion check related to the history and mythology of your people, you are considered proficient in that skill, and add double your Proficiency Bonus to the check, instead of your normal Proficiency Bonus.
Chieftain- You are the leader of your people, the heart that pumps the life-blood of the tribe. You ask for your just payment, and call the Danse Macabre(name in progress) when you do not receive it. And you deal mercy where necessary, using the a chieftain's broken blade. You start with two bones of your choice, and one Bone of a Magic User that is tied to Thaumaturgy. Danse Macabre- You are proficient in Persuasion(or Intimidation or Performance, I am looking for suggestions), and whenever you perform with 3 or more others, you gain advantage on the Persuasion check.
Racial Feat- Bone Witch - Increase your Charisma, Wisdom, or Intelligence by 1 - When you use your Bone Magic Feature, you can add the following benefits - When using the Bones of a Magic User feature, you can choose a cantrip, 1st level spell, and 2nd level spell, and you can cast the leveled spells once per a long rest with no material components. - When using the Bones of a Craftsman feature, you can now choose a skill or a tool, and you double your proficiency bonus on checks with that skill. - When you use you Bones of the Gifted feature, you can now use senses from a class feature, such as Sense Undead or the Wild Magic Barbarian's Sense Magic feature (note- this may be too overpowed, so I might remove it.) - When you use your Spark of the Bone feature, you can cast Detect Thoughts on a living creature that you have the bone of, with a range of 1 mile, with only the bone as your only material component. You regain the ability to cast it on a short rest.
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2021.10.15 22:22 epicbean47 it’s disgusting, I’ve had it before

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2021.10.15 22:22 dr_tomoe ([WANT Massachusetts USA]) Anime statue printed out to be painted/assembled by me.

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2021.10.15 22:22 lwxnfc What do you think of Bill Gates owning most of the farmland?

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2021.10.15 22:22 Own_Objective_4602 [PC / PS3 / 360] [2014?] FPS Survival game (lots of snow, limited bullets)

Platform(s): PC / PS3 / 360
Genre: First Person Surivial Shooter (with Horror elements?)
Estimated year of release: 2014?
Graphics/art style: Snow, Guns, Trams/Tunnels?, Equipment that could go faulty?, realistic/gritty, Russia?
Notable characters: I believe you start out with some company and then end up wandering alone.
Notable gameplay mechanics: Freezing to death, limited bullets, tunnels, limited battery life for torches etc.
Other details: I think the main premise for the characters venturing out into the cold was to find resources to bring back but your character ends up getting lost/seperated so he has to struggle onward alone into the not-very-explored lands.
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2021.10.15 22:22 EverflameStudio Rock armor visual update!

We've updated the visuals of rock armor (after the particle system broke)
hope you like it
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2021.10.15 22:22 Difficult-Plankton72 Just saw a "protest?" walking by the stadium and towards Hunter Henry

Does anyone know what they are protesting? I couldn't see the signs.
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2021.10.15 22:22 LearningRainbows Wall Street banks set to profit again when Fed withdraws pandemic stimulus

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2021.10.15 22:22 daboyyyyy Dunks sizing?

Never owned a pair of dunks before, what size should i go? im a 9 in jordan 1s & 9.5 in jordan 4s
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2021.10.15 22:22 magenta_placenta jQuery maintainers continue modernization initiative with deprecation of jQuery Mobile

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2021.10.15 22:22 MugShots DPS Alert

DPS Alert Motorist Assist BOULDER HWY and N US 95; NB ON RAMP 10/15/2021 01:21:57 PM
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2021.10.15 22:22 asteinberg101 What to Watch Next

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2021.10.15 22:22 TruthToPower77 Striketober!

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2021.10.15 22:22 I11umina wild hd600s

random school assignment man has good taste in headphones
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2021.10.15 22:22 Perdedorsinvalor Do leave-in conditioners really work?

My hair is curly, and very dry. Even after using tons of conditioner, deep conditioner, hair mask... it is still dry. I've tried 3 different leave-in conditioners, and didn't notice a difference.
Do you have any advice or suggestions?
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2021.10.15 22:22 Bobby4416 Slow download speed, need help!

Hi everyone.
I have been playing gmod for a very long time now, yet as of late (around a year ago and onward) i came to this seemingly completely unavoidable connection issue that just wont improve no matter what i do.
For a while i simply blamed it on my weak wifi connection but then i switched over to using ethernet which can give me up to 70 MB/s of download speed.
Yet despite that whenever i play with my friend overseas, i dont have the usual large amounts of ping, just sudden spikes in connections that leads to freezing and the auto-disconnect warning popping up. Again, i figured it was just because of the whole overseas thing, but then i've noticed that any single workshop download takes absolute ages to finish, even the smallest ones. The only way i could combat this was to exit to desktop where steam would finish mounting everything in little to no time.
On top of that the steam overlay and its browser is just a pain to use, where minutes go by before my search results even begin to show up.
I've tried litteraly everything i could come up with: -i reinstalled the game multiple times and verified the caches too -i tried upping the bandwith priority on gmod to no avail -i tried out all the compatibility settings and betas -i even removed all of my addons and yet again no improvements
What bugs me most is that any other source game and their download speeds are perfectly fine and stable except for gmod of course.
I joined this subreddit in hopes of finding an answer to this since i am really getting desperate on fixing this and litteraly and sort of advice or help will be hugely appreciated.
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2021.10.15 22:22 dead-plant That giant trash bag on top can’t be safe

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2021.10.15 22:22 ShortAlgo $CRTO Awaiting Short signal on CRTO with https://t.co/yX7iX5jkiJ https://t.co/Q5cDzjzLhI

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2021.10.15 22:22 honeymooncrescent Meeting people before moving somewhere?

Okay, so I’m really new to okcupid and need advice.
I am hoping to move to a new city that’s pretty far away soon and I’d really like to meet some people beforehand. The problem is, I have no clue how to go about this. I don’t know how soon I’ll be able to move, it could be awhile. I’m going to travel there next month so that’s something. My sister lives in a nearby city I like to visit whenever I can afford to do so. Travel is expensive though.
Anyways, I want to meet people there. Talking to someone for a time before meeting or going on a date or anything would be absolutely ideal for me. I’m very shy and have terrible anxiety, knowing someone before spending time together eases my worries. I don’t know that other people will be okay with that though.
Is this possible? Or even a good idea? I’m just confused and need help.
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2021.10.15 22:22 Bolmeianto Equal participant! [ezez] share the tokens and let's do this. Slackers will be kick. Just do your best!

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2021.10.15 22:22 LilBigAri Nicki is so cringe 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

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2021.10.15 22:22 siloh17_ worst bladee song(s)

i luv bladee but people on this subreddit act as if he is incapable of making bad music, what do u think are some of his worst songs. i dont dislike 99% of bladee but who goes there and butterfly are two songs i just cannot listen to. what do u guys think
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2021.10.15 22:22 Venom_2k2 Squier Classic Vibe 60's Stratocaster Guitar ($400) and 2x Secret Keeper Merch Bundle ($100) (11/03/2021) {WW}

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