ASL for aliens. I'm writing a scifi graphic novel and had to adapt the ASL alphabet for the protagonist's four-digit symmetrical hands.

2021.10.24 10:23 JayRock5858 ASL for aliens. I'm writing a scifi graphic novel and had to adapt the ASL alphabet for the protagonist's four-digit symmetrical hands.

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2021.10.24 10:23 ThereIs0nly0ne My modular cabinet is starting to take shape.

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2021.10.24 10:23 k3iiferz56 Simple P320 🙃.

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2021.10.24 10:23 UnluckyChemist2162 To complete the Pokedex in Pokemon GO, you have to either be rich, or a spoofer

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2021.10.24 10:23 anjyu Dog Toys for Christmas

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2021.10.24 10:23 jonviggo89 Jean, 1 meter and 34 centimeters (4 feet 4 inches) for those who speak/understand French
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2021.10.24 10:23 Maniacboy888 FB permanently banned me from market place, but I haven’t made a sale in days. They said it’s because of “unusual activity” on my account and had me reset my password.

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2021.10.24 10:23 TrexKevin BRooo when a atom of me touches a cactus it just keeps hurting then the enderman holding the cactus like theres no tomorrow

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2021.10.24 10:23 Gwevebl 1 Million Bells

Heyo! It's night 2 of my giveaways!! 🥳🥳 I'm giving away 1 million bells to the first FIVE comments!! 🎉🎉 How to enter: Comment your favourite game to play besides AC.

  1. Must comment favourite game. If this is not in your comment, your entry will be invalid.
  2. Only enter if you are online now and available for delivery.
  3. Please respond within 5 mins of being asked for a dodo code. If you don't respond fast enough, I will move onto the next person.
  4. Please be patient for deliveries, as I will have to go to 5 different islands.
Goodluck everyone!!!
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2021.10.24 10:23 Noe_Wunn Am I the only one who is not happy about Michael being made an ordinary human?

Lately there seems to be a lot of talk about the new movies making Michael a mere mortal human. But even in the original 1978 film there was something supernatural or extraordinary about Michael. The guy took multiple gun shots, fell out of the second story of a house, and got up and walked away from it. I'm not saying Michael has to be the product of some cult like in the other films, but I feel like he shouldn't lose the supernatural aspect of himself. It could simply be unexplainable. Or simply put, he is an incarnation of the Boogeyman.
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2021.10.24 10:23 lambsauce316 Assam man arrested for sharing pic with foot on ancient Ganesha idol

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2021.10.24 10:23 litromenger Spoon be spitting

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2021.10.24 10:23 GurObjective some edits i made of carti a while ago

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2021.10.24 10:23 argtri The Flavor Bible (Kindle version) is on sale at Amazon for $2.99 today.

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2021.10.24 10:23 AmbientClamShell Well I'm friends with this dude who has a crush on me

So essentially he (m18) confessed to me (f18)about a year ago.I didn't feel like I was ready for commitment cause I was still figuring stuff out so I rejected him.But I told him we could still be friends.We are friends and we still online chat all the time.But recently I've noticed he seems to be pushing me out of my comfort zone by asking me to hang out with him more and like being kinda weird by constantly texting me?So how do I uh bring this up without making it awkward
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2021.10.24 10:23 szoknyaspasi This is good for tdm? Sorry my bad english!

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2021.10.24 10:23 echosori Cursed Pervert

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2021.10.24 10:23 kzoogr Golf Deals - 10-24-21 Golf Bag Edition

Shoe Edition Post
For bags, in some cases, I'm posting the best price/deal I can find on popular make/models.

Carry/Stand Bags
Ping L8 Stand Bag $189.96
Ping Hoofer Lite $199.96
Ping Hoofer Craze-E Lite - $199.96
Ping Hoofer Stand Bag '21 $219.96
Ping Hoofer Stand Bag '22 $219.96
Ping Hoofer 14 way $229.96
Club Champ Deluxe $69.96
Bridgestone 14way Stand bag $129.96
Stitch SL1 $208.80
OUUL Ribbed Stand bag $69.99
Sun Mountain Metro Stand Bag $119.97
Sun Mountain H2NO Ultra Lite $174.99
Volvik 6way Stand Bag $89.97
Taylormade 5.0 Select ST $114.12
Taylormade Select ST $115.99
Taylormade FlexTech Lite $185.00 (Open box)
Taylormade Flex Tech Lite (prior gen) $199.99
Callaway Fairway C Double Strap Stand bag $135.99
Callaway Fairway 14 '21 $195.28
Callaway Chev Stand Bag $189.99 Amazon Black/cyan/fire red $179,99
Srixon Z85 SRX $179.95
Izzo Ultra Lite $77.22
PowerBilt TPS Dunes 14 way $79.99
Cleveland Golf Stand Bag $149.99
Mizuno Golf BR-D3 stand bag $179.99

Pitch/Putt - Sunday Bags
Club/Glove Sunday Carry Bag $39.96
EZ-Caddy Sunday Bag $49.99
Sun Mountain Leather Sunday Bag $299.97
Cart Bags
OUUL Aqua Waterproof bag $129.96 -14way top full length dividers
Sun Mountain Ladies Diva Bag $149.99
Sun Mountain c-130 '19 $219.99 Same price at TGW
Sun Mountain Maverick $209.99
Volvik 14way Cart bag $129.99
Titleist Cart 14 Lightweight $194.99
Titelist Cart 15 $254.99
Titleist Cart 15 STADRY $309.99
Revelation Commander $$179.99
Callaway Chev 14 $189.99
Cobra Ultralight '20 $157.47
Taylormade Select ST Cart bag $157.88

Staff/Tour Bags
Izzo Golf Tour Staff Bag $187.47
Mizuno Tour Staff Bag $432.00 (open box)
Callaway Epic Staff Double strap stand bag $399.99
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2021.10.24 10:23 andwhatareyoudoing Eggs in the water reservoir of a tomato plant pot. Scotland,UK

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2021.10.24 10:23 Mynameisaarav spuǝᴉɹɟ ǝᴉssn∀ llɐ ʎɯ ᴉH

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2021.10.24 10:23 albino_33 Easy debug CPU light

Hi my I built my pc today and everything went perfectly and I got windows 10 onto it with no issue and downloaded all my games. I wanted to look at bios so I got onto bios and at the end pressed reboot. It didn't reboot so I turned of my pc and then back on again and the easy debug CPU light came on. I've tried pressing the flash debug button and taking out the cmos battery and I checked all my connections. Any thoughts? Appreciate any help!
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2021.10.24 10:23 DoglifeJ Wow squid game changed my life after surviving

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2021.10.24 10:23 allenbyNY I would like to re-introduce an important idea back into society : On Socialism and the Current Evils

TLDR: change the structure of thinking around taxes. If you go out to dinner with 9 other people, how do you settle the bill? Based on how much money each person has? Or by how much is the bill, how much each person owes?
Do I owe more when I ordered more? Do you owe more money if you have more money than me?
No, that would be unfair. However, when it comes to taxes, what then? And socialism should be destroyed. Clearly our American socialists are bent on destruction of the nation. (Professional socialists) The rest are ignorant.
The argument is as follows:
If ten of us are at dinner (just to start with the image of it first) let’s say:
We all get the buffet. I came with $40 in my wallet You’ve got $100 3 people have $50 on them Two have no cash And three have $15
The bill is $100
Ok: You’ve got $100, so you’ll be responsible for $30 The 3 that have $50 They’ll owe $15 I’ve only got $40, so I owe $12 $15: owe $3 Those who brought no cash, won’t pay.
Our tax system currently might resemble the analogy. For the sake of argument, let’s say we all get the same amount of services from the government.
We’re all effectively eating the same analogous buffet dinner. Or word it as ‘we all ordered the same dish at a restaurant.’
We’re determining how much we owe, by looking at how much money we have.
Let’s say I make $50k a year You make $100,000 5 make $30k 3 make $15k
We all get the buffet. I pay $13 5 pay $10 3 pay $3 You owe $26
((Someone, I’m sure, could do a much better job making this argument, so please: build on the idea. And for now, bear with me.))
Should we determine how much each of us pays based on how much we earn, when we all got the same thing?
No, of course not: that would be stupid and unfair.
If we get the bill, and 2 people have $5 2 have $10 And we each got the buffet? Look, if a few people have over a hundred dollars each, we can bend these amounts due a bit. If we’re all friends, and two people can’t afford their dinner, they can pay what they’ve got, and those to whom it’s not a big deal, a couple bucks extra can be thrown in. Let’s say I’m in the middle (class) I’ll pay the $11 when we go to dinner. Let’s say a few of us have plenty—we can pay the $12, $13…idk.. needed to bring the bill to be paid. If I brought a couple thousand and my homie’s broke, I’ll pay his dinner. Especially when I can count on him to do the same.
And the IRS is there to enforce that. In fact, it seems the entire job of the government covers the wait staff, the bouncer..the irs..
Anyway, it really appears communistic, when you weigh it out that way. You pay more ‘cause you’ve got more to pay with. I pay less cause you have more than me.
Mind: taxing the rich, looks like this:
We get the buffet You owe $20 cause you’re top 5% I owe $5 cause I have $20 2 pay $7 cause they have $40? 2 pay $15 cause they have $80 And someone pays $30 cause they’ve got $200
Or, realistically, someone with $50, they owe $20 You have $100, you’ll pay $40 3 people don’t have to pay cause they’ve got $10 I’ll pay $10 from my $25
That would be absurd. Let’s just forget that all-together.
The way it is now is absurd. No ones getting a different offer (maybe in reality the government services people get are unevenly distributed, but let’s just say we’re all getting the same). You stop at the same street lights, drive on the same roads… I have the same President you have. We’re all employing the same useless people not to do their jobs.
And about the current system: Maybe you owe $40, I owe $30, 6 people pay $20—cause it’s determined by how much we have. We may overpay the bill by 100%, because the total paid has no correlation to the actual cost.
And if it were correlated to the cost, well maybe we’d advise against ordering so many martinis with our dinners, or we’d decide to eat somewhere with less staff, where the foods not as good.
And crazy idea, if you order more food than me, you can just pay for the food you ordered—and we’ll make sure no one starves, but that person also won’t be getting cocktails to excess, or two entrees just cause they feel like it, and the bill will be taken care of.
If what we paid correlated to what we got, the ideal of liberalism so quickly could fade away. If you told people they were responsible for what they got? And that we pay as much as is owed, looking at the total amount spent..
The people paying would say, yo, I’ll cover you this time, but there’s no such thing as a free lunch.
And maybe they’d be responsible later for the amount their dinner was paid for by someone else..the stupid, stupid idea of liberalism would die.
This is communism we’re dealing with currently. Equality of outcome? Communism at its worst.
Which says here is dinner. Some can’t afford it, shut the fuck up. You’re able to pay, that’s good enough. We’ll make the amount you’re all left with look as close to one another as we can. So the poor can eat free, the rich will pay for 4 dinners each.
And you know what—they have more, we should increase this! We should advocate evening-out the amount people are left with as much as possible (AOC). Those greedy fucks who earned more money than us, they should pay for my dinner—dinners on the house! Fuck them, they’re capitalistically more valuable than I’ve determined by worth to be. So you know what, they suck! They deserve great evils, I hope they burn in hell, because I didn’t earn as much, and they earned so much.
It’s not a question of value. No, they don’t deserve to have their money! (What the literal fuck!) value means nothing to me ? (In the most oxymoronic statement ever?)
Yes it fucking does, you’re just only counting in reverse.
Those people are worth Negative amounts! They owe more! Penalize them.
Negative value on who they are, because they’ve been better at business. Because they’ve earned more.
That’s so literally backwards. They’re counting in reverse. Negative rates for the higher you make—more you earn, more you owe.
That’s saying there is of course value—that value is in the lower you make. It’s an inverse relationship. The less you earn, the more you have value. You lose value the more money you earn.
Do you not like living in a rich society? They would literally (AOC and the likes) rather the society they’re in be poor? They’d rather live in a broke community.
That’s crazy. That’s why I understand Alex Jones referring to them as the 4 horsemen. Because the most likely scenario, is that no, they don’t want to live among a bunch of poor people in a poor country. No, they don’t want to be poorer themselves.
They’re crooked af. Their intention is a broken, weak, poor United States. They literally have evil fucking wishes. They work towards what’s worse for the whole. They convince young girls that it’s cool to be fucking poor and useless.
Clearly—the most likely theory is they work for some malicious entity who’s bent on the destruction and downfall of American society and the US as a nation.
They literally are working to destroy everything we’ve built.
So, calling them the four horsemen is the least we can do.
The idea of taxing the rich, or, and careful here: the wording of tax cuts for the rich.
That’s been an entirely destructed statement, or wording. To word the issue as tax cuts for the rich assumes that we deserve to pay in relation to our ability to pay, making only a small concession in a way that has been rejected by the political minds long ago.
The wealthy, in how we’ve gone over it, will be paying more than their share—so they’re not tax cuts.
We need to not give credence to this idea that we deserve to pay based on our ability to pay, rather than what should be the fundamental way of considering it:
You pay for what you get. A fair and equal system would be to determine the amount each person owes by dividing the whole owed by the number of citizens we are. If they believed in equality..that’s what equality looks like. You pay for your dinner, I’ll pay for mine.
And having each pay their share. If dinner was $100, and there are ten of us, we’d owe ten dollars.
Which does not seem difficult to consider. When it’s dinner, we consider it rationally. But nobody thinks of taxes logically..not publicly..
We forgot how to.
Hence, the analogy is powerful. I read this years ago as I was flipping thru a book at the airport. It’s always stuck with me. I’ve never heard a single other source mention such a thing. It should be the norm, without question.
And thinking of it like that, the rich will be paying a higher rate—they’re paying for more than they got, more than they owe. They should owe less, having used less government services.
Do we not have the technology to track how much each individual owes? Based on the amount of government that they cost. How much DMV services were they responsible for this year, does this person drive at all..
How much has each person, roughly speaking, cost the government?
They could stop overspending, and we could stop overpaying.
But that: change the structure of thinking of taxes, away from the way we do. (As societal whole)
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2021.10.24 10:23 tomtubeyt 2 Years Ago I Completed My Biggest Survival Project Yet, Project EndBlend!

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