[contest] Who loves halloween?

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2021.10.15 22:54 Chemical-Key-604 [contest] Who loves halloween?

Hey everyone! I want to know your favorite costume. I have a new copy of Little Nightmares II for Nintendo Switch (cartridge plus some kind of download code inside) along with a copy of Paper Dandy's Horrorgami, all you need is an exact knife and a ruler and you can make 20 really pretty amazing scary papercraft horror scenes. Well, I want to give this stuff to one of you lovelies. There's only a couple of rules, DBAD and just be aware that I'm going to be mailing this directly, so if you enter, I'm going to assume it will be okay to message you for an address. I made a little pic thing for this post, but y'all are gonna have to forgive me because I can't figure out how to make a post with a picture and text at the same time. You guys are just gonna have to believe me that this stuff is way cool, and spooky.
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2021.10.15 22:54 Back-Opposite Selling 1 2-Day GA ticket for “Escape Halloween”

Hmu if you’re interested.
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2021.10.15 22:54 Quajeraz To close the gate

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2021.10.15 22:54 kelciour Anki Decks: uTalk GCSE Vocabulary (~1500 cards, 18 languages)

Source: https://quizlet.com/en-gb/content/utalk-gcse-languages
The note type consists of 3 card types:

  1. Term + Sound - Definition + Picture
  2. Picture + Definition - Term + Sound
  3. Sound - Term + Definition + Picture
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2021.10.15 22:54 JohnnyMMorris Dan Wheldon 10 years later

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2021.10.15 22:54 Impressive_Habit5688 💥HotDoge | Next X100 Gem💥 | Rewarding Rebase Token 📈 | Fairlaunching Soon 🚀 Don't Miss

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2021.10.15 22:54 n3nuco ·STILL ACTIVE· Titan | 25% off Fees for Life

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Thanks in advance, and good luck investing 😊
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2021.10.15 22:54 justincaseme33 Mic option for Topodome TD-S21C

Mic option for Topodome TD-S21C I recently purchased a camera called the Topodome TD-S21C. It was somewhat hard to find a PTZ camera that didn't require cloud usage!
Using ONVIF, the camera seems to work fine with Tinycam Pro. The one issue is that there is no mic button to talk through the camera.
Any ideas?

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2021.10.15 22:54 Cosmic-_-King Polom's hat-trick goal

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2021.10.15 22:54 OneLastTry_DPP At my law firm, Senior Partners are allowed to invite their "Top Performers" to join us on the annual retreat...we get to decide ourselves what constitutes a "top performer", of course

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2021.10.15 22:54 Godzillagamr999 What happend at the end of Dread?

Spoilers Obviously
At the end of Dread Quiet Robe comes back as an X and lets Samus absorb him dectivating her Metroid Suit. My question is how does this work?
When you become infected by an X Parasite do you retain your consciousness after assimilation? If so, why is Quiet Robe the only person able to resist the X?
The only time we see another X Parasite do anything good is when the SA-X Tries to kill the Omega Metroid and merges with Samus, but that was likely just the X's natural response to seeing a Metroid and not because it inherited any of Samus' morality through her memories. I guess you could make an argument that it did though.
If that wasn't really Quiet Robe then why did a random X parasite deside to help Samus escape?
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2021.10.15 22:54 CinnamonCubing Yeah man go ahead....

Yeah man go ahead....
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2021.10.15 22:54 RoadkillWorldWide New gear - check out the goodies

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2021.10.15 22:54 Maltifandom23 Music of the Sphere;s Review

Welcome to a My album review. Today I'll be looking at the new project from the British rock band Coldplay. I've decided to check this record out after enjoying the collab they did with BTS. I'm hoping the group will deliver some tunes that I can return to a lot. I will mention that the last two projects they dropped weren't that good, in my opinion, but I'm hoping the band gets back on track. I hope you enjoy this fun review that I have coming your way.
Music of the Spheres - Coldplay

  1. 🪐
The opening song of the record is an intro that comes in at 0:53. The track has a voice saying the name of the album and some excellent ambient sounds that open up the project wonderfully. Nothing too interesting happens in this opener, but it still was a nice little instrumental before we moved into the first single from this album.
  1. Higher Power
The first single we got from the group is Higher Power which I first heard at work. I remember going home to look it up as I couldn't believe it was Coldplay. The vocals from Chris are still enjoyable, but the dance-poppy production sounds too generic for this band. The hook didn't pull me in, as it felt a bit bland for my liking. The verses are a bit dull as they don't offer anything special. The Acoustic version makes the song a bit better, but not by much. Tiësto did a remix of this track, making it a bit more upbeat, but I was not too fond of much of the remix. Another remix done by ZHU is decent but not something I will return to again. I'm still sad that they went for something so generic as the lead single.
  1. Humankind
Synths open up the track with some thumping percussion bringing in a bit of a rock vibe. However, we do get some robotic vocals before Chris comes into the mix. The guitars go hard working well with the other instruments. Chris delivers some excellent vocals that blend well with the overall vibe. Chris does a few falsetto vocals in the tune that add to the overall vibe. The hook is something I can see getting stuck in my head a lot as I will be having this tune on repeat. I love the acoustic vibe during the second verse that blends perfectly with the rock elements. The bridge brings in ambient elements that work well with the guitars.
After the upbeat rock tune, we move into another interlude that comes in at 0:53. As we move into the instrumental, we go back into this ambient vibe that I'm enjoying a lot in these short tracks. still nothing that will make me return to this song, but it was a nice little break in the record.
  1. Let Somebody Go (With Selena Gomez)
The first collaboration on the album, and it's with Selena Gomez. The last time I heard Selena, she worked with Blackpink on a track that didn't impress me. A beautiful piano synth melody opens up the tune as the vocals start to come into the mix. Chris delivers some excellent notes that work well with this ballad vibe. I love the more raw vocals from Chris that help to bring in the emotion. Selena comes in during the second verse delivering some decent singing, but it feels like she doesn't fit the vibe. I find both artists to work well together, making this a pretty decent tune. The guitars we hear from time to time add to the overall emotion and vibe. As we get to the climax, the track starts to have a bit of a power ballad vibe. I'm not going to be listening to this one a lot, but it's a decent tune for the record. I would've loved this track more if Selena Gomez wasn't on it.
  1. ❤️ (With We Are King and Jacob Collier)
The second collaboration on the album is with two artists that I've never heard of before. An ambient melody opens up the track as Chris comes into the mix with effects on his voice. It sounds like he is singing acapella as nothing much is happening on the backing track. The backup vocals help bring in that choir effect. The female singing in this song is We Are King, and she sounds enjoyable, adding to the overall vibe. I love the effects they add to this track as it makes the overall tune beautiful. I don't know how much I'll be listening to this song, but for the most part, it's pretty enjoyable.
  1. People of the Pride
As the song opens up, it brings in strings that give the overall vibe a grand feeling. The other members of the band do an excellent job playing their instruments as this tune goes hard. The vocals from Chris have a bit of effect added to them, but it still works well with the strong vibe that the band delivers. I love the percussion and guitars that hit hard, pulling me right into the mix. We do get a few horns that blend well with the overall production. I feel like this track would be a fun one to hear live at a concert. I still can't get over the thumping percussion that helps make this an excellent tune.
  1. Biutyful
As the next song opens up, we get chipmunk-sounding vocals with some trap-sounding percussion and guitars. I'm not sure If I like that chipmunk voice singing at the beginning of this track. However, I do like how the production sounds with a bit of an ambient feeling. The second verse is when Chris comes in sounds perfect for this type of tune. As the chipmunk voice sings with Chris, I start to like what the producers did for this tune. The chipmunk voice is growing on me the more I hear it in the song, as I think it works well with the backing track.
  1. 🌎
We transition into another instrumental break in the album, one that comes in at 0:21. This time the instrumental as sound effects of a crowd cheering and some strange voices talking before we go into the most extensive collaboration on the project.
10 My Universe (with BTS)
The second single we got from this album is the collaboration they did with kpop group BTS. Since this track dropped, I've been listening to it nonstop. However, I'm still surprised I'm enjoying this dance-pop tune from Coldplay. Chris sounds like he is having so much fun singing in this song. Jungkook blew me away with his excellent delivery in the pre-chorus. The funky hook has been stuck in my head a lot which I can't get out. I love how it sounds like everyone on this collab is having fun with their sections. I was surprised to hear J-hope and Suga rap, but I have to say it fits wonderfully with the overall vibe. The dance break was a bit weird at first, but It grew on me the more I heard it. They released an acoustic version that gave the track a new feel and a remix that I find to be decent.
  1. ♾️
synths open up the song sounding a bit magical as the thumping percussion comes into the mix. The production almost has an EDM club feel which is interesting to hear from Coldplay. As I listened to this tune, I noticed no singing for the most part. I'm still enjoying the instrumental that feels like it's a bit of an interlude before the final song comes into the mix. Piano's get added to the tune as it keeps progressing the more you listen to it. A few vocal moments come in near the section that you could call the bridge. I feel like this track is an excellent transition into the final tune for this project.
  1. Coloratura
Coloratura is the closing song for this project and the longest track coming in at 10:18. Again, strings and atmospheric elements open up the tune. I love how relaxing the beginning of the song is before the singing comes into the mix. The piano melody is beautiful, blending well with the vocals from Chris. I also love how other instruments get added into the track adding to the overall vibe. I've always enjoyed more piano-driven tunes from the group since you can feel the emotion from the band. Next, guitars start to come into the mix with some synths lines. Finally, at 3:35 is when the drums start coming into the track, making it a bit more upbeat. I'm glad they made this song much better than some of the dance-pop we've heard from them. At 4:52, we go back into a beautiful instrumental section that can take you to places in your mind. Finally, 6:37 is when the electric guitar solo comes in, adding to the overall vibe. Even though this song is 10:18, it doesn't feel like it's that long.
Summary: Coldplay has returned with an album that I can say I enjoyed a lot. There are six songs I can return to, not including the short instrumental tunes. Now there are two that I find to be in the middle to me, which are ❤️ and Let Somebody go, but they could grow on me the more I hear them. Higher Power is still a track I don't like at all as it sounds too generic for my liking. I was nervous about this project, but after hearing it, I'm surprised with how it sounds and works well with the band, as you can see them evolving. I wouldn't say it's the best album from the band, but it has some enjoyable moments. I can see this record growing on me in the next few days or weeks.
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2021.10.15 22:54 Alibi_For_Hire Tako wishes all his reddit Bichon peeps a great weekend!

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2021.10.15 22:54 SovietSkittles What’s something you’re really smart in that you get into arguments about with people who are idiots?

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2021.10.15 22:54 enoch33rd Feel like trading. PC Trea Turner Eloy Jimenez Dustin May Ryan Zimmerman and Jayson Werth as a National.

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2021.10.15 22:54 AbsoluteIKeatI Stop Forcing Online Play For Limited Time Rewards

1) I don't like online, I play MUT to team build not have to learn how to defend the meta plays. The online environment is nothing at all like regular football so I don't care for it. Also I don't like a lot of online games but especially ones with toxic communities as this community is anything but wholesome.
2) The fucking crashes and freezes. JFC, as a PC player I can barely play for an hour without a crash. Certainly can't look at the pre-play routes and can't score too much cause each point scored has a chance to freeze the game. This is just for Solo Battles and Challenges too, I can't imagine how bad online would be.
So in summary, I'm not going to be able to or want to complete the Most Feared Objectives for 2x 90 OVR Fantasy Packs. In past years there was no online requirement except for House Rules and then I think I had to win 5x online games for Sam Mills, which I completed by going online when your servers were crap and just letting the game flip a coin on who won.
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2021.10.15 22:54 espresso_fox Accidental ally

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2021.10.15 22:54 bengayli 🫂

honestly, idk what this but i just wanted to speak about it, me and mine either have a massive distance or a tiny one and i don’t want to get too specific in case he sees this but like … i rly need him rn … i just need his kisses, for him to hold me, just him :((( he’s a shitty texter bc we usually talk on the phone during the weekend since both no us work but like … i just wish he’d call already :(((( i miss him so much, just him calling me baby is 🥺🥺🥺🥺🦋 … this was supposed to be a rant but i miss him … and i’m being such a big baby rn
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2021.10.15 22:54 InTheBlinkOfAnI Currently have left eyebrow, right nostril, and septum piercing as well as both lobes. Thinking about a vertical labret or snake bites, what do you all think?

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2021.10.15 22:54 incredibleinkpen I know a guy that went around deeply inhaling the Earth's atmosphere through his mouth for a living.

He went on to be very sucksairful
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2021.10.15 22:54 vincevegas77 How does one become a therapist for famous people?

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2021.10.15 22:54 734m0f0s I love screenshots.

Is there a way to put a picture mode or something like that? I love taking screenshots in MMORPG and would like to see the full screen.
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