👺🏮🍓 [H] $1500+ Inventory (Knives, Playskins, Keys, Stickered Items) [W] Offers / Downgrades / TF2 Keys

2021.10.15 23:03 Balenciaga-Stompers 👺🏮🍓 [H] $1500+ Inventory (Knives, Playskins, Keys, Stickered Items) [W] Offers / Downgrades / TF2 Keys

Tradelink: https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffenew/?partner=339506934&token=fOxMPMsV

51x TF2 Keys
AWP | Oni Taiji WW 0.43
★ Moto Gloves | Transport FT 0.24
AWP | Asiimov FT 0.37
★ Driver Gloves | Racing Green BS 0.57
StatTrak AK-47 | Asiimov FT 0.27
AWP | Asiimov BS 0.666
AK-47 | Bloodsport FT 0.16
AK-47 | Asiimov MW 0.14
AWP | Wildfire FT 0.31
AWP | Neo-Noir FT 0.22
M4A1-S | Golden Coil MW 0.11
AWP | Neo-Noir WW 0.41
AWP | Containment Breach BS 0.97
AWP | Hyper Beast FT 0.24
AWP | Redline FT 0.23
AK-47 | Asiimov FT 0.23
AK-47 | Asiimov FT 0.18
AK-47 | Wasteland Rebel FT 0.18
AK-47 | The Empress BS 0.85
USP-S | Orion MW 0.11
M4A4 | 龍王 (Dragon King) FN 0.06
Souvenir AK-47 | Black Laminate FT 0.32
USP-S | Neo-Noir FT 0.29
StatTrak Glock-18 | Water Elemental MW 0.14
AWP | Hyper Beast BS 0.49
M4A1-S | Chantico's Fire FT 0.28
M4A4 | Neo-Noir MW 0.11
AK-47 | Redline FT 0.25
AK-47 | Redline FT 0.33
AK-47 | Redline FT 0.34
AK-47 | Redline FT 0.36
M4A1-S | Cyrex MW 0.08
AK-47 | Legion of Anubis FT 0.27
AK-47 | Legion of Anubis FT 0.29
M4A1-S | Player Two FT 0.32
M4A4 | Bullet Rain MW 0.11
Sir Bloody Miami Darryl | The Professionals
Desert Eagle | Code Red BS 0.83
M4A4 | 龍王 (Dragon King) MW 0.13
M4A1-S | Hyper Beast FT 0.32
USP-S | Monster Mashup FN 0.04
AK-47 | Phantom Disruptor FN 0.06
M4A1-S | Cyrex MW 0.11
M4A4 | The Battlestar FN 0.009
Glock-18 | Bullet Queen FT 0.23
M4A4 | Buzz Kill FT 0.23
StatTrak SG 553 | Colony IV FT 0.35
M4A1-S | Cyrex MW 0.07
Glock-18 | Nuclear Garden FN 0.06
AK-47 | Frontside Misty BS 0.71
M4A4 | Desolate Space FT 0.21
M4A4 | Desolate Space FT 0.20
M4A1-S | Cyrex FT 0.16
M4A4 | Buzz Kill WW 0.43
M4A4 | Neo-Noir WW 0.38
Special Agent Ava | FBI
MAC-10 | Neon Rider MW 0.11
Dual Berettas | Hemoglobin MW 0.08
AK-47 | Phantom Disruptor BS 0.45
Desert Eagle | Mecha Industries FN 0.05
M4A4 | Desolate Space WW 0.43
Five-SeveN | Case Hardened BS 0.55
AWP | Atheris MW 0.13
Glock-18 | Water Elemental MW 0.09
StatTrak AWP | Mortis FT 0.28
StatTrak AWP | Mortis FT 0.19
Desert Eagle | Mecha Industries MW 0.11
Five-SeveN | Angry Mob MW 0.09
Music Kit | The Verkkars, EZ4ENCE
AWP | Atheris MW 0.10
M4A1-S | Nightmare WW 0.42
SG 553 | Cyrex FT 0.18
Glock-18 | Vogue FT 0.19
Glock-18 | Water Elemental FT 0.26
AWP | Fever Dream FT 0.16
StatTrak Desert Eagle | Trigger Discipline WW 0.42
USP-S | Monster Mashup FT 0.17
StatTrak MP9 | Airlock FT 0.21
M4A4 | Cyber Security FT 0.24
SCAR-20 | Bloodsport MW 0.09
M4A4 | Cyber Security WW 0.43
StatTrak P250 | Valence FN 0.06
SG 553 | Cyrex WW 0.40
USP-S | Cortex FT 0.18
StatTrak USP-S | Torque FT 0.31
StatTrak P2000 | Imperial Dragon FT 0.19
USP-S | Cyrex FN 0.01
AWP | Atheris FT 0.28
USP-S | Cortex WW 0.43
StatTrak Glock-18 | Moonrise MW 0.07
StatTrak Glock-18 | Moonrise MW 0.08
AUG | Momentum BS 0.92
XM1014 | XOXO FT 0.36
Desert Eagle | Trigger Discipline WW 0.42
AUG | Stymphalian FT 0.16
AWP | Mortis BS 0.62
Nova | Koi FN 0.04
MAC-10 | Malachite FT 0.19
MAC-10 | Allure MW 0.09
SSG 08 | Abyss MW 0.14

StatTrak Glock-18 | Catacombs FN 0.04
USP-S | Blueprint FT 0.16
Number K | The Professionals
AK-47 | Neon Rider BS 0.70
AWP | Asiimov WW 0.41
USP-S | The Traitor BS 0.53
AK-47 | Frontside Misty FT 0.20
AK-47 | Elite Build FT 0.32
AK-47 | Neon Rider FT 0.16
AK-47 | Phantom Disruptor FN 0.05

Stickered Item:
Dual Berettas | Urban Shock WW 0.42 W/ Katowice 2015 Craft
USP-S | Guardian FT 0.15 W/ Team Dignitas Cologne 2014
Tec-9 | Red Quartz FT 0.16 W/ Fnatic Katowice 2015
M4A4 | Urban DDPAT FT 0.27 W/ Vox Eminor Cologne 2014
AK-47 | Safari Mesh FT W/ NIP Katowice 2015
AWP | Safari Mesh BS 0.65 W/ Flipsid3 Tactics Katowice 2015
MP7 | Asterion MW 0.07 W/ Cloud9 Katowice 2015
StatTrak TM Glock-18 | Bunsen Burner FT 0.18 W/ Natus Vincere Cologne 2014
P90 | Grim FT 0.34 W/ Flipsid3 Tactics Katowice 2015
Desert Eagle | Mudder FT 0.33 W/ Krakow 2017 Craft
SG 553 | Waves Perforated BS 0.58 W/ ropz Krakow 2017
SCAR-20 | Contractor FN 0.06 W/ Cloud9 Cologne 2014
AWP | Acheron BS 0.49 W/ Cloud9 Cologne 2014
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2021.10.15 23:03 antimofm From Goyer's AMA: "If we're able to do the full 8-season plan, yes, we will eventually progress beyond the 500+ FE that Asimov got to in his novels. That was always anticipated with the Asimov estate."

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2021.10.15 23:03 BQjesuEM Every time!

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2021.10.15 23:03 Less-Suspect5340 I miss her

Hey everyone i guess i’ll introduce myself, I’m James i’m 15 and my girlfriend has recently broken up with me after 8 months of being together. We were different together we weren’t like the modern day teenage relationships, we hated the way they majority of them all acted and how they were so immature so together we were naturally mature i truly loved her and when she ended the relationship i cried like never before, i kept begging her to come back and begging and begging hoping she’d come back to me she was being so negative saying things like this is the end and there’s no happy ending, but along with those messages she was telling me that she loved me and that it was best for the both of us. this happened at around 3pm. Later on at around 11 pm throughout the time period of 50 minutes she said quote on quote “I’m so sorry for all this hurt James, I can’t get to sleep I’m holding your blanket in my arms covering it in my tears, I’m listening to all the music I listened to when we first knew we were meant for each other, I can’t delete your photos yet, I hope I just hope that we cross paths in the future when it’s right” Then i went on sending her 3 paragraphs telling her that i missed her so much and so on she continued saying that in the future she meant years i said i’d wait but i don’t think she believes me (btw this is LDR) The last thing i said to her was “okay then please block me because it’s just a lot for me right now but i’ll wait for you, happy birthday for sunday” She said after that Thanks James, i Appreciate it then she blocked me it’s been two days and me spamming her saying i miss you along with the many paragraphs i sent her in this time i’ve seen it as a break and she might come back to me and i’ve been working on myself for example my jealousy, if she comes back to me i don’t want to be like that with her and i wanna change that mainly, i asked her to answer me honestly if she broke up with me out of 1 of the 2 reasons, 1 you lost feelings 2 you just couldn’t handle it, she answered with number two saying that she couldn’t handle it, she was also going through some bad mental health and i was trying to help seeing as i’m one of the very victims to it but i think it was pushing her away even though i was trying for her. i’ve talked to other people about this they’ve told me that you should give her time and that’s what i plan to do, i’ve done lots of research and i really want to change myself for her because if she comes back i don’t want to be jealous for every guy she encounters, i guess i just really miss her and i want to her what you guys have to say about it, i guess your guys opinion on the whole thing i also want to add that when we started dating we both felt this overwhelming feeling of love in our hearts and we both felt it together and there’s just so many things that make us so connected, i personally don’t think its the end and that there is hope for the future i’m still shattered over it and she said she didn’t want to go find other guys but she just thinks we should be separated and yeah we were good for 6 months in but she had big problems with school so i assisted in taking her out but when i did that for her i feel it made things worse because she was at home all the time and i think as much as she hated school it was better then her staying home all the time doing home school, she also said that she was going to continue to sleep with the blanket i purchased for her regardless if we don’t get back together, please any professionals that are older and have my experience in the field please drop your opinion but i think there is hope and i guess whilst i wait i’m trying to distract myself with the sadness i’m sitting with by writing this trying to feel better because she was my world she was my everything, we were so so different and we seen the world differently together and believe me i don’t cry over anything i’ve never shed any tears over any girl, we seen the world differently and we wanted to be happy together, i’m just not sure what happened near the end, also apart from them good thing she said everything else was just this can’t work and just anything bad related but when she was saying it also saying that she loves me and that i didn’t understand how much love she had for me, as i said i’d prefer older people with good experience to assess the situation here and give me some good advice but to be quite honest i think i’ve got it all down pat, i’m working on myself for the future with her if there is one, i’m thinking about everything that i did that was wrong and i’m fixing myself for her, so please i’m really after your opinions on this one but yeah there’s just so much to say about her, she wasn’t a coincidence and i think she there’s more to meets the eye and i think she’s gonna come back because i believe she’s the one and i don’t want to find someone else because i honestly wanted to lose my virginity to her and i wanted her to lose my virginity to me, i was truly binded to her and she really did break my heart and it’s going to take me a long time to heal but i would go to hell and back for her i have so much love for her and i’ll wait as long as it takes.
Thanks Everyone for listening, sincerely James.
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2021.10.15 23:03 BelongToMeFap How Semedo and Trincao are doing in the team ?

I am a Barca fan, I want just to ask about their situation if any Wolves fan can answer here :D
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2021.10.15 23:03 ContentForager Yes. (/r/CalamityMod)

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2021.10.15 23:03 mr_hee_hee Well they did a better job than I could have done

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2021.10.15 23:03 filthfilth Our lord and saviour dream is getting abused at every oppurtunity by the Roman Antis about the mob vote and it's soooo unfiar!!!!!!!!!11!11111

So dweam decided to not rig the mob vote and antvenom congratulated him! Now drem obviously was bullied by the roman antis into not rigging it!!!!!!!!!!!! I mean, why else would he abstain?! Antvenom praised dream for this forced backout of his and now I'm shaking and crying rn. He's obviously victim blaming, there's no other explanation!!!!!!!!!!! This is a sad day for all of us, dream worshippers!
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2021.10.15 23:03 zine-police OLDER VERSIONS?? PLEASE HELP!

How can I switch back to an older version of Animate? I have a bunch of projects due this month, and the changes to the interface are slowing me way down. Is there a way to go back to Animate 2019 or something?? I can't figure it out.
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2021.10.15 23:03 phoknow I found some old ticket stubs

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2021.10.15 23:03 Apprehensive_Image63 Lazy Friday ☀️

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2021.10.15 23:03 DudeItsCake Here’s some random images on my phone.

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2021.10.15 23:03 temetilacabezita When do you start a new game?

We’re halfway through October now, and I’m wondering if anyone here has a certain time of year they start a new game save, like myself.
Personally, I’ve yet to finish my first play through. I have started over on two separate occasions, however. Usually it’s Thanksgiving week, because of the time off, or the week of Christmas, because of the weather irl.
So, do any of you start new games around those time? If not when & how often?
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2021.10.15 23:03 mousewhispars gOld Digger Prank

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2021.10.15 23:03 southpawFA Netflix just fired the organizer of the trans employee walkout

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2021.10.15 23:03 liminalpeach Gifted, Very Droopy and Fragile (info in comments)

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2021.10.15 23:03 Amazing-Mechanic568 Why is there weird shading on the ocean and how do I get rid of it? Does anyone esle have this?

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2021.10.15 23:03 Killerplant608 I don't want to ask for money but...

Hello, as you probably saw in the title, I don't really want to beg strangers on the internet for money. But if you could spare any amount of money I would greatly appreciate it. Many thanks!
I only have paypal, so here it is@killerplant608
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2021.10.15 23:03 tatertot1441 Battle bond greninja

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2021.10.15 23:03 AssasSylas_Creed Riot is Sonicfag and I can prove:

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2021.10.15 23:03 pakolulu Stargate Found Inside Pyramid!!!

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2021.10.15 23:03 itskekebitchh Help me win a bet 😂

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2021.10.15 23:03 Agakame This is what we've been waiting for, the craziness of the market is about to start for real.

This is no financial advice as obligatory.
Bitcoin just casually crushed the 60k and is heading to a new moon and It's taking the whole market up. Soon once again we will see alts going 10x 20x hell even 100x up and chasing these coins will be the biggest mistake you could make. It's gonna be a emotional rollercoaster for everyone. Because of FOMO people will start to trade, but don't forget the best strategy is always just to DCA. Timing the market is hard even if it seems pretty easy if you look back. Don't think that you are the genius that's gonna beat the market. As the saying goes, time in the market beats timing the market. Even if you are new, it's most of the times better to hodl your coins, except if you have bought shitcoin to start with. If I would have just hodled the first coins I bought instead of trying to trade, my portfolio would have a been much bigger now. The crazy gains are gonna get the masses to concentrate on crypto.I can't wait for the headlines to start talking about bitcoin and crypto again, that will go on for weeks which will hype the market even more. Buckle up, we are in for a hell of a ride. Believe in your research and don't invest in shitcoins.
And yes I had a lot of hopium.
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2021.10.15 23:03 Spiffman-Space Apple Watch - Recommended Use Case

My girlfriend is getting an Apple Watch tomorrow which she plans to use to track her running. She currently uses the Peloton app on her phone which records distance (via GPS) and syncs to Strava.
I was reading the Strava FAQ about how the watch app works and it states that it measures distance using the pedometer. This seems like it may be less accurate than GPS distance.
Does anyone have a recommendation of what app/method she should use? (For ease of use, accuracy, Strava sync, etc) She’ll still likely be double recording while she completes the Peloton run program on her phone.
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2021.10.15 23:03 Bass_slapper_ Best sword fighting games on Xbox?

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