watching my friend play JWE for the first time:

2021.10.15 21:53 LittleInva watching my friend play JWE for the first time:

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2021.10.15 21:53 cyclistNerd Droppin' a knee on the Park Glacier with some sweet views after skiing the headwall last May. Mount Baker, Washington State, USA.

Droppin' a knee on the Park Glacier with some sweet views after skiing the headwall last May. Mount Baker, Washington State, USA. submitted by cyclistNerd to Backcountry [link] [comments]

2021.10.15 21:53 cryptokoy PoL - Proof of Love

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2021.10.15 21:53 UmpireOk2686 Girl asked me to get her flowers?

This probably isn’t the ideal sub since it doesn’t relate to body language all that much, I apologize!
Alright - I live with roommates in college, and a few of them have a friend (just friend) and she’s always over at our place. So naturally, if they’re out in the main living space I’ll often end up getting into conversation with her etc.
This girl is extremely attractive, I am not, so it was weird when one night we were all talking about hiking, and she said “if you ever want to go on a hike…” to me, and eventually gave her number. Though she did say she’d try to get her other friends (my roommates) as well.
Recently I randomly saw her out walking, and we were talking about how I’m heading out of town to see friends for the weekend. She brought up how that place had “really nice flowers” and asked if I could bring her back a bouquet… she did say she’d pay me back but it felt like such an obviously romantic gesture. Is there any way this is just a random ask and not a signal?
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2021.10.15 21:53 ActualIndependent237 29 [m4r] looking for a genuine pal or two, clean

Hey, my names Rob. I’m 29 from NY. I’m looking for a friend or two to pass time at work. I’d love a proper back and forth convo to get to know each other
I have a wide variety of hobbies/interests I could talk about and I definitely want to learn more about yours.
Olease feel free to message me
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2021.10.15 21:53 Cyalexa My first post here.

I am in day 15. Today I went to a store and I could not remember where I parked. Later on, I could not remember part of the drive home. Is this PAWS? How long can I expect to have these missing moments? Thanks in advance!
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2021.10.15 21:53 spicyoral Nothing like a fresh Margin Call in the morning

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2021.10.15 21:53 BomBra7 Thicc

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2021.10.15 21:53 JJRambles Anybody got game recommendations? The games I've played are below.

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2021.10.15 21:53 CMSinthehouse Why is there not a Dareth user flair?

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Australian Cane toads were introduced to Australia in 1935 to combat the upheaval of Cane beetles that were destroying country wide sugar cane crop supply. It is because of their voracious appetite that they were so adept at culling the destructive beetles. However, they also possess the ability to poison their predators, or anything that tries to eat them. Since they have no natural predators in Australia, they reproduce quickly and in large quantities, and they can poison anything that presents harm to them, they have become quite the efficient invasive species. Moreover, since they are not protected by Australian wildlife regulations, but they are covered by animal-welfare laws, in terms of culling this species, it must be done humanely. The humane method of extermination provided to the public is to catch them in a plastic bag, cool them in the refrigerator, and then freeze them.

Processing img ggadh3sb4ot71...
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2021.10.15 21:53 midnight_velvetxx Pruney soles...🧼🍑

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2021.10.15 21:53 KhaithangH When you are not sure which is the correct setting for you so you try all one by one.(This is to enable Mute button LED on my HP laptop)

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2021.10.15 21:53 nosnevenaes What If They Are Not Actually Vehicles?

If a civilization is advanced enough to make contact with us, they are able to do things that we would not even think of. They could be invisible. They could be microscopic. Who even knows.
Recently the idea came into my head that the UFO's that we see are not actually vehicles. What if they are special chambers that are actually located on another planet. Using some sort of spooky action at a distance they are able to basically beam a version of this room anywhere in the universe that they want.
What if they can control the location x-y-z axis of the chamber instantaneously which explains how we observe them moving. We dont see any propulsion systems. They seem to move with the same characteristic of a laser light we use to play with cats.
Sometimes these crafts are small and we see little dudes stand on them or come out of them. I dont think that they would send a ship thousands of light years across the universe in something as small as a little boat. But if they had a special colocation room that a few dudes can fit in just for an exploratory trip that doesn't take any travel time at all - that would make more sense to me.
Anybody else ever thought of this?
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2021.10.15 21:53 UneducatedLimb Michelle McCool KO'd

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2021.10.15 21:53 lillysun1248 Can someone explain my dream to me?

last night I had a dream that I was walking out of class & I saw a guy I used to have a crush on sitting on a bench in front of the hallway I was exiting. I hadn’t seen him in a long time & wanted to say hi but I was shy so I didnt. I kept walking then I turned around and he was looking at me and waved at me then signaled with his hands to tell me to come where he was sitting. When I tried walking to him it’s like a force pushed me back? Almost like I uncontrollably floated back like some heavy wind pushed me or something. Then I apologized and walked over to him and we chatted for a bit. That’s all I remember. Can someone explain this dream to me?
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2021.10.15 21:53 LoveNinaNicole Giving my best shot to explain

I've been having an issue for a day and a half now and I'm having trouble explaining what it is but I'm going to give it my best shot to see if anyone has experienced this. I emailed my Dr as well. Just waiting to hear back.
Okay, so I've had Lhermitte's when I had my first flare up and they were so bad I'd almost pass out. I am having something similar now but so much less intense and it also doesn't travel down my spine and it isn't painful. It just kinda stays in my head/neck area. It almost feels like I pass out for half a second. It happens frequently and when I am in motion. Mostly moving my head around. Not just when I look down like the first time. I'm scared to drive right now. And also scared to go up and down the stairs. When I went up the stairs I also noticed that I wasn't lifting my right foot high enough so I tripped a couple times.
I'm coming up on two years of no flare ups so I'm a bit concerned. Sorry if this is all over the place and hard to understand!
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2021.10.15 21:53 thecaucasianobama When Obama was president I wore a plastic mask to go as him for Halloween. Some people recently told me it was racist of me, so I wanted to ask some actual black people for their point of view.

Asked this on /amitheasshole a few weeks ago cuz wanted more than just a handful of people's opinions, but it was quickly deleted + I realized looking back that only one POC gave their input. I know this ain't the biggest sub but it'd be nice to have one person's opinion. cuz for context, none of the people who brought this to my attention were black.
Anyways, back when Obama was president, I went to a store and there were President masks. I think it was during his first term because I remember there was ones for Obama and ones for Mitt Romney (which would place it around 2011 or 2012). Don't remember if there were any other ones, it was a small store. Anyways, I thought it'd be cool to go trick or treating as a president for Halloween. And Obama was president. So I bought the Obama mask, looked something like this. I had a history of never really trying for Halloween, sometimes I don't dress up at all. But I was like hey, I have a suit, I could be the president and that wouldn't require buying any costumes or DIY stuff.
So yeah, I ended up hanging out with friends and we went trick or treating. Lotta people who were like "eh hoo haw i dont think you deserve any candy" and i was like bro i just wanted to dress up as the president it's not that deep, but anyways while some didn't like the obama costume, I don't remember anyone being offended that a white person was wearing it, and I live in seattle so the area is pretty progressive. But that being said the PNW doesn't have a huge black population.
Anyways when I mentioned this on Discord a few weeks ago, bunch of people told me it was black face. In the 10 or so years since that halloween that thought never even occurred to me. I'd said something like "the costume ruffled some feathers" which was meant to be about how people just don't like obama cuz he's a political figure obviously, but then someone was like "people love to be racist and call it ruffling feathers" and i was like jeeeeeeez.
I googled it to see if there's any articles, like maybe the winds changed in those years. But all I can find are people saying that going as Obama is fine as long as you don't color your skin, which obviously I never did. Literally googling "going as obama for halloween is blackface" and can't find anything. But regardless would still rather get input from actual black people. I don't want to 'justify my racism' so hopefully it's not coming across as that; if I fucked up I want people to tell me so I can know better. Which is why I cared when others pointed it out to me, but after trying to see the opinion of more than half a dozen people I don't know what to believe any more.
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2021.10.15 21:53 heinaga1989 | ⚗️Labswap ⚗️ | New Gem on The Binance Smart Chain | 0% Tax fee | DeFi | $LAB | We´re bulding our own ecosystem | 10B Total Supply | Dont miss this moonshot!!!

🔹Decentralised finance community project focused on NFTs marketplace, Stake & Yield Farming.
🔹Our staking and other DeFi features will further increase the demand and reduce the supply, while continuing to enable growth in value through staking and NFTs.
🔹With our yield farm, you will be able to get more benefit from your Labswap. Because our token ($LAB) is not exploitable, we may adopt a dual token mechanism and use an alternative token to make profits.
🔹We are building our own ecosystem with a lot of surprises for our community.
$LAB is a decentralized finance (DeFi) token that operates on the Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20).
The token was launched with an initial 10B (billions) tokens 0% Tax fee
✅We are already launched on pancakeswap!
$LAB: 0xa36dcff099e7ef8577601448bc60890dd50fa45f
Token symbol: LAB
Maximum supply: 10,000,000,000
Network: Binance Smart Chain [BSC]
● 60% for Liquidity :. 6,000,000,000
● 10% Marketing :: :. 1,000,000,000
● 10% Ecosystem :. 1,000,000,000
● 15% Exchange Listings :. 1,500,000,000
● 5% for Core Team :. 500,000,000
Don’t miss this moonshot! Keep it on your radar!!
🌐 website:
📲 Twitter:
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2021.10.15 21:53 klutzosaurus-rex Took entirely too long to get the game on last night - but I finally did it. OFC I would buy the WRONG thing to watch it....Cautionary but funny story

Ok so after all the FSSW/BSSW drama last year - my boyfriend decided we should just by the NHL TV (last years thing) and get a VPN. Worked fine, minus the fact that we had to keep switching the VPN location a few times but no biggie. So this year I remember I need to buy the pass to continue watching muh boys! I think I may have typed in NHL TV and it redirected to NHL Live. Not knowing there were other options, I did not read anything about it, and just purchased it. That was like 2 weeks ago.
We get to last night: I finished my workout at 6:20 so I've already missed the beginning of the game, but it's fine, I can just do radio until I am home. Got that going, and we were winning 2-0 by the time I got there (I heard one, and I missed one). I fired up the TV and roku, pick the NHL app, pick the game and press ok. THIS IS BLACKED OUT. Motherfucker! I am not the technical one so I texted the bf (he had music on) to see if he could change the location for me. He tried 3 different locations and they all say blacked out. He then asked about a password for our network and I realized - oh crap, I have to set the tv to the VPN network! This is why it isn't working!!!! I get that fixed and NOPE. STILL blacked out. FML. I then think something has to be up with the NHL live thing so I log on. On the site it will show you what you can and can't see in your area....except the US wasn't even a choice for a location. It was all Canada! Then I googled and found out there is NHL Live (Canada only) and NHL Gamecenter Live (USA only). WTF!?! Of course I bought the one for Canada. I was thinking I would have to call and probably have to fight with them to get the US version, and I was mad that I used my home address and it was in the US, not Canada but they let you buy it anyway without a warning. When the bf switched the network to Toronto - boom! Game. They scored 2 during all of this...ugh! Got to see Miro the Hero end it in overtime and even got to see my fav player Dobby! It all worked out but damn what a journey! Oh and now I get Canadian commercials and it's hilarious. I've never heard of any of this stuff except Bachelor in Paradise! Viv eau looks delicious and I want to try it.
Be warned to check what you are buying! I had no idea that NHL TV went away and then didn't know there would be options for watching. Whoopsie!! Oh, well. Be Loud, Wear Green, and GO STARS!!!
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2021.10.15 21:53 geogabs Look at this precious worm cat

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2021.10.15 21:53 Aaaaaaghh You disgust me Hank McCoy.

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2021.10.15 21:53 sneaky-pizza “The dog bowl” brunch item.

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2021.10.15 21:53 OldGamesOldGuy - Diablo Hellfire - Hellfire is an expansion to the original Diablo. Adds new levels, creatures and quests. Really having a good time with this series. If you enjoy the video and think we are doing a good job consider subscribing. Thanks for watching.

- Diablo Hellfire - Hellfire is an expansion to the original Diablo. Adds new levels, creatures and quests. Really having a good time with this series. If you enjoy the video and think we are doing a good job consider subscribing. Thanks for watching. submitted by OldGamesOldGuy to Self_Promote [link] [comments]

2021.10.15 21:53 shiksa_feminista What are some "hidden curriculum" topics you wish your school or workplace would share with you?

I'm a people leader, and I've been learning more about accommodating neurodiverse and/or disabled employees. I'd like to help new-hires feel more welcome on my team by making sure we've covered topics they may struggle with. Things like "It's ok to wear headphones all day if you're feeling overstimulated - how would you prefer your teammates and I approach you with needs?" or "It's not something that we ever made a formal rule about, but in general, this team naturally gravitates towards business casual attire. HR policy is that you can wear "casual" attire, but you might stick out on this team if you lean casual."
I'd prefer to make this training curriculum applicable to all employees, so that no one feels like they need to disclose their neurodiversity or disability to me first. I'd like to hear from y'all - what are some things a leader could discuss up front to help you be more successful, and help you navigate a new environment more comfortably?
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