Pi is a new digital currency developed by Stanford PhDs, with over 23 million members worldwide. To claim your Pi, follow this link https://minepi.com/nehemiah2390 and use my username (nehemiah2390) as your invitation code.

2021.10.15 22:27 One-Disaster8785 Pi is a new digital currency developed by Stanford PhDs, with over 23 million members worldwide. To claim your Pi, follow this link https://minepi.com/nehemiah2390 and use my username (nehemiah2390) as your invitation code.

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2021.10.15 22:27 WhitewolfKevin Which game is more boring? ME: Andromeda or DA:Inquistion?

They're both very similar games in that they are divided into various open world environments stuffed with way too much uninteresting stuff to do like repetitive collectibles and tedious side quests.
It's tough to say but I think overall Andromeda is more boring. I say this because as boring and mediocre as Dragon Age Inquisition is the game at least had a few interesting plot choices and also gives you more character customizations which can lead to interesting interactions, such as being a Qunari who believes in the Maker.
Both games are terrible and prove Bioware is terrible at open words but Andromeda is worse.
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2021.10.15 22:27 SoadAlhammadi The elegance and splendor of the heel

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2021.10.15 22:27 svanapps New DOJ Enforcement Team Suggests DOJ May Take Additional Efforts to Recover Cyberattack Ransoms

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2021.10.15 22:27 GroundbreakingLynx14 "Like a Compressed Spring, $ACB Will Suddenly Explode Upward"

Aurora Cannabis ($ACB)
Today's Range Closed Down Volume
$7.29 to $7.01 $7.03 $0.23 2.75 Million Shares
52 Week High All Time High All Time Low Record Volume
$18.98 (2/10/2021) $150.30 (10/16/2018) $3.71 (10/28/20) 461 Million Shares
Short Term Trend: UP/NEUTRAL
5 Day Moving Average: $7.09
20 Day Moving Average: $6.80
50 Day Moving Average: $6.90
Bears sold today's opening and kept selling until they breached the newly formed uptrend line. In addition, a few short-term bulls may have taken "a little off the table" today which also put added selling pressure on $ACB. Note: All this occurred with low volume.
It seems as if bulls want to pick bottoms and are reluctant to jump on board an upward moving train. Without fresh buying, $ACB bears probably felt emboldened to remain short and possibly add to their short position - including, selling naked shorts.
But there was no real big sell-off to speak of. The only result of recent day's "push and pull" is a pause in $ACB's uptrend.
Over the past 3 weeks, $ACB has basically traded one way (up) and has not technically "retraced" - which, in the long run, actually makes $ACB much more bullish, because those (bears/bulls) who are waiting to buy below retracement levels may never get their orders filled. In this given scenario, buyers will have no choice but to jump on board the moving train - at higher prices, of course, or possibly miss-out on the next leg up.
I'm not telling anyone what to do or not to do, but I'm putting my money on the $ACB train, sooner or later, going higher and higher.
Short Term Fibonacci Retracement Values
$7.60 [10/8/20 High]
$7.0123 [Today's Low]
$7.00 [10/13/21 Low]
$6.97 [10/12/21 Low]
$6.93 [$7.60 - 5.85 = 1.75 X .382 = .67; 7.60 - .67 = $6.93]
$6.72-73 [$7.60 - 5.85 = 1.75 X .5 = .875; 7.60 - .875 = $6.725]
$6.52 [$7.60 - 5.85 = 1.75 X .618 = 1.08; 7.60 - 1.08 = $6.52]
$5.85 [9/22/21 Low]
Short Squeeze Watch
As of today's close, $ACB ranks #115 out of 5485 stocks being monitored for possible short squeeze. That's in the TOP 2%.
Like a spring that is being compressed tighter and tighter, $ACB will suddenly (without warning) explode upward in a frenzy of buying and short-covering. Yes, that's my opinion.
My philosophy: Remain patient. Better days are coming.
$ACB 3 Month Chart
Note: I will re-draw an uptrend line when $ACB closes above its 5, 20 & 50 day moving averages.
πŸ’ͺ BUY THE DIPS & HOLD! πŸ’ͺ HIGH SQUEEZE POTENTIAL! πŸ’ͺ THE BEST IS YET TO COME! Invest wisely. Formulate your own plan and don't invest more than what you can afford to lose.
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2021.10.15 22:27 SpecialistSoup198 My personal review/opinions on a few strains I bought

hello fellow Pennsylvanian stoners, I never knew this sub existed but I really appreciate how people post pics and reviews about the bud they get.
I have gotten a little over 8 different strains of flower in the past few months and had I known about this subreddit, I would've posted about those strains. I still have most of the containers I bought in the past so I just wanted to post about them. (I'm also buying more strains this weekend so will give more reviews soon).
disclaimer: I have no bias against Agri-Kind. They've never done anything against me ever, and I'm just a stoner trying to get as high as possible most of the times when I smoke. However, most of my reviews with their strains will not be great because that's the honest truth with me and that's just my opinion. I don't mean to offend anyone with that though. For the most part, I just go into the dispensary and ask for the most expensive stuff they have every single time (because I assumed most expensive = getting most high).
These reviews about the following strains will go descending order (least liked strain to most liked strain). \Performance/Smoking Experience for me is based on how high I get. 10/10 means STOOPID STONED.. 1/10 means I barely even know if I am high or not*
Agri-Kind Pretty Wicked 3.5gs $60

THC: 0.83% B-Carophyllene: 0.18%
THCA: 27.21% B-Myrcene: 0.9%
D8 THC: 0 B-Pinene: 0
THCV: 0 A-Pinene: 0
CBD: 0 Limonene: 0.14%
CBDA: 0 Linalool: 0
CBC: 0 Basabolol: 0
CBG: 0 Humulene: 0
CBGA: 0 Terpinolene: 0
Agri-Kind Sweet Chem 3.5gs $60 **the sticker containing the percentages ripped off
Agri-Kind Mazar 1g $20
THC: 0.65% B-Carophyllene: 0.08%
THCA: 21.08% B-Myrcene: 0.34%
D8 THC: 0 B-Pinene: 0.2%
THCV: 0 A-Pinene: 0.45%
CBD: 0 Limonene: 0.13%
CBDA: 0 Linalool: 0.08%
CBC: 0 Basabolol: 0
CBG: 0 Humulene: 0
CBGA: 0.42% Terpinolene: 0
Prime Super Silver Thai #15 3.5gs $60
THC: 0.077% B-Carophyllene: 0.093%
THCA: 25.021% B-Myrcene: 0.354%
D8 THC: 0 B-Pinene: 0.182%
THCV: 0.517% Pinene: 0.101%
CBD: 0 Limonene: 0.199%
CBDA: 0 Linalool: 0.066%
CBC: 0 Basabolol: 0
CBG: 0.169% Humulene: 0.031%
CBGA: 0 Terpinolene: 0.783%
Cresco Chaos Kush 3.5gs $60
THC: 1.066% B-Carophyllene: 0.13%
THCA: 30.99% B-Myrcene: 0.54%
D8 THC: NA B-Pinene: 0.104%
THCV: NA A-Pinene: 0
CBD: NA Limonene: 0.14%
CBDA: 0.094% Linalool: 0.026%
CBC: 0.031% Basabolol: 0
CBG: 0.106% Humulene: 0.026%
CBGA: 3.223% Terpinolene: 0.66%
Calypso Afghani Calypso 1g $20
THC: 0.438% B-Carophyllene: 0.098%
THCA: 14.907% B-Myrcene: 0.37%
D8 THC: NA B-Pinene: 0
THCV: 0 A-Pinene: 0
CBD: 0 Limonene: 0.041%
CBDA: 0 Linalool: 0.073%
CBC: 0 Basabolol: NA
CBG: 0 Humulene: 0.032%
CBGA: 0 Terpinolene: 0
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2021.10.15 22:27 mayormcskeeze Can you tenderize living meat with a meat tenderizer? What happens to said meat?

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2021.10.15 22:27 Awkward_Wrap411 η¦δΊ•ζ–°θž: ε―„η”Ÿθ™«γ€Œγ‚¨γ‚­γƒŽγ‚³γƒƒγ‚―γ‚Ήγ€γ¨γ―β€¦ζ„ŸζŸ“ζΊγ‚„η—‡ηŠΆγ€δΊˆι˜²ζ³•γΎγ¨γ‚ ε›½η«‹ζ„ŸζŸ“η—‡η ”η©Άζ‰€γ€εŽšη”ŸεŠ΄εƒηœ.

η¦δΊ•ζ–°θž: ε―„η”Ÿθ™«γ€Œγ‚¨γ‚­γƒŽγ‚³γƒƒγ‚―γ‚Ήγ€γ¨γ―β€¦ζ„ŸζŸ“ζΊγ‚„η—‡ηŠΆγ€δΊˆι˜²ζ³•γΎγ¨γ‚ ε›½η«‹ζ„ŸζŸ“η—‡η ”η©Άζ‰€γ€εŽšη”ŸεŠ΄εƒηœ. submitted by Awkward_Wrap411 to newsokunomoral [link] [comments]

2021.10.15 22:27 6_Battery_6 is this normal?

So I am agender but I go by all pronouns. I just wanted to know if this is a big thing or anything
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2021.10.15 22:27 savage_ant I have two tickets to Saturday night Dynamite for sale if anyone is interested

Two tickets section 114, seats 3 & 4. Will sell at a fair price, please let me know!
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2021.10.15 22:27 aalchemical FPX worlds 2021 group A result

I’m so sad they exited in this manner why did it have to be like this :(
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2021.10.15 22:27 DARCKER2626 the opposite of r/justfuckmyshitup

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2021.10.15 22:27 Oxonomy148 Learn how to Scam. Active Groupchat of Swipers. From PPP to EDD

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2021.10.15 22:27 Professional-Pea980 Selling Onlyfants account and other premium accountsdm on tlegram @HaXxx_bot

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2021.10.15 22:27 SoccerLiveGoals VIDEO: PSG 1-1 Angers SCO - DANILO Goal (Full Replay)

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2021.10.15 22:27 DrivingForce86 A little annoyed with FBA

Just venting here, but it seems like it's taking increasingly long for shipments to check in. I send to FBA via UPS with SPD only, and I used to try to keep each package the same SKU to make it easier for whoever is scanning then in. Since sometimes boxes from the same shipment get delivered much later (I assume they're backlogged), then one SKU often doesn't get checked in for quite a while. Meanwhile I am out of stock of those items. Which means my sales go down, which means my inventory limits go down.
Currently, I'm trying to counteract this by mixing SKUs in the boxes. Spreading all of the inventory out amongst the boxes so that when they open a box, it has a little of everything.
The other thing that's annoying is that if a box gets held up during check in (i.e., say two boxes are checked in and the other three haven't been), that inventory disappears from "inbound" so you have no idea what is already in the queue. Unless you are tracking carefully externally, you just cannot rely on Amazon's data for anything.
Then throw all the supply chain problems in there, and I'm sure things are going to get even more interesting!!
Anyone else a little frustrated? I mean, I'm glad FBA still exists and it's really not terrible to use, but it's just really making it hard to manage my inventory.
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2021.10.15 22:27 amala83 211015 Adele's β€œEasy on Me” and BTS’s Butter" hold the top 2 biggest single day stream counts in Spotify history with over 20 million streams

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2021.10.15 22:27 wgqe23 The best antiaim lua for neverlose, must download!!!!!

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2021.10.15 22:27 Key_Arm_6566 I am in now, my contribution to the infinity pool, also have shares in my IRA. πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€

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2021.10.15 22:27 artisansucks Romance Anime where the leads aren't utterly socially inept?

I'm looking for a romance, prefer comedy but drama is ok, that does away with or at least doesn't dwell on the "i'm so nervous" trope. I'd prefer one that doesn't use the majority of the series for "will they, won't they", etc.
Since it's it's light spoilers for similar animes, here are two I enjoyed along those lines:
[(Anime#1)](#s "Bunny Girl Senpai")
[(Anime#2)](#s "Horimiya")
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2021.10.15 22:27 ruley711 Targets for a Leafs Team

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2021.10.15 22:27 falsepedestrian If I download Origin, will it be able to detect that I have a pirated EA game already installed on my computer?

I have a pirated copy of the sims3 complete edition installed on my laptop. I want to start playing sims4 again which I have legitimately purchased on Origin from years ago. But I’m worried if I download Origin it might detect that I have Sims3 downloaded? Is this something I should worry about?
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2021.10.15 22:27 TheNamelessKing420 lookin for a exeggutor raid

If you have one please consider helping a trainer out
My code is 6797 7586 1256
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2021.10.15 22:27 Jack_North I am really not a fan of the blurred upper/ lower edges in almost every shot...

...to me they scream "there is something wrong with this lens or the camera! Stop shooting!"
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2021.10.15 22:27 Captainpaul81 White crane

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