Anyone having trouble transferring the tickets?

2021.10.15 23:12 hoosierfan489 Anyone having trouble transferring the tickets?

I try to transfer the tickets to a friend through the COTA app and it keeps giving me an error at the last step when I try to put in their email. COTA seems to be super understaffed and is having grouble helping me. Anyone else having this problem?
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2021.10.15 23:12 TheOrder-44 $10 FREE BTC for new users! Join Nexo Today!

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Banking licenses in the works.
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2021.10.15 23:12 Missyplantlady Day 6 and I just really feel like the universe is pushing me to drink in every way possible.

My roommates are breaking up after 5 years together. I've only been living here 2 months so now idk about my living situation. I have minimal money saved because I just started a post grad new job. I was exposed to covid on Tuesday and had to scramble to catch up on work after taking a half day to get tested. then today out of the blue I got a text from the last guy I hooked up with when I was blackout drunk that he probably gave me chlamydia. The last one gets me the worst. I want a drink. I feel like I'm crawling out of my skin. I feel infinitely ashamed. If anything it's a good reminder as to why I want to stay sober. I would've never hooked up with him if I wasn't drinking. But it's all just so stressful :( I feel like so much less of a person because of who I have been and the consequences of those choices
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2021.10.15 23:12 Mgolegario [PC] [H] 3100 credits [W] Car bodies/ animated decals

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2021.10.15 23:12 Apricot_Tea Belt possibly uneven?
Just got my CR-30 this week.
I tried to watch as many videos as I could before getting started, and I was prepared for bed adhesion issues, but I didn't have any problems there. The test prints adhered just fine. Only some small flaws that I figured a tighter calibration would fix.
I started the day off by running the looping bed leveling code from Grid Space and I noticed that -- without my having adjusting the leveling nobs at all -- the loops started printing off the bed. The first several rows all looked pretty good to me, except for a strange hump in the center which you can see in the 2nd photo.
...So, what is this? Is my belt itself possibly the problem? Is this something leveling can fix or should I be checking another area of the printer for problems?
Note that I don't have a wedge yet, so I can't be sure, but the sides look pretty even. No drastic differences, at least.
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2021.10.15 23:12 ASimpleBrokenMan Votes for Women a Success Map. By the National American Woman Suffrage Association, 1912.

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2021.10.15 23:12 Sharp-Ad-7435 It will be too late to say sorry

I am just gonna vent here for a while 3 am can't sleep.
Hey idiot I know you will never read this. Even if you did it wouldn't matter because you lost intrest and dumped me. I realised I was toxic in the end. Disrespected you and somehow gaslighlted you while I was in a relationship too. I kinda lived with the regret for past 75 days but lately I am able to see it through see the truth. Its not even a week and I am actually starting to see why I became so needy / anxious. Trust me I used to cry to sleep most of the times. I thought I was just being needy and not happy myself I didn't have self respect and wasn't happy in my life and evth u told me after breakup regarding how shitty I am. What kinda monster I was, how I used you for phsycial needs, how I was just attached. Heh what Yaar? I see you happy. Sadly just searched your dp on insta you have changed it like 5 times you look happy. Still blame it all on me? If yes you will never change as hard as it sounds even if you lost intrest and treated me like shit. Said you are lesbian Said u did nasty things with someone else post breakup did evth possible to hurt me ( so that I would hate you and move on). Normal people get cold but when I called you went hot and cold. Hot when you were alone. Cold when I called you and you made fun of me Infront of your friends continuously. I still called because you did cry saying it was hurting you too. It Fucked me real bad. Thr way you want cold telling you never loved me and all. That is normal ig. But telling you cheated on me and you laughing about it to someone else that you like. And telling that thing to me on call and laughing abt it. While it took me 3 days of therapy and I still take 3 medicines everyday for evth u said and did post breakup. You could have simply blocked me na? Why allow me to call you and continuously slam me down to the ground? And blame me for evth. I am sorry I disrespected you said things that I shouldn't have in the end. For that I am making up since 60 days roaming alone ( you said I am mentally ill because I did this na? Lol moving on from you would be good thing right? Hitting the gym keeping myself busy would make you respect me?) :) The fact that I said that killed me the fact that I hurted you did entirely smash me down. The reason I went out alone was because I now have developed PTSD. I went to vent alone cry alone and grieve the end of something that was more important than me. I went out to restricted areas in the jungle lived thrre alone for a week and surived to make myself happy I went every restaurant we went by and donated food to poor and homeless people and prayed for you because I couldn't meet you in person and hold you I decided to give the love out. Hell looking at their smile made me happy af. I had more money? No. I don't spend anything on myself yet do evth to make my parents happy and struggle. Being a 19y old I am satisfied where I am. Ngl why won't I? Now soon with net worth of nearly $100k and self collected money of $1M in a year. Why won't I? Money isn't evth but evth that makes me happy is there. I am gonna go aborad and make my life better study and grind during my undergraduate. Have more than 40k people who blindly respect me in twitter. Get many thank you for your existence than you ever did. I am not needy rn alright at a point I was. I am sorry I emotionally drained you.
You said I was attached to you na? Lel anxious attachment style made you feel like I was attached to you? Look girl lemme be honest I wasn't physically attracted to you or approached you because I had crush on you alright? I fell for your innocence. I started learning about you then started caring healed you from whatever shit you were going through. But yet I still got compared and blindsided abt your past for 8 months into relationship and you go and tell your ex I love you ( but in different way) okay I understood it was in diff way but wtf. I was hurt badly. Because ever since then. You compared me with someone else. For months into reality this was my first you came physically close to me yep those were good days too alright? Pulled me close I was scared because I didn't like you I loved u but didn't like you then slowly seeing you get scared due to that I atarted loving you deeply my feelings increased ten folds. What hurted me? After knowing abt ur past tbh didn't matter you loved me deeply too and even if it was 7 months us being together and you wanting to kiss me infront of him. I ignored my pain. I knew you were immature I ignored that. Talked to you about it some months later and it never occurred again. You know what changed? I started becoming vulnerable towards you. Idk what happened you started pulling away we met. I wanted that phsycial intimacy but everytime I pulled you close you pushed me away. I still remember myself crushing myself when u slapped me when I came close. Tbh 🤣 I was weird I used to kiss you all over your cheeks 4-5 times a day let alone the horniness that came by. But I am glad I killed that horniness lol. Then all I developed was anxiousness and insecurity. Insecurity of you not holding my hands when we walked together like before insecurity of you pushing me away everytime I came close to you Insecurity of you doing immature stuff. Look I am so hurt rn I can't even explain. Rn I think about it clearly I am anxious you are avoidant. Things got worse when I planner future with you a year later. 1.7y together I was already planning our future tried to talk to you about it got ignored fucking hurted you know. I cried blamed you for that I am sorry I did that. Somehow tried to manipulate you to be with me and make me feel better but you lashed out more and more lel. Instead made me more hurt causing the next time to get you more hurt Everything about us matches here :
And abt how I turned into : . In the end you pulled away so much ( due to your busy schedule and due to me going abroad and us not getting time to even talk ) everything went hell fire. You pulled away wanted breakup like always. And this time I too did some how but I couldn't leave you I wanted to work on it. Wanted to communicate but it became so toxic that I ended up saying things I should never have that's what I truly regret. And yep you got your thing to leave me too. I know I was toxic. I am changing for bettering myself because what I did I don't like that as a person in me. Do you still blame me for everything will you even try to change and self reflect or continue carrying the moto " I will find the right one and with the right one I won't act like how I acted with you?" Its 83 days since you dumped me like trash are you just seeing your red flags. Or are you also reflecting on where you went wrong? Because it was hurting me alot too you know. Or are you just gonna move on saying I believed he was the one but he wasn't. I would say these things to you but I know it doesn't matter to you anymore. You will either hurt me even more by calling me a monster or piece of shit mtf why do you want me to scare the shit out of me. I don't want to I just want to u to self reflect because a part of me wishes to be with you and marry you. But at this rate it will be too late for you to say sorry. It will be too late idiot. But ig you lost intrest ik you are healing u can sleep wakeup in time thank god you aren't going through what I am and forcing yourself to be busy and move on. I'll take a year or more but certainly better myself so that even if I find someone compatible or not I don't want to hurt someone I loved. But will I ever get a sorry I deserve for all that you said and did post and pre Breakup? Talking to you right about all this I'll just get your pity feeling back like " maybe next time xxx" " I love you but I am sorry xxx it's just not rn okay?" Those things that you say to not feel guilty to say no. You said I felt I wasn't enough and it's hurting me right? No the thing that is hurting me dikshu its not that I don't feel I am enough its just I got blindsided. I was literally doing evth I could to be with you when you were slowly moving on. It hurted because you ended and how you ended evth. And how you will never understand me and still call me a bad guy. It hurts because I can't get back with you if you don't change. It hurts because deep down Ik you lost alot of respect attraction and lost intrest towards me and don't want me back and never will out of love. You fell out of love and Ik it. But even if there's a 1% chance you still love me crazily ( lol to me for Hoping this) and you still want to get back but don't want to because you don't want that relationship back and you realise what you did wrong Don't be too late to say sorry not out of guilt for where you went wrong Don't be too late to come back. You are loosing someone who loved you more than himself. I lost someone you lost love and intrest in me you will loose someone who loved and still loves you and cares about you more than anything else. But ik you moved on. I need to too. I am so sorry I can't my body is giving up I started feeling bad for myself I feel pathetic towards my own condition. I am sorry I don't think I can stop myself from getting over it. I am sorry I can't hold myself for more than a month. I can't after 100 days I'll have to do evth I can to get over it and move on. You idiot I hope you read the book attached. I hope one day the damage you did by saying those things to me after Breakup is removed. It literally haunts me every night. I said you to do something good na? And you lashed out saying you don't need to tell me what to do you better than nothing. I said that because one day you will realise you treated me bad. You will realise how much you meant to me. You will realise even if Breakup was right for both of us to heal from that toxic loop. The way you ended it and killed me for 2 months. As much as I hate you for that I wish karma won't stab you. I wish you heal from the trauma I gave you. I wish one day we can get back together by some miracle. But rn I don't want to. I wanna heal and continue developing myself. I have goals :V. I wanna get over you so bad. But my biggest fear from 2 years is what If someday I have to force MYSELF to unlove you or fall out of love that wasn't attachment I was scared to death. I trusted evth to you said was real. I developed fear what if I leave you because you couldn't express your love and care I wanted to. But ig I'll be able to hold till 100 days. I'll have to move on for me then. I'll have to kill my biggest fear and insecurity. Please come back if you love me just a genuine apology and desire to fix evth will do. Please don't loose me :( Please don't be too late daali. - Rex
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2021.10.15 23:12 D0cGr4nc I am cured of Covid-19... So I'm no longer stuck at home... I'm gonna be doing daily releases of Mario costumes/suits... If you have a suggestions please leave them in the comments... DAY 21: POISON MUSHROOM (My own suggestion)

I am cured of Covid-19... So I'm no longer stuck at home... I'm gonna be doing daily releases of Mario costumes/suits... If you have a suggestions please leave them in the comments... DAY 21: POISON MUSHROOM (My own suggestion) submitted by D0cGr4nc to HeroForgeMinis [link] [comments]

2021.10.15 23:12 sundayhungover Any ideas for quitting a job in a legendary way?

Let me tell you my story.
I got this job 7 years ago after I just moved countries. It was good then, because I was broke. But got stuck there and after 7 years I am not making much more than I did at the start and the management is dodgy and atmosphere is horrible.
Recently my boss came up to me and told me I would be making 5 quid more per hour but I would have more tasks to do. I said I actually want to have a meeting about this.
I asked for 10 quid more for doing what I already do. And if he wants me to do more I will take that 5 quid more for that. So I asked for a pay rise of £15.
He said no and kept it at £5.
Well guess fucking what. I decided I've had enough and I went home and found me a good job.
After acing that interview I got a call today with the offer. They will be paying me 4 grand more per year, I will work from home, flexible options available, good holiday etc etc. It's amazing.

Now I need ideas as to how to quit in a legendary way, I want to be remembered.
Thanks comrades
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2021.10.15 23:12 Swagboi7 After re-watching Episode 9, I noticed that the portals in here and ItSV looked VERY similar.

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2021.10.15 23:12 tndarius Suddenly starting to liking vaginas

Just a quick rant.Never occured to me in 29 years of my life I will ever find vaginas attractive.Not until recently when I starting to watch ftm porn I get arousal from it.Now that feeling starting to develop into woman figures after long term of admiring greek god.But I still can't imagine myself having sex with them.Btw this is not post nut clarity.
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2021.10.15 23:12 gamepab2007 JU r/me_irl the whole sub is my mental health is horrible. Extremely negative and unfunny (i don't even know if the sub is suppossed to be funny at this point)

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2021.10.15 23:12 gamersecret2 $354 Off Legion 5 Gen 6, AMD Ryzen 7 5800H, RX 6600M 8GB, 32GB 1TB + 1TB, for $1,385.99 - early Black Friday Deal

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2021.10.15 23:12 scuczu "Spellcheck is Big Tech censoring me!"

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2021.10.15 23:12 neverhadbirthday I'm curious why you come here. I know an SPD irl and he would never join an online forum to discuss his life with other people. The most social thing he'd do would be to go to church.

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2021.10.15 23:12 james-ellsworth Do you guys like my Pokémon collection?

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2021.10.15 23:12 keepgaseous Gigantic dust storm in São Paulo, Brazil, why you should have respirator and goggles in your kit

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2021.10.15 23:12 Impressive_Ad_7679 Lied on a job resume (kind of)

So basically I was venting to a really good friend that I was really stressed because I was going to start looking at jobs that were not minimum wage and explained how I don’t know what I’m doing half the time and I was just in general stressed I didn’t know this at the time but she asked her mom for help and like she texted me that her mom could have my resume sent to the hiring manager, and although I am beyond grateful she did that for me out of nowhere, when me and her mom sat down to fix up my shitty resume she asked me what classes I took and what “skills” I have I told her I did some soldering pc building and motherboard repair, keep in mind these were hobbies that lasted at most a week plus a lot of YouTube videos and she also put on that I was good at algebra and bio, I’m not, the rest of the resume was true so I’m just nervous, do I just wing it ? Or step down? I am genuinely nervous because it’s a medical manufacturing plant thing I think I haven’t had a lot of experience in life at all so any advice would be helpful rn
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2021.10.15 23:12 michslutten Day 15 : helmet

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2021.10.15 23:12 dogelonian Is that our Doge?

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2021.10.15 23:12 CreditCaper1 lost of IMAX theaters playing Dune in 1.43 aspect ratio

United States
AMC Metreon 16 & IMAX — San Francisco
AMC Universal Citywalk Stadium 19 & IMAX — Los Angeles
IMAX Dome, Fleet Science Center – San Diego
Autonation IMAX, Museum of Discovery & Science — Fort Lauderdale
IMAX Dome, Boston Museum of Science - Boston
Branson’s IMAX – Entertainment Complex — Branson
IMAX Dome, St. Louis Science Center – St Louis
New York
AMC Lincoln Square 13 & IMAX — New York
IMAX, The Bullock Texas State History Museum — Austin
Airbus IMAX, Stephen F. Udvar-Hazy Center — Chantilly
IMAX Dome, McWane Science Center – Birmingham
Tennessee Aquarium IMAX – Chattanooga
Ontario, Canada
Scotiabank Toronto & IMAX — Toronto
Fusion Superflex & IMAX — Nassau
Gaumont Montpellier Multiplexe & IMAX – Montpellier
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2021.10.15 23:12 Just-for-the-fun-1 Mike Tyson how to fight a taller fighter #miketyson

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2021.10.15 23:12 ChefLoven Bed head (26F)

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2021.10.15 23:12 Velames Can we make a SafeMoon Pizza Day?

Somebody here have a pizzeria? So someone can buy a pizza with SafeMoon and then in the future that person will regreat a lot because the SafeMoon he/she spend in one pizza now worth millions of dollars?
View Poll
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2021.10.15 23:12 RockingTheGarage Gimme Gimme Gimme from Andy Macfarlane - Semi​-​Acoustic Suitcase
Track from Andy Macfarlane - Semi​-​Acoustic Suitcase, released September 9, 2021
From the singer of the Hormonauts and the Rock N Roll Kamikazes
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