Trouble choosing an Ad network for a mobile game

2021.12.09 08:19 MysticallyMessy Trouble choosing an Ad network for a mobile game

Hello, I've been experienced with Unity since a long time, but not with actual Ad monetization aspects. Sure I know the basics and how it all works, but I'm having trouble with choosing a proper Ad network. I don't know what to go for.
There are many. AdMob, ironSource, AdColony, Appodeal, and etc could be tens and tens. And I couldn't find a proper guide that would compare some networks at least.
I want to implement Banners, Interstitial, and Rewarded ads, and yes I'm not throwing a bucketload at the user, but will carefully put in a proper place keeping several aspects in mind.
How do I carefully choose a ad network/s for myself? At the end of the day, I prefer being paid better.
I understand terms like ARPDAU etc, as I've been reading more on Ads lately and some knowledge from before.
My users could be from any country, and I understand there are eCPMs based on Country-tier too.
Could someone guide me a bit? And its for a mobile game.
Kindly, have a good day.
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2021.12.09 08:19 Resident-Ad-1839 I am searching a hoodie that looks like this Air Max 98 but can't find it...

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2021.12.09 08:19 nuvyco Did you ever become toxic in your toxic relationship ?

My ex ended our toxic relationship long overdue breakup and later I realized I had become toxic
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2021.12.09 08:19 Infernal01 Is it enough to protect my base and the jungle biome from Corruption/Hallow?

I don't want to invest too much time into keeping my world pure, so my plan is to:

In time my world will be half corrupted and half hallowed with the exception of the base and the jungle. If I ever need a "pure" biome I can just use a temporary new world.
I'm doing this because I want to keep a "main" world while also having access to the end game. Is that a good plan or am I missing something?
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2021.12.09 08:19 ectheow3 Actress and Burlesque dancer Tura Satana as Suzette Wong in 'Irma la douce' (1963). Comments are welcome.

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2021.12.09 08:19 Main-Tank-6207 Has anyone used Carguru instant offer and sold the car directly to them ? Did you request check or direct deposit and how was the process ?

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2021.12.09 08:19 Rahnzan Is it possible to change the axis of rotation of a ship from the cockpit to the center of mass?

Question in title, is there a mod or script out there that can do this?
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2021.12.09 08:19 Longjumping-Future82 Bitmart buy back and reflections.

When Bitmart do there buy back will they buy back like for like? If V2 has dropped before the buy back will they buy back V1 and replace like for like and buy V1 tokens. If so would it be worth not converting to V2 until after the buy back so you can get what will be a decent amount of reflections?
Or have I got it completely wrong!!??
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2021.12.09 08:19 pygmypuffonacid Just out of curiosity who would be in favor of passing a free range parenting law similar to that in Utah that would actually allow parents do not have to psychotically hover over their kids if that's not the style of parenting may actually want to use when raising their kids?

I mean a significant portion of parents want to be able to give their kids some semblance of freedom so they can grow up to be responsible independent adults and to do that they need to start learning those particular skills their skills ask kids.
There should be some legal protection for parents who want to let their kid be able to walk to and from school at least to the bus stop and back without hovering in the background
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2021.12.09 08:19 SunnyDehlight My geoscape mouse edge scrolling/edge panning doesn't work anymore?

This happened a couple weeks ago, I made a post but didn't get much help so trying again.
I disabled mods/reinstalled the game multiple times, checked files integrity etc...nothing has work.
Any insight on why this stopped will be appreciated deeply! thank you!
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2021.12.09 08:19 Fabulous_Quit_2221 Where are the

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2021.12.09 08:19 Abject_Delay_7495 🚀GoldenDogRun | $BUSD Rewards | Locked Liquidity | Anti-Whale System | Play-To-Earn-Mobile Game | Huge Marketing | 1000x potential 🚀

🚀GoldenDogRun $GDR | A decentralized Hyper deflationary earn-to-play mobile NFT game that offers 7% of BUSD rewards from each transaction to all of the holders of the token. A first of it’s kind project that offers the best of all worlds. NFT, gaming, passive income and mobile entertainment.Oh yeah, did we mention that there is a prize pool in the game? 🚀

👉$GDR rewards his hodler with 7% $BUSD every 60 min.💸
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🙅‍♂️Not another Meme-Coin🙅‍♂️
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1,000,000,000 $GDR

Contract: 0xde3ebf5876ddd5586d7bd5b6f5b36dbdf0fcc318
Buy Now:
Renounced Ownership:
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2021.12.09 08:19 ZoolShop Donny van de Beek was superb vs Young Boys

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2021.12.09 08:19 Jope013 goku?

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2021.12.09 08:19 standard09 [Hiring] [Remote] for Sales/Business Development with good network/experience with VC/Accelerator (mainly US)

Funded SaaS company hiring for Sales/Business development person with good experience in engagement/Network with VC/AcceleratoAngels, etc mainly for US region.
Looking for hire urgently
DM with your details/questions.
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2021.12.09 08:19 IGetPeggedByMyGF Salrahn auction! Comment your best offer below and i’ll see if i’ll take it :} <3

i wont take anything below roughly 2.5k sorry!
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2021.12.09 08:19 stobbsE Any indication when POTM releases for la liga?

Just wondering cos looking at past fifa games was released by now.
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2021.12.09 08:19 Starthefurry I'm doing work experience at a library, AMA.

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2021.12.09 08:19 burkay55 Answering the previous question...

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2021.12.09 08:19 SavXL My boyfriend and I have been together for two years, but I haven't told my family. AMA

My boyfriend and I met over discord and have been together for more than two years. Our two year anniversary was three days ago as a matter of fact. However, I haven't told my family about it yet. Ask me whatever you want.
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2021.12.09 08:19 T_11235 Do you use restock+?

View Poll
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2021.12.09 08:19 mogulee Lowest daily volume I've seen since early April

Still holding but oooftt I need a pick me up.
It's a beautiful day, the sun is shining, Safemoons going nowhere.
Time to put the crypto in hold for 24hrs
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2021.12.09 08:19 Augas1 Need advice with a long journey

So to give you some context: my party travelled (via a stolen skyship) to an island where they, uniting with a few other forces (mage organizations and other adventuring groups) took down big threat to the world. Problem is, they had to travel for about a week to get there, so I set up a few interesting random encounters to keep the journey interesting (they encountered a young dragon, explored the ruins of a cloud giant's fortress and found a baby hippogriff, which they adopted). Now the question I have is whether or not should I fast forward time for the journey back, or should I set up more random encounters (and if so, I'd appreciate it if yall gave me some ideas on those)?
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2021.12.09 08:19 Vuex85_CosmoX [Gaming Chair] Bonzy Home Racing Style Gaming or Office Swivel Computer Desk - All Colors - Micro Center: ($150 off) $ 49.99

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2021.12.09 08:19 No-Kale-8539 请组织放心,我们生生世世种花家!!!

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