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David and Periods.

2021.12.09 08:08 coneyisland92 David and Periods.

I am rewatching the episode where David babysits, and I actually couldn’t get over how great he handled the situation. The poor girl gets so embarrassed and David helps her. Such a good thing to see on TV
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2021.12.09 08:08 Someones_Gottadoit How do you forgive a cheater

My(22n) gf(23f) and I have been dating for 3 years. After the first year we went through a “break” and when we got back together and slept with each other, I went through her phone and found out she cheated on me. I was mortified and just heartbroken. She pleaded it was a mistake and begged my forgiveness.
A little later I took her back in return for her to make it up to me and earns my trust again. 2 years have gone by and it’s been constant fighting and resent on my end. No matter what I do, I can’t get the images and imagination of everything out of my head. I found I definitely don’t enjoy sex with her nearly as much forsure. I resent her and hate that this will forever be a fact that can’t be erased or forgotten.
But I love her more than anything and found she was the only person I cant lose. Coming from someone who has deep attachment issues, whereas people have left my life. I want to forgive her and just move on without having those thought pop up all the time, please help
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2021.12.09 08:08 Elodran Why razer italian website doesn't have notebooks?

Maybe it's my fault but I can't find notebooks section in Razer Italian website! Since I know about the current short supplies situation (and I can't find the laptop I want to buy anywhere) I would have liked to pre-order it on Razer Official Website but only US site seems to have this option and I don't think they ships to Italy...
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2021.12.09 08:08 ledamasalaton Been seeing this image around a lot lately, so I just thought to myself why shouldn't I give it a shot, and this is how I did.

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2021.12.09 08:08 Afraid-Astronomer886 Found on social medie

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2021.12.09 08:08 Dry-Operation9854 VR1 pumped and dumbed the Noobs

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2021.12.09 08:08 KFC_Chalmers Varför Matinbum Varför spela mer fortnite

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2021.12.09 08:08 EndersGame_Reviewer Perfect for swingers

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2021.12.09 08:08 oldhearthgaming MONSTER TRUCK !!! | Monster Jam Steel Titans | PC | PART 1 | INDONESIA |...

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2021.12.09 08:08 Theelectroninja Had to share here, sorry if it’s already been shared

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2021.12.09 08:08 iNewYork [USA-NY] [H] AMD 5950X, THOR 1200 WATT PLATINUM, I9-11900K, EVGA Z590 FTW WIFI, EVGA 850 GA [W] PAYPAL

ROG Thor 1200 Watt Platinum
11900k / EVGA Z590 WIFI / EVGA 850 Watt Gold PSU
Here are a few PC Parts for builds I never got too. All items are BNIB. Please comment before PM. I'll be at work so i'll get back to anyone in due time.
Shipped Price

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2021.12.09 08:08 theenigma017 How is MSc. Physics at DU ?

I got shortlisted for admission, but I'm not sure if choosing DU is a bright idea because I've head people saying it's very difficult to even score 55% marks in DU and that more than 70% people fail. So any insight into this matter & student life during MSc. Phy at DU will be appreciated. Thanks.
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2021.12.09 08:08 mobaade “Yeah mom, my front “pawsey wasey” is broken, so what?”

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2021.12.09 08:08 mino2005 Macht jemand cumtributes ?

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2021.12.09 08:08 Plastic-Dependent988 And the snowflake award goes to...

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2021.12.09 08:08 EgirlSuppPlayer About queer representation on League

I have noticed that Riot is ok with portaying lesbian relationships but we still dont have a single gay male champion. And no Varus doesnt count because we dont know what the Darkins sexuality is. Valmar and Kai are not mentioned in his voicelines at all. Is Riot fetishizing lesbians? Or are they more " tolerable" to the straight males they try to cater.
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2021.12.09 08:08 UnderstandingPale517 Looking for a serious clan!

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2021.12.09 08:08 JohnBrownsAngryBalls The Elf on the Shelf: A Christmas Musical

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2021.12.09 08:08 ponchostar Huisarts in Haarlem

Hallo allemaal,
I will be moving to the north part of Haarlem in the new year with my wife and baby.
I am looking for recommendations for a good family huisarts.
Heel erg bedankt!
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2021.12.09 08:08 ari_0805 Calculus and Music

I have a project where essentially I have to use calculus and do my own math to "prove" something, and I want to do something music related. I'm not sure what to do though. I've only learned calculus AB. Any suggestions? I play horn, for reference, and I wanted to do something regarding that, but I'm open to other ideas. Thanks!
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2021.12.09 08:08 boogie-poppins Cool details I just noticed. Abyss mode Yazi has different responses if you fight her alone with a male construct or a female construct.

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2021.12.09 08:08 bernics Szabó Tímea és a CIA is szóba kerül a legújabb hangfelvételen

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2021.12.09 08:08 Dan-In-SC The Turn - When I saw the left give up everything I believe in, I changed politically. You can, too.

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2021.12.09 08:08 Danceman2 EGGLIA Rebirth – English trailer

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2021.12.09 08:08 Qanik_ What is this flag ? Seen in Serbia on Google Maps

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