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The corporate media loves civil asset forfeiture

2021.12.08 01:19 ktwebb2 The corporate media loves civil asset forfeiture

Woman gets stopped at airport. Dog sniffs and detects something. Cops find $100k, but nothing illegal. Woman walks free but -$100k. Media celebrates.
Link to story: https://cbsloc.al/3EzSkMW
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2021.12.08 01:19 dion_palmer762 Is this flirtatious?

So my school has it mandated that the teacher takes the students for a walk outside around the school, once a period (since we're not doing full semesters, it's complicated) right? Well the other day, I was talking loudly with my boys (as we do) and one of them said that we had the same math class last year, and my kahoot name was [something goofy, I can't say since it has my name in it] and I explained that I came up with it in seventh grade (I'm in tenth now). Anyway, the two girls who sit behind me, we'll call them Ruby and Siyenna, must've been close-by and overheard our discussion, because Ruby, who sits directly behind me (who I've had the most interactions with, and if it's relevant, have picked up her pencil numerous times... don't come at me and call me a white knight or whatever, I just am not sure if it plays a factor into what I'm about to say) started calling me this nickname. Not her friend, just her. She would say things like:

"Okay, [nickname]"
Or this one time, me and my boy (we'll call him Alex) were staying inside from the cold for lunch, and were staying in the classroom. So were Ruby and Siyenna. Alex came into the room "crying", and we didn't think he was serious at first, so we payed it off as a joke, but when he suddenly left the room, Ruby said she kinda felt bad and hoped he was okay. Since he's my boy, I said I'll go check on him, and she said:
"You do that, [nickname]"
And everytime she says it, she seems to say it in a teasing manner (side note, Alex was fine. I walked into the bathroom and he was doing pullups on a stall). Many times in the past, my older siblings (such as my older sisters, even my parents) have always told me that 9 times out of 10, if a girl is teasing you like that, she's flirting with you.
The thing is, I have a crush on Ruby, and want to ask her out, but I'm not sure if I should. It's one of those things that make women so complicated. I can't tell if she's teasing me, and calling me [nickname] in a flirtatious manner, or if she's teasing me just to mess with me. I'd really like a girl's input, simply because y'all seem to understand each other in some secret language that us guys can't decipher, but I would appreciate any opinions from anyone. I want to ask her out, but I'm afraid if she says "no", it will ruin the dynamic we have, which would suck because I really like our dynamic. Please, feel-free to let me know if I should, if I shouldn't, or whatever else y'all be thinking about this.
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2021.12.08 01:19 MasonBurnett18 Need in one

Anyone got a a druddigon?
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2021.12.08 01:19 Smallasaurus_05 Here's my two cents on the controversy, I would appreciate your time.

A lot of the stuff 343 is getting criticized on will take time to work on. they can't exactly overhaul the entire customization system over time. Don't get me wrong, the BP system is really bad, and the customization system feels like a placeholder, but you can't expect them to fix it super quick.
I feel like the break during the Tenrai event was fairly deserved, halo 2 wasn't the only time video game development has been hellish, but it was annoying to exclusively play infinite and only infinite that week to try and get an armor core and a fistful of XP grants.
I agree with most of the disappointment and annoyance we've felt about these problems is valid. 343 could probably do a better job explaining what they're focusing on too, but you guys have to remember, this game's multiplayer came out just under a month early, it's gonna take time to iron out the kinks.
I've seen some complaints on how there are more just grey coatings you can get from the campaign, and, while it's almost, people seem to forget that this was being made long before they got complaints about things like this
It doesn't justify some of the overpriced-feeling microtransactions, 343's seeming reticence to actually tell us if they are working on stuff, and their mass deleting/blocking/banning that is also hitting the valid criticism, but I think people are a little too relentless with the complaints.
Infinite's a good game, but it needs time to fully develop. That's all I've got to say.
TL;DR 343 needs to work on infinite's problems, but we should give them some time & grace, problems as big as overhauling the progression system and the customization system aren't overnight things.
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2021.12.08 01:19 Heather_ME Vaush is streaming right now and claimed Republicans could be convinced to defend slavery in a few years. I disagree.

Vaush thinks it will take a couple years of shifting the Overton window right. I think he's wrong. I think many/most fervently Republicans could be convinced now. They are already OK with slavery in correctional systems (prison). I believe they could be talked into believing the homeless and mentally ill would be better off if they were rounded up and shoved into basic accommodations and forced to work. Especially if they were to tag on the illusion that people could work their way out of that situation and back into mainstream working-class bondage.
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2021.12.08 01:19 Astronomer650 Trading dropbox DM me your snap

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2021.12.08 01:19 MigoA27 It has begun

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2021.12.08 01:19 Approximately_Equal Pixel Art - The most useless program

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2021.12.08 01:19 aussiebeauty01 How can we be sure of the legitimacy of the bible?

I’ve always wondered this. How can we be sure that the bible is legitimate/true?
How do you know that the bible wasn’t created by someone/group who made it all up in order to spread false ideas? How can we be sure, even if there is some historical records proving it’s legitimacy (for my education, are there? And what are they?), that those records themselves aren’t false and made up?
How do we know that history as we know it (including the bible) wasn’t carefully calculated just 200 years ago to feed us ideas and control us?
I feel like that’s the biggest issue I have. Like if I knew the bible/it’s origins was 100% genuine then I probably wouldn’t question my faith, but there is just no way of knowing because we weren’t alive back then, or even just 100 years ago, so how do we know everything isn’t all just made up as part of a control scheme.
I hope this makes sense
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2021.12.08 01:19 enrichliving Wanted to buy: 1 GME DRS starter share (ape-to-ape transfer)

Any of you apes willing to help an ape-wannabe get started by selling me 1 DRS share directly? You can transfer a DRS share to another ape through filling a form and getting it stamped at a BMO. Skip the brokers and help each other! I prefer someone in Vancouver so we can meet up. You should also have a BMO bank account as well. DM if you can help, thanks.
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2021.12.08 01:19 sforzandoo was informed of this sub today, here’s my contribution!!

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2021.12.08 01:19 bender859 Beards and best buds

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2021.12.08 01:19 Chipsmc3 Thoughts on this color scheme/a paint job quality? Sorry for the low quality it’s late and night and I’m second guessing myself

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2021.12.08 01:19 sostitanic I just learned interesting today about both the USS Arizona & the USS Oklahoma. The fact that the USS Arizona wasn’t supposed to be in Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. Apparently the reason she was there was because she accident with the USS Oklahoma during a maneuver.

I just learned interesting today about both the USS Arizona & the USS Oklahoma. The fact that the USS Arizona wasn’t supposed to be in Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. Apparently the reason she was there was because she accident with the USS Oklahoma during a maneuver. submitted by sostitanic to Shipwrecks [link] [comments]

2021.12.08 01:19 xX_hermenejildo_Xx My name is Héctor

I like this subreditt
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2021.12.08 01:19 NonSecwitter What replaces the patriarchy?

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2021.12.08 01:19 josekilla7 Looking for some car head from anyone idc who just nothing personal dm me

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2021.12.08 01:19 savestacks Insider Buys Dec 2021

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2021.12.08 01:19 MorganaMevil Astrid is a lot like Stoic

I've been rewatching the franchise including the movies, shorts, and tv shows in chronological order (because I've got finals coming up and studying sucks), and I've really come to appreciate how paradoxically strong Astrid is. I mean, there are numerous times throughout the franchise where she shows tremendous fighting ability but also relentlessness to the point of hubris. And I can't help but think that Hiccup's best-balancing aspect of Astrid is that he keeps her from going all Warrior 2000 mode because she'd probably get herself killed.
But, more than that, how her mind seems to work a lot like Stoic's. Both are very strong-willed, prone to anger, and fiercely loyal. They also both fight with that same dangerous brazen that the Viking culture lauds. And Hiccup compares them multiple times. Given all this, I can't help but think the creators intentionally drew character parallels between the two to show that Hiccup sought that same personality in his S/O as he had in a father.
Sorry to get all Freudian, but thoughts?
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2021.12.08 01:19 IntoleranceTOOL Sony Fires PlayStation Executive After Getting Caught In A Pedophilia Sting Tryna Meet With A 15-Year-Old Boy!

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2021.12.08 01:19 Constant-Cress-4125 Hesitant

I’m on 300mg Wellbutrin and while it doesn’t combat my anxiety as well as I’d like, apart of me doesn’t want to stop it. It is the only antidepressant that hasn’t given me crazy side effects and I like that it aids in weight loss.
A few months ago I had a 3 month check up with my dr and he suggested switching to Effexor XR. After research and side effects/withdrawal horror stories later I decided against it. Now, I’m having second thoughts but still hesitant.
I started my antidepressant journey with my previous doctor. I remember my prev doc started me on lexapro and afterwards I remember the next trial the antidepressant started with an E but I never remembered the name. Now I’m wondering if it was effexor. Is this something that a newbie (2017) could take? After I tried that, I started Wellbutrin and stayed on it.
I eventually stopped taking it and it wasn’t until my gyno was pretty concerned and filled my script that day to start it again. (Depression screenings are done at every annual) she told me to call my PCP so he can continue filling my scripts.
I went to a new office. Although doctor visits make me so nervous to the brink of blacking out, I love my doc. When I met him I was going through a really hard time and hit one of my biggest/longest depressive episodes. Second time we met I was hysterically crying.
Once things started clearing up and major anxiety started creeping up, we tried out new medications. Zoloft, Prozac, and I declined retrying lexapro. After trying both meds for two long long months each, they were a flop.
Now I can’t say this was the EXACT convo my doctor and I had (black outs) but I’m almost certain he said since we had tried the “main ones” (he didn’t say it like this I just can’t think of the word) he would like to start me on EffexorXR. After feeling like shit the past four months prior, I was already not ecstatic about starting new meds and dealing with the side effects. I was going to suck it up and do it until I read more about it then I started getting hesitant. It also seemed like this was a last resort option for my doc as in he was hoping the Zoloft or Prozac would’ve helped so he wouldn’t have to put me on Effexor.
I called the office and spoke to my doc, explaining my hesitancy and asked to just go back on Wellbutrin. Well here we are now.
Where I’m at now: - my anxiety causes me to black out all the time now. My boss called me into his office to give me a raise and I blacked out.

Honorable mentions: - I suffer from migraine and ED’s. - I’m also on 25mg adderall XR & BC w/o estrogen.
So obviously I’m a whole hot mess.
Do you guys think Effexor will help me?
Should I stay on Wellbutrin for depression and try adding something for my anxiety?
Was it right for my prev doctor to start me on effexor after only trying one other antidepressant in my life? (If it was Effexor. If there’s any other antidepressants beginning with an E please lmk. I’m also going to try calling his office)
If you’ve read this far, thanks for listening.
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2021.12.08 01:19 Common_Echo_9061 Pakistan’s Peace Talks with the Pakistani Taliban: Insights from an Interview with Abdul Wali Mohmand (alias Umar Khalid Khurasani)

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2021.12.08 01:19 fedmogul12 Poppy Playtime | In Search Of The Red Butthole

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2021.12.08 01:19 Unassisted3P Thrift Store Find of a Crying Clown

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2021.12.08 01:19 heywhatsup82347 How do I get prescribed azithromycen? My doctor won’t prescribe, only doxy

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