Everyone If you interested in joining the edgenuity discord we need members

2021.12.08 00:56 Available-Estimate86 Everyone If you interested in joining the edgenuity discord we need members

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2021.12.08 00:56 Ithicusss Difficulty Commissioning?

I have a bachelors, was doing good but my junior year I had one sub par semester and my final GPA is a 2.76. I have been in civilian law enforcement for 2 years. I’d like to become a security forces officer. Anyone know how competitive the field is to commission in? I will be speaking to an officer recruiter soon.
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2021.12.08 00:56 PizzaForeverAndEver Upset about headset "Design Choice"

I don't know if anyone else has posted something similar, but I need to get this off my chest.
I bought the JBL Quantum 800 on a Cyber Week deal. It checked off all the boxes of what I wanted: Noise Cancelling, Bluetooth, 3.5mm jack, and if course, good sound.
I was on a conference call and the battery was dying. I plugged it in. I couldn't hear anything. Unplugged it. Sound came back.
I did some research.
The headset does not work while charging! Not even if you also plug in the 3.5mm jack.
Did some more research.
In what world is that a good design? Why would anybody be happy that they can't use the headset while it charges?
And then it hit me. This is a design choice in favor of JBL, not the consumer.
My theory is: over time, batteries don't last as long. With the "design" of this headset, it means more downtime as the headset gets older. Whereas with other headsets you would just plug in more often but keep going, I think JBL is figuring they can get consumers to buy a new headset more frequently. I believe they are banking on people being happy with the headset in general, and reasoning that they'll go get another JBL when the charging sessions (and downtime) are too frequent. And if didn't have this "feature", people might hold onto their headset for longer, maybe a year or two.
But why let them enjoy their product longer when you can plan obsolescence?
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2021.12.08 00:56 heyjhs For those who have physically demanding jobs, when did you start working again?

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2021.12.08 00:56 Altruistic-Street963 Survey for a Chemex Coaster that assists in the brewing process for a project

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2021.12.08 00:56 n0thingandnowhere Chuck -___-

I’m on season 3, episode 4 so don’t spoil 4 meeeee! I hate Chuck so much. I just want to jump through the screen and hug Jimmy. At first, I figured Jimmy did something messed up to Chuck we would end up finding out, but it’s starting to just seem like there is all this animosity because Chuck is essentially jealous of Jimmy. He’s absolutely evil and miserable. How is he so blind to how much Jimmy loves him? How Jimmy is the only person who truly cares about him and doesn’t think he’s a lunatic? How can he be so cruel? I want to see him GO DOWN!!!!!! Maybe there is more reasoning to come out as to why he hates Jimmy so much but I’m team Jimmy always and forever. Thanks for reading, had to get that off my chest.
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2021.12.08 00:56 Alternative-Leg5358 Sidecasting on Twitch

Hello everyone and thank you for reading and your response. I read a bunch of twitch bylaws, but it’s still unclear to me about sidecasting. I was considering sports commentating live games without showing the actual game. Would this still be illegally streaming or is this the same as radio announcers live commentating a game? Thank you for the clarity.
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2021.12.08 00:56 MedMig Happy Calli? Calli Chaos? Calli as Happy Chaos from GG:Strive based on her stream with Ina

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2021.12.08 00:56 1120jj Bedbug egg?

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2021.12.08 00:56 LowSmoke6170 Stepson trating bio son poorly

Hey all, i need some help. Please be gentle, i am asking with a huge amount of trepidation, but i need some perspective.
My (34f) husband (38m) and i have 5 kids in total, but none biologically together. We've been together for nearly 7 years, starting when my son was 2. Kids are now: SS16, SD14 and BS8, plus ss10 and ss7 who live interstate with their mums. Ss16 and bs8 have always been pretty close - ss is somewhat immature for his age and bs just loved having someone to hang out with. Idolises him and parrots him. Now to my problem, SS16 speaks horribly to everyone (crappy tone, apathetic to anyone's feedback or input) but especially to BS. They play video games together and he is constantly putting him down, telling him he's wrong and generally that he is stupid. He also has a tendency to punch kiddo when noone can see.
I have been so concerned with this that i have switched jobs so i can be home after school, as previously i would spend from 330-5pm consoling my son over the phone because they (ss &sd) have been mean to him. My husband seems to thinks its going both ways, but for me if youre older you should know better and not start things. Plus you know, at least treat family civilly if you cant be nice. SS can also be quite sneaky and turns things around so its impossible to prove what hes said and he wont admit it - i just know i have a hurt and upset little boy to deal with.
I have no siblings so i dont know what is normal teenage sibling behaviour and what is bullying but its starting to really get to me. To the point I'm almost ready to leave my husband to get my son away from this kid.
What do i do? How do i protect my son without blowing up my relationship when his dad doesn't see things the way i do?
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2021.12.08 00:56 PancakesAreGood76 Where the outfield meets the warning track

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2021.12.08 00:56 nakotak I see no difference 👁👁

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2021.12.08 00:56 kittenssavelives I just finished the show just now and I feel so melancholic! I feel like empty I need a way I can still engage with the show through the fandom 🥺 Will there be any more media of the show. What do you all think?

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2021.12.08 00:56 ConfidentCriticism58 The only open bolt user manual you will ever need

If you are reading this you may have bought/built or
are thinking of buying/building a open bolt SMG.

Now these do work, but need to be treated with respect. They were were not designed to be good guns. They are designed for the dumb fuck peasants to stupid to use or take care of complex rifle, and for situations that they did not have enough real rifles, or in the case of the army being to fucking broke to arm everyone. The fact was in WW2 they had more people than guns or training. These small guns could be handed to any idiot and that idiot would shoot more idiots regardless of if idiot number one could shoot for shit or not. They spray all over the fucking place. And most people got out of the fucking way and ran. (Actually the main point of full auto). These guns are in no way trust your life on it reliable, none of the open bolt guns were. The fact is a gun with one main moving part (The bolt) shit happens. If this don’t make sense to you look at all good modern SGM’s all of them are closed bolt hammer or striker fired. 

Before you say anything about sterling's Tech-9s or the fucking Mac10 (Also known as the jammomatic) there is good fucking reason armies with actual fucking money do not use them. To put this bluntly many soldiers in real country’s that give a fuck are taught these things are most effective if you load them with ammo and toss them through the fucking window. Why? you may ask, because if you are dumb enough to drop one of the fucking things it is almost 100% going to fire, and if you dropped it hard it may not stop firing until the ammo is gone. 

So you don’t give a fuck and decided to buy one here is the basic safety and operation info. 

The first and one of the most important thing is any time you pull the trigger be prepared for the gun to not stop shooting. While firing the gun has a single moving part (The Bolt). The way this works is the bolt is back and your round is in the mag before you pull the trigger. the firing pin is just a bump on the breech face. (front for retards) When you pull the trigger the sear drops out of the bolts notch. The bolt moves forward grabbing the round sliding it into the barrel and once it is in hits the primmer igniting the round. Next the pressure pushes the case and bolt back to the rear. For this to work safely the bolt has to be heavy so when you let go of the trigger and the sear raises the fucking thing slams the fucker hard. This will wear the bolt notch and sear to hell fast. when that little fucker wears out it will no longer catch the bolt. If some fucking space cadet is using the gun the dumb fuck will get scared and drop it. Now you have a spinning wheel of death on the ground. Do not be a fucking space cadet. 

The only way to carry an open bolt SMG is with the magazine removed. “You may think fuck I haven’t cocked it I’m safe” You have now reached Space cadet status. If you bang or drop the damn thing the bolt may move far enough to grab a round but not far enough to grab the sear, the gun will fire at least once. Many people have already died because of this. 

This is a most not all thing. Do not use grease in it. Most of these simple guns are open the the world grease will cause sand rocks and possibly your dope to stick to the inside surfaces causing jams. In ww2 it was found the sten and mp40 worked best in the African desert while totally dry. If dropped in the sand the lucky fuck who did not get shot could hold it upside down and slide the bolt back and forth holding the trigger (Ammo removed already). 

Almost 80% of malfunctions are due to magazine. Remember me saying the round is still in the mag before the trigger is pulled? (If not start over space cadet). The main problem is the magazine shape, metal, condition, and spring tension are more important than any other part of the gun. And your problem is that good factory mags are almost impossible to find not worn to fuck. In some cases you are just going to have to oil the fucking thing. The new problem you just caused it if any minuscule fucking particle gets between the round and the walls it will jam. The feed lips are a whole fucking thing on there own if you drop bang or put any force on the fucking things the gun will jam. getting them bent right is a god damn art form fucking Mozart couldn’t master, a literal fucking nightmare. When you do get them right the bolt smashing on them will surely fuck em back up on you. So if you are going to use one of these guns get it firing and then put it the fuck away so you know its going to work when you need it. 

Other than runaways, drop fires, and the fucking mag there is not one other thing to go wrong with these. In brazil 10 year olds are building the fucking things and they work. You have one part really moving in it so not much can go wrong, it’s just the three things that go wrong are a constant fucking nightmare. I’ve heard of the damn thing running with out the extractor and in a few case no ejector (angled breech face). Hell you can ditch the trigger and sear if you want to do mag dumps, some shithead made one to bypass full auto laws in the USA before the ATF got medieval on his ass. 
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2021.12.08 00:56 diamondtones Interior Paint + Cabinet repaint

Hello all,
long time viewer first time poster ;)
We finally did it, we got our first home... We are ready to move in.. but. my wife hates the walls... this is our first home and we've never had to do renovations so i would love some feedback.
Home paint - flat white Living room / Bathroom / Kitchen / 2 rooms + hallway total of 850sqft of living space (currently colors are kind of all over the place. Living room is window 98 blue / one room is green / rest of the hosue is egg shell white)
Kitchen Cabinet recolor 12 cabinet doors + 6 drawers
we were quoted about $2300 dollars for 2 day turn around time (in los angeles) contractor found through Thumbtack.
would love some pricing feedback... Is this reasonable and going rate or are we under / over paying.
Thank you so much!
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2021.12.08 00:56 cubbies1984 Who’s ready for THE NEW WAR 😈

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2021.12.08 00:56 bamboo725 [WTS] 2021 Morgan CC/O, Libertad gold, Maplegram and more...

Happy Tuesday!! Please send PM if you have any questions or need more pictures on certain items.
Proof: https://imgur.com/a/zbXPuRQ
Premium Silver:
#1 - 2018 Canada Polar Bear 1/2oz BU Tube (fresh from mint box) - $320ea (2 available)
#2 - BlackLabelBullion much cooler Hand Poured Chunky 10oz Bar #8, #9, #10 - $320ea x 3
#3 - 2020 ASE Mint Direct Tubes from APMEX - $640ea (2 available)
#4 - 2021 Morgan CC Mint Mark - $130ea (6 3 available)
#5 - 2021 Morgan O Mint Mark - $105ea (6 4available)
#6 - 2021 Morgan O Mint Mark (the capsule came broken but the coin is fine) - $90 (1 available)
#4 - 2015 1/10 oz Mexico Libertad .999 Gold Coin BU - $250ea.
#5 - 2020 1/10 oz Mexico Libertad .999 Gold Coin BU (low mintage 700) - $350ea.
#6 - 1910 Indian $2.5 Gold NAS MS65 (Semi Key Date) - $650 OBO.
#7 - 2020-W $5 Basketball Hall of Fame Gold UNC PCGS PR70 DCAM First Day Of Issue - $560
#8 - 2020 Canada Maplegram 1g Gold - $68ea
#9 - 2020 Gold Eagle 1/4oz BU - $510
Shipping (US Only):
8 oz or under will ship First Class with tracking in padded envelop - $5
9 oz or more Priority flat rate mail with tracking - $9
**Orders over $1000 will add on signature tracking for free.
**Insurance option at cost available upon request.
**Zelle And Venmo are strongly preferred but will also accept PPFF (no comment), PPGS (+4%)
Thank you for looking and have a great day!
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2021.12.08 00:56 bchdfggg Hottest girl i know (iktr)

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2021.12.08 00:56 yzsKPC I'll never get over how nice ya'll are

Little backstory, my dog has this bloat condition. Every few months, he'll get so bloated and unable to release his gums turn blue and he starts to essentially suffocate unless we can get the air released from him. I have phlebotomy training, so I just had a vet show me how to get the air released with a needle in case of emergencies.

Well, this happens today during an endwalker trial, so I have to quickly go help him. As a WoW veteran, you probably know exactly what I was expecting to come back to. Instead though, I come back to all 7 other participants having had patiently waited 15 minutes to come back, literally 0 complaints. This game defies the expected MMO toxicity and it makes me happy :)
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2021.12.08 00:56 majorchamp I don't have a STATUS column in my Routing -> Gateways page

I am currently trying to setup PIA with my pfsense so I can make 1 device on my network use it...following guides online and they all show their gateways page with columns I don't have...RTT, RTTsd, Loss, and Status.
I have name, default, interface, gateway, monitor ip, description, actions.
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2021.12.08 00:56 dissertations444 How to Plan Your Success in Writing Essays?

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2021.12.08 00:56 Unfunnyhitman Discord 😭🤣😭😭😭😭😿😿😭😭

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2021.12.08 00:56 idawahteam How can you not have HOPE after hearing this verse? - Mufti Menk

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2021.12.08 00:56 ngo_dm_aa Goal is 100 Views on this short video!

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2021.12.08 00:56 tolstoy-anarchist Loving this new Deangelo backstory on Apple TV. It’s all starting to make sense.

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