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2021.12.08 01:23 ZoobBot 191421

This is the 191421st time I made this shitty comment. I hate this job.
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2021.12.08 01:23 amnesiac7 Texas GOP takes aim at local school board and municipal races

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2021.12.08 01:23 kakkoimonogatari Yung umatras ka na daw pero naglalakihan ang tarp mo

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2021.12.08 01:23 bisppwg Join the Little Hole <17 Discord Server!

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2021.12.08 01:23 FappinPhilosophy Muh Free-Market Apartheid

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2021.12.08 01:23 kingcrabula611 Who do you think wins this match-up?

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2021.12.08 01:23 3dbdotcom Estinien in Thavnair [Spoilers]

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2021.12.08 01:23 Global-Hour-4561 Stage Light

The DMX DJ Party Stage Light is a 2-Watt full-color RGB diode- the based laser system, with Pangolin's FB4 media server, integrated inside a robust housing. Our DMX DJ Party Stage Laser Projector Light is ideal for lighting designers as well as special FX companies, who want to integrate lasers, into any multimedia setup.
The DMX DJ Party Stage Laser Projector Light is a perfect show laser system for small to medium-sized venues. In addition, the unit’s compact size and multimedia functionality make it ideal for use in large quantities on tours and related projects where vast numbers of lasers need to be used.
The DMX DJ Party Stage Laser Projector Light can also be used both indoors and outdoors, for the projection of laser graphics, logos, text, and laser billboard advertisements. DMX DJ Party Stage Laser Projector Light is suitable for venues/crowds of up to 2,900 people in capacity.
Offering easy control in three different ways:

  1. Console Mode - Over DMX or ArtNET, directly from a console. And we include over 1,500 FREE laser gobos for you to control, directly on the laser.
  2. Streaming Mode – Allowing for direct control from a PC using Pangolin’s QuickShow or Beyond Software (over Ethernet).
  3. Auto Mode - Finally, we also offer auto-mode operation, where you can upload your desired laser content to the projector (this can be fully programmed shows, as well as single cues) and set the day, date, and time for the projection, and it will be done automatically for you. No trigger, PC, or control setup is required. A truly auto-play setup, ideal for permanent installations.
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2021.12.08 01:23 AangKetchum I took over this gym and left my Espeon (shny) there on Monday. I checked on it today to see this

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2021.12.08 01:23 UhOhIShitted It’s happening

It is finally happening! Just got confirmation today, she’s coming to stay a whole weekend soon! I don’t know what the fuck to do with myself, but I am so fucking hyped!!!!!!
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2021.12.08 01:23 Curisic Looking for a VN

Hi guys, i'm really new to VN, but i really enjoyed DDLC and want to find something like it but.. you know.. normal lol
i downloaded the normal version mod and absolutely loved it.
Any suggestions? <3
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2021.12.08 01:23 lynn_sg84 What's next after biometrics? I-539

Did biometrics to extend stay for another six months under B2 visa in October 20th. Last update was fingerprinting done. What's next? Many thanks!
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2021.12.08 01:23 Leliaa891 30% off products on Amazon today

30% off products on Amazon today.
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2021.12.08 01:23 Bing-Bang-Clangerang Which heroes to focus?

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2021.12.08 01:23 Blootrix Why Are There No 2.4GHz Earbuds?

Hey, just wondering why manufacturers don't seem to make 2.4GHz earbuds?
I've seen loads of 2.4GHz headsets. There's no hiss with them like bluetooth headsets, latency is far lower than what most APTX LL wireless earbuds can achieve, which from what I've seen is around 120ms according to two different RTings reviews on Razer Hammerhead's connected to a PC.
I want wireless audio without having a band on my head to support the headphones, because I find them itchy and frustrating.
So what gives?
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2021.12.08 01:23 Only_the_Tip Full set of LSD glow after a sweet Black Friday deal

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2021.12.08 01:23 Gl1TchTheVirus Someone looking to get an ant farm, this one specifically, any tips on either a better (but still cheap) and ant type to get?

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2021.12.08 01:23 AR2k4N The claymore really run away 😂

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2021.12.08 01:23 DianDiancu 30% off products on Amazon today

30% off products on Amazon today.
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2021.12.08 01:23 jilekdan Well, someone lost their job at G4...

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2021.12.08 01:23 justabadreg Ledger Nano X not displaying staking dialogue?

Hey, I’ve updated my chrome browser, I updated to the latest firmware for the ledger. I also have enough Avax for gas fee’s… Although while trying to stake my $TIME, I’m getting stuck on the pending transaction. I assume this is because the ledger is supposed to he asking me to approve? Anyone know what I’m supposed to do?
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2021.12.08 01:23 Abject_Delay_7495 🚀GoldenDogRun | $BUSD Rewards | Locked Liquidity | Anti-Whale System | Play-To-Earn-Mobile Game | Huge Marketing | 1000x potential 🚀

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1,000,000,000 $GDR

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🔒LIQUIDITY LOCK : https://deeplock.io/lock/0x799ea9692BAA936268014d87ad939B0Cc90aD2cB
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2021.12.08 01:23 ShruchWroiags 🐕 ShibaBonk(SHIBO) | stealth launched | Ownership renounced 💥| 400 holders | daily VC | 40k Mc | ongoing giveaway | | Lp locked for 6 months on Unicrypt 🔐 |⏳ Big Marketing Plans 🙌 - Join the best bonk community| cg and cmc ⏳🤫

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2021.12.08 01:23 PlentyForever4404 Ace's Endeavors - A Creative Writing Story

Jostling as the landing craft tore through the choppy water, Ace held the cold steel of his rifle to his chest. He knew this might be the last day he might live, knowing this he gazed at the men around him, some as young as fourteen and some as old as sixty. They were all clad in dark green clothing wearing metal helmets, rifles clutched in hand. They would soon be landing on Omaha Beach, the most heavily defended part of the Normandy Beaches. The landing craft was silent, except for the sound of waves crashing against the metal exterior of the landing craft except for the occasional cough or sneeze. Many men fidgeted with their clothing or weapons, anxiety high for the hours or days to come. Ace slowly began to fully feel the effect of the rising dread in his stomach, knowing what the battle ahead will contain. Blood, bullets, death, and destruction. Many of the men he is sitting among now will be dead tomorrow at the same time. Soon, Ace would bring death upon others. The landing craft slammed against the shore, shaking everyone out of their anxious stupor. The door of the landing craft opened and Ace rushed out. He fell into the almost neck-deep, freezing water, shouting in pain as the water tore at his skin. As the men rushed through the frigid, shallow waters, they began to receive fire from the surrounding cliffs. German soldiers rained fire down upon the soldiers rushing through the water. Ace ran as fast as he could, rifle clutched in hand, shouting as bullets hit the water next to him. Ace took a look to his left, still rushing forward through the mist and water, and watched as a boy, a young man at the age of sixteen at least, was shot and fell into the water with a splash. The water where he had fallen ran red. Ace looked away, tears pooling in his eyes, continuing forward. Ahead of Ace were what looked like wrought iron gates, what seemed to be for German beach defence. As Ace ran through the cold water, many shouts could be heard, along with the constant sound of bullets hitting water and fire being returned from the American forces. The water level was now only at Ace’s ankles, although all of his clothes were completely soaked through, making it even harder to keep moving forward than it already was. Up ahead, there was a bank of shingles, about three hundred meters of them, to run through. The rocks were wet, slippery, and hard to gain traction on, and Ace slipped more than once making his way through it. As Ace ran, he looked ahead to the now more visible wrought iron gates, which were stationed in a line across the beachhead. As Ace watched, a sense of dread growing in his stomach, one of the men from his landing craft ran up to one of the gates, caught his breath and leaned against the cold metal. He began returning fire to the Germans, who were situated on the rocky cliffs above the shore, then the air was filled with a loud, explosive bang. The gate was no longer there, instead, it was flying through the air, along with pieces of the once intact soldier. There were mines attached to either side of the gates, making them a powerful anti-tank and anti-infantry weapon. Shouting in anger, despair and sadness, Ace ran harder, continuing to run past the gates. As he ran, Ace stumbled into sharp, razor wire. The wire was protruding, mostly buried by sand, making it almost impossible to notice the wire. Making it through the wire was difficult, and was not possible without tearing clothing or flesh on the sharp point of the metal. Still tearing through the razor wire, Ace tripped and sliced his hands and knees painfully on the sharp, cold metal. Shouting as he stood back up, the hot blood dripped from his frigid hands, continuing to run even faster to the far ahead anti-tank structures. The soldiers called them hedgehogs because they often were topped with razor wire, like the kind hidden in the sand. They were steel structures, with concrete on the end of each steel beam to tie it to the ground. These were spaced about thirty to forty feet from one another, lining the beach to prevent tanks from advancing on the German defensive line. Further running, blood still dripping from Ace’s hands, the stinging cold seeping into his skin and soaked clothing, Ace could see the hedgehogs, within sixty to seventy feet away. Ace pushed harder than he had before, running as fast and as hard as he possibly could. The sounds of gunfire and explosions surrounded Ace, shouts, screams, shrieks. He ran, eyes closed, fists clenched, feeling the glacial wind against his face, teeth ground, hoping to make it to the cover from German fire. He ran and ran until he couldn’t run anymore. He opened his eyes and saw that the hedgehogs were only a few feet away. He continued to run, finally making it to the hedgehogs. Ace looked to the left and the right, seeing his fellow soldiers arrive at the hedgehogs as well. Ace sat down in the grainy sand, back against the cold steel of the hedgehogs, concrete on either side of him. Ace was wet, cold, bleeding and covered in sand. This was the worst he had felt in all of his twenty-seven years of life. Ace lifted his canteen to his lips, hands shaking, and took a sip of the frigid water contained within it. His dry throat was relieved, finally. All of that running had worn Ace out, but he couldn’t just lie down and go to sleep. He had to fight, for his country, for his freedom. Ace lifted his rifle and lay the barrel on the concrete parts of the hedgehogs, cheek against the butt of the gun. Looking down the sights, he adjusted his aim to point towards the rocky bluffs where the Germans were situated. Looking down the sights of the weapon, he aimed at a German soldier, who was shooting down at another spot on the beach, slowly compensating for the wind, drop of the bullet, and other components. He steeled himself, slowly squeezing the cold metal of the trigger, and the shot rang out. The loud sound of gunfire and a burst of smoke were now in place of the once clear air in front of the gun. The German soldier crumpled from his spot situated on the bluff, blood spraying in the air, his gun dropping from his hands and falling from the cliff. It landed in the sand with a soft thump, spraying sand in several directions. Ace aimed and fired once again. The bang, the smoke, the blood, it was all too much for Ace. He leaned back in between the concrete of the hedgehog, shaking, beginning to tear up. He had just ended the life of another human. Enemy or not, that man may have had family, friends, people who depended on him. He had just taken lives from people who didn’t deserve to die. He began to cry, like a child. Against this hedgehog, he began to slowly lose what he had once thought to be himself. He was a mindless killer, like everyone around him. He murders, to fight in wars that didn’t matter. These things were stupid, humans endeavours were despicable, useless, and violent. Ace didn’t want to go on. This wasn’t what he wanted to do. He looked at his rifle, dismissing the thought he was thinking. He quickly decided to take his mind off of the things he was thinking, rummaging through his backpack and locating his whiskey. He popped the cork of the alcoholic drink, downing the precious liquid in burning gulps, regretting each sip, while enjoying the sensation of not caring. He began to regain confidence. This was familiar, the hot burn of alcohol on his throat, the woozy feeling of drunkness. He stood, stumbling, and fell back to his spot on the sand. Wiping the tears from his eyes drunkenly, he layed his head against the steel beams of the hedgehog, eyes heavy, resting his rifle against his chest defensively, though feeling as though he would not need it. He closed his eyes, hands bleeding, head pounding, guilt, giddiness, and weariness all swirling inside of Ace’s stomach, he fell asleep, gunshots still ringing out, explosions, shouts, screams, and crying, all accompanying his drunken sleepiness. Ace woke in his bed, the warmth of the sheets and blankets enclosing him in comfort. He slowly sat up, gazing around the sunlit room, light filtering through the window, illuminating the room slightly. His bedside table was cluttered with whiskey bottles, beer cans, and any alcoholic beverage imaginable. The floor was littered with dirty clothing, food trash, and cigarette butts. In the corner of the room, there was a wooden rocking chair, slowly blowing in the nonexistent wind. Sitting on the chair, was a ghostly figure, not fully in focus but not blurry in appearance. It appeared to be a soldier, not from the war going on currently. He was from before, seemingly missing an eye, rocking the chair slightly, looking off into space, a determinedly solemn look plastered to his face. He appeared to be at about the age of seventeen, a young man, who has seen and done much in his life. The figure turned to Ace, solemnity still stuck to his face. “Wake up,” he spoke, with an angry, determined tone. Ace woke with a start. The sounds of gunfire, shouting, and explosions had returned, Ace’s head still pounding, vision restored to normal, hands caked with dry blood and sand, he stood. Looking around him, he saw that many more American soldiers had advanced to the hedgehogs, and noticed a small group of young men struggling to carry a wounded man to Ace’s hedgehog. Ace dropped his rifle and whiskey, sprinting to them. He took the injured man from their hands, hoisting him over his shoulders, turning back towards the hedgehog and running, bullets flying past him and the young boys next to him. As Ace made it back to the hedgehog, the man on his shoulder began to wake up from his unconscious state, groaning, and then shouting and yelling, flailing arms and legs. Ace laid him down on the ground and rifled through his backpack looking for his combat medic grade medkit. The man still writhing on the floor, screaming, bleeding from his chest where the bullet had connected. The young boys barely glanced at the injured soldier, but instead, each began returning fire to the German soldiers stationed on the rocky defences. The smoke of the guns, the sounds of the ongoing war around Ace, the blood, the dizziness, it was too much for Ace. He began to tune everything out and hold either side of his head, rocking back and forth. Eyes clamped shut, he saw the ghost of the soldier he had seen in his decrepit home. Solemnity still adhered to his face, he gazed at Ace with his one-eyed glare. “Fix him.” Everything rushed back to ace, the sounds, the smells, the sights, everything all at once. Ace felt clearer than before, feeling himself come to and feel better than before. The soldier still laying against the hedgehog, shrieking, flailing, sending sand everywhere, was beginning to slow and become weaker. Ace rushed to get out the necessary materials to patch the gunshot wound. Using dressing, Ace pressed against the gunshot wound to attempt to stop the bleeding. Checking the soldier’s heart rate, it was slowing rapidly. The wound most likely had punctured an internal organ, but that was only a possibility. Ace began to breathe harder, working fast to repair the wounded soldier. Once the bleeding began to slow, Ace dug through his first aid kit and brought back a pair of forceps. The soldier was beginning to lose consciousness again, but Ace was determined. Ace slowly slid the forceps into the wound, wincing at the feeling of the flesh, groping for the bullet inside of the poor man in front of him. There, the feeling of metal. Gripping it with the forceps, Ace extracted the bullet from the soldier’s abdomen, to which more blood began to pour out. Stopping the hole with more gauze, and tightly wrapping the soldier’s chest in bandages, Ace sat back, hoping that the soldier would survive to see another day. Ace checked his pulse, relieved, seeing that the pulse was faint, but still a pulse. Ace instructed one of the two young boys to make sure the man’s condition stayed stable and made sure they knew how to do CPR if he began to stop breathing or lost a pulse. Sitting back, Ace dug through the sand to find his bottle of whiskey, finally finding the hard, cold glass of the bottle. He realized that it had been shattered during the effort to heal the wounded soldier, and he yelled and threw the shards in his hand at the hedgehog. They shattered, landing in the sand with no sound. Ace gazed around for his rifle, resolving himself to fight once again. End others’ lives, bring death, blood and destruction to other people. Ace hated the way this worked, he wanted to change it, but he couldn’t. He would have to continually end lives for the pointless fights of the human race, bringing nothing but sadness, anger, and grief to anyone in his path. Ace found himself mindlessly running forwards through the cold air, thick sand, and gunfire, screaming. Long, loud, meaningful screaming. He ran forwards, angrily brandishing his rifle at anything in his way, human or not. Ahead of him, the rocky bluffs drew closer. Behind him, the sound of American troops shouting, shooting, shrieking, followed. Ace led the charge to the rocky bluffs held by the German forces, eyes closed, tears flooding out from under his eyelids. He felt anger, sadness, grief, despair, and most of all, dread. The constant, neverending, sound of gunfire surrounded Ace. He once again began to fall into the trancelike state he had fallen into before. He fell to his knees, sounds, smells, all of it is blocked out. He clenched his eyes closed, tears flowing from under his eyelids uncontrollably. Laying in the sand, still screaming, Ace saw the ghost. This time, the ghost spoke to him. “I fought in World War One, an American soldier who was a complete failure. I never could bring myself to end another life. That was my mistake, it lead to my death. I was bested by a German soldier, who I decided to let live. I let him go, turning my back on him. He shot me in the back of the head.” He motioned to his missing eye, “Go fight Ace. Don’t make the same mistakes I did.” Ace opened his eyes slowly. This time, the sensations didn’t come back as a rush, but rather a slow trickle. The dried tears on Ace’s face were cold, making his face numb. Ace stood and began running, rifle in hand. One foot in front of the other, as fast as he had ever run before. He made it to the rocky defences, where German soldiers shouted obscenities, gunfire rang out, and men and women alike were slaughtered in front of Ace. None of this phased him. He hoisted his rifle, pointing it at the nearest German soldier, squeezing the cold metal of the trigger, firing the weapon. The soldier dropped, limp on the ground. Blood pooled out around the soldier, on the cold, hard, stone ground. Ace stepped over the lifeless corpse and began shooting. Again, again, again, the same outcome as every other murder that had been committed on this horrible day. Ace killed a total of twenty-six German soldiers that day. In his fury-filled flurry, sadness, grief, guilt, and every other emotion swelled to the surface after the battle. Ace sat against the sandbags of the German defences, crying. He threw his rifle at the ground, shrieking. He forced his eyes closed, he couldn’t stand to see the faces of the other soldiers around him. He screamed, long and loud. He finally opened his eyes, face streaked with tears, face covered in sand, hands bloodied, clothing ripped. He fell back against the sandbags. Head on his arms curled up, staring at the empty space ahead of him. Before his eyes, the ghost appeared. “I’ve made sure someone wouldn’t lose their life at the hands of someone they granted mercy. There is more senseless violence to come, so enjoy the time you have to grieve the lives you have ended. You’ve brought me closure, thank you, Ace. I won’t see you again, remember, Kilo fought alongside you in this battle.” Kilo slowly disappeared, a content look coming across his no longer solemn face. He was gone within the minute. Ace cried that night, regretting every moment of the day before. The whiskey, the murder, the ghost, all of it. The next morning, Ace received news from the infirmary that the man he had tried to save had died, from a punctured lung, late that night. Ace would go on to fight the war, dying in the battle of Iwo Jima, from an artillery barrage against his fighting force. He may not have contributed the most to the war, but he was just as important as any other soldier that had fought. This troubled young man, Ace, never recovered from his alcohol addiction, never fighting without a bottle of whiskey to help him through the pain of murder and senseless violence.
This was the story of Ace. Thank you for your time.
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2021.12.08 01:23 FunnyPhrases If water didn't evaporate, how would society change?

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