[NXT Spoilers] Mark chants break out again

2021.12.07 23:35 MetsWillRise [NXT Spoilers] Mark chants break out again

“You can’t skate” chanted at Cora Jade as she makes her entrance…
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2021.12.07 23:35 howstupid COVID 19 Test

I am traveling to the UK on Thursday. Just discovered they changed the rules so I need to take a COVID PCR test one day before even though I am vaccinated with a booster. Walgreens says return in 72 hours. Anyone know anyplace in Madison with same day results?
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2021.12.07 23:35 SomeAxolotl42 Completed the outside portion of our base!

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2021.12.07 23:35 OutOfIdeasHonestly $63 installation simulator

Finally after years of, 'eh maybe some other time' (lack of PvP being a big reason) I decided to give FFXIV a shot seeing as they were just releasing a new expansion and I had became bored of everything I was currently playing. Only to find out upon purchasing and installing the game, that not only can I not create a character on the same world as my friends because their world is full. Their data center is also, entirely full. Oh, and the entirety of NA? FULL. So I can't even create a character, let alone play, on the entirety of NA and have to be forced to a completely different region if I was to play the game I just spent $63 on. Good job Square Enix, didnt think I'd end up refunding the game before I even got to play it but you surprise me yet again. How long am I expected to wait while my game time ticks down, to be able to play in my own region? Lol.
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2021.12.07 23:35 4GuysBustOnMyEyes i see

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2021.12.07 23:35 D674CCE72D03091E If the allegations about Democrats' election fraud turn out to be true, should the 2020 presidential elections be canceled?

If the allegations about Democrats' election fraud turn out to be true, should the 2020 presidential elections be canceled?
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2021.12.07 23:35 Ok-Egg3154 Bored Bigfoot Billionaires!!!!!

GET RICH! Bored Bigfoot Billionaires is the fastest growing NFT on the internet. They have over 100+ partnered influencers and the best artwork that competes with BAYC! You don't want to miss this opportunity of doing 100x+ on your money. They have over $200,000+ scheduled in giveaways + Tesla giveaway. Get in now and don't miss being early!

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2021.12.07 23:35 Such_Wojo I think my crush likes my best friend

My best friend has known I’ve liked this girl. He’s known and it’s whatever to him. I’ve been getting closer with her but recently I feel like they are way more closer. My friend has made it clear he doesn’t like her, even before I told him I did. But I think him being his normal self is good enough for her so they’ve been closer. For example, taking his jacket and wearing it the whole day to mess with him. And the other day they stayed up late talking. They are also just acting like close friends do to each other. I want to tell him that I’m uncomfortable with that but I just don’t know how.
I haven’t been able to talk to anybody about this either because he is the only friend I can talk to.
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2021.12.07 23:35 Gagarin1961 Anyone else not particularly like how the Joe Davola plot was never resolved?

The Joe Davola plot was part of like 3 or 4 episodes, it all builds to “The Opera” where Joe is literally threatening Jerry, stalking Elaine, and even bought Kramers extra ticket to get into the theater. The show ends on what is basically a cliff hanger.
I suppose they just never saw him in the theater, and then he went back on his meds soon after? I don’t know, I just feel like they usually resolved multi-episode sub plots a little more than this.
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2021.12.07 23:35 Medical-Accident3231 Aight Jieyi, I see you. It was a cold one today in Canada, until I put Jieyi's Moncler Maya on. Then it was a nice warm day full if compliments on the way. Will puff it up more tonight, I just got it.

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2021.12.07 23:35 Esperaux "El Faro", a shanty protesting the reckless endangerment and death of 33 seafarers in the Jones Act fleet

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2021.12.07 23:35 Fpkartist18 Idk what to put here

Hey idk what to do I just had a hookup with this guy and I let him f*ck me for the first time (gay) and I have a minor crush on him we've hooked up before and I just want to cuddle with him and kiss him and I want him to be my bf Idk if I'm being toxic or something or just being plain stupid I don't want to tell him that I have a crush on him because if It doesn't work out then the fwb thing goes out the window I think I should just my mouth shut
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2021.12.07 23:35 juyong9640 stats exam 50usd

can anyone help with my stats exam? it's due on the 14th open book
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2021.12.07 23:35 ContentForager2 Cue Alanis Morissette (/r/PoliticalHumor)

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2021.12.07 23:35 AnonHistoricalFigure Should I include in my diversity essays that the MBA admissions process made me gay?

This is a serious question and I truly am gay now.
I am a white guy. Scratch that. I am a very white guy. 90% of my wardrobe is from REI and I make tacos out of canned Rosarita refried beans and cheez wiz.
I recognize this is wrong but I started the MBA applications lying about my sexual orientation. Every time a box said "Click here if you are affiliated as LGBTQ," I clicked it.
I thought I was straight and I thought: 1) This will improve my odds at being admitted 2) There's no way for schools to validate it.
Yes, lying in your application is unethical. Yes, I am an asshole for doing that. That's not the point of this post.
Last October I attended LGBTQ admissions event at a T15 MBA school. Make my application look legit, right?
I had a follow-up meeting with one of the keynote speakers from my dream school. I'm talking a dream school that I have zero chance in hell (below both GPA and GMAT medians), but my dream school that I live just down the road from. Now a student is offering to help me get accepted?
We got together to meet in-person because I really am just a 80 minute bus ride away from campus. We started talking about my MBA application over coffee, one thing led to another and we ended up hooking up back at my place that same day.
We've hooked up a few times since and I think it's getting into an actual relationship. I've only told two of my closest friends about it but I'm YEARS away from coming out to my ultra-conservative parents.
Anyways, I've realized I'm gay thanks to the MBA admissions process. Should I include my story in my MBA diversity/adversity essays? If so, should I exclude the part about me lying about my LGBTQ at first if in fact I really wasn't lying? Or would telling them that I was lying at first show that I'm being honest now and demonstrate character development? If anything I should tell them that I was really only lying to myself, right? Should I tell my dream school about how a member of their admissions recruitment team helped me come out?
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2021.12.07 23:35 beatsbyastro [FREE] Lil Jairmy Type Beat | "Restless"

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2021.12.07 23:35 Rich-Establishment44 M40 PLEASE tell me if you honestly think if I’m really hot or really not. I would really love to know 🙏🏻

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2021.12.07 23:35 mgraceee How to ease stress when you’re both going through it?

Hi everyone— My girlfriend and I are both going through very stressful times right now. She is dealing with finals, financial stress, and shitty roommates and I’m dealing with finals, work stresses and financial stress too. All of our individual stress is making it hard for us to give each other the energy and support we usually do. Anyone have advice about what to do when both you and your long distance partner are super stressed? How can we reconnect throughout it?
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2021.12.07 23:35 CEOAerotyneLtd Switzerland approves use of 3D-printed suicide pod that can be activated just by blinking

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2021.12.07 23:35 TaPele_ How to resize an image with the mouse?

When I use the scale tool and drag the corners it does not change evenly. For instance, I select one of the corners and move it and it only moves that corner, it does not make the image bigger.
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2021.12.07 23:35 Repulsive_Engine_303 Anyone taking the supplementary exam for Models of Comp COMP30026?

Feel free to message me if you want to revise together
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2021.12.07 23:35 Vaporwhisp Help with dex completion

Hi all,
I am looking for the last few entries to complete my dex and was wondering if you could help me out. I still need the following:
Politoed, slowking, scizor, kingdra, gorebyss, huntail, magmortar, dusknoir, and rhyperior.
I can just do trade backs because I just want to register them so I can be done.
Any help would be appreciated!
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2021.12.07 23:35 RockBoy3 No one beats the Islanders 12 times in a row

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2021.12.07 23:35 Gurvir_ Who can relate ?

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