Olga De Mar

2021.12.09 07:40 CASHMERE1977 Olga De Mar

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2021.12.09 07:40 Hateling [STORE] St/Karambit, M9, Bayonet, Talon, Flip, St/Butterfly, Classic, Paracord, Skeleton: Sapphire, Ruby, Fire-Ice, Doppler P1/P2/P4, Gamma P2/P4, TT, Fade, Marble, CW, Lore, CH, Slaughter. Gloves Ft/Mw: Nocts,Pandora,Supercond,Crimson Kimono,Vice, Spearm. Medusa, AK CH, Redline(BTC/ETH/USDT/USDC)

I'm also interested in buying items Accept Сrypto BTC/ETH, CS:GO Items, Dota 2 Items Everything in my inventory is up for trade | OfferLink | Steam Profile |

Knives Wear Float Info ScreenShots B/O Prices
Talon Doppler P4 FN 0.06 Blue SS $570
Talon Tiger Tooth FN 0.00x SSSS $410
Talon Blue Steel MW 0.12 SS $215
Flip Sapphire FN 0.03 Clean SSSS $2440
Butterfly Marble FN 0.00 Blue Tip SS $1350
Butterfly Marble FN 0.05 Red Tip SSSS $1310
Butterfly Fade FN 0.02 Fade 99% SSSS $2450
Butterfly Fade FN 0.04 Fade 96% SSSS $1990
Butterfly Crimson Web MW 0.13 BTA SSSS $1370
Butterfly Doppler P4 FN 0.01 Clean / Blue SSSS $1320
Butterfly Doppler P4 FN 0.03 Good Blue SSSS $1320
Butterfly Slaughter FN 0.03 Diomond SSSS $1200
Butterfly Slaughter MW 0.08 SSSS $820
Butterfly Night MW 0.14 BTA SSSS $520
ST Butterfly Blue Steel FT 0.17 Clean SSSS $495
Butterfly Rust Coat BS 0.55 SSSS $335
Falchion Sapphire FN 0.01 Clean SSSS $700
Karambit Gamma P2 FN 0.00 Flawless / Pixel Corner SSSSCSM $1390
Karambit Gamma P2 FN 0.02 Flawless In Game ◾ Pixel Corner SSSSCSM $1340
Karambit Gamma P4 FN 0.00 Cyan/Lime ◾ Pixel Corner SSSSCSM $780
Karambit Gamma P4 FN 0.01 Lime/Smoke ◾ Pixel Corner SSSS $770
ST Karambit Fade FN 0.02 Fade 96% SSSS $1600
Karambit Fade FN 0.02 BTA SSSS $1140
Karambit Lore MW 0.10 BTA SS $820
Karambit Lore MW 0.14 BTA SS $790
Karambit Case Hardened FT 0.2 Blue Gem SSSS $1180
Karambit Doppler P2 FN 0.00 Flawless SSCSMSS $890
Karambit Doppler P2 FN 0.00 Pixel Corner / Pink SSCSMSS $800
Karambit Doppler P2 FN 0.01 Pink ◾ Pixel Corner SSSSCSM $790
Karambit Tiger Tooth FN 0.01 Flawless Corner SS $600
Karambit Tiger tooth FN 0.01 Flawless SS $600
Karambit Doppler P4 FN 0.00 Flawless Knife CSMSS $740
Karambit Doppler P4 FN 0.01 Pixel Corner SSSSSS $690
Karambit Doppler P1 FN 0.01 Flawless ◾ Pixel Corner SSSSCSM $590
Karambit Doppler P1 FN 0.00x Clean Corner SSSS $540
Karambit Doppler P1 FN 0.00x Clean Corner SSSS $540
M9 Gamma P2 FN 0.03 Mr Green SSSS $910
M9 Gamma P4 FN 0.02 Cyan / Lime SS $730
ST M9 Gamma P1 FN 0.01 Clean/Green SSSS $590
M9 Gamma P3 FN 0.03 Cyan / Green SS $565
Paracord Fade FN 0.01 Fade 95% SSSS $510
M9 Marble FN 0.03 Blue Tip SS $695
M9 Lore FT 0.2 BTA SS $515
M9 Fade FN 0.00 Very Clean SS $695
M9 Doppler P4 FN 0.01 Blue Pattern SS $495
ST M9 Doppler P3 FN 0.02 Clean SSSS $425
M9 Doppler P1 FN 0.03 Clean SS $395
M9 Tiger Tooth FN 0.00 Clean SSSS $455
M9 Tiger Tooth FN 0.02 Clean SS $445
M9 Tiger Tooth FN 0.03 Clean SS $435
ST M9 Bayonet Stained FT 0.3 Clean SSSS $180
Paracord Slaughter FN 0.04 Clean SS $285
Bayonet Gamma P2 FN 0.03 Green SSSS $640
Bayonet Fade FN 0.03 Fade 97% SSSS $540
Bayonet Doppler P4 FN 0.03 Blue SSSS $355
Bayonet Doppler P3 FN 0.03 BTA SS $325
Bayonet Doppler P1 FN 0.01 Very Clean SS $325
Ursus Doppler P4 FN 0.01 Very Blue/Clean SSSS $255
Huntsman Doppler P2 FN 0.02 Very Clean SSSS $215
Skeleton Slaughter FN 0.06 Diamond SSSS $890
Skeleton Stained FT 0.34 BTA SS $295
Flip Tiger Tooth FN 0.03 SS $195
Classic Knife Fade Fn 0.02 From Stewie2K ᠌ ᠌ ᠌ ᠌ ᠌ ᠌ ᠌ ᠌ ᠌ ᠌ ᠌ ᠌ ᠌ ᠌ ᠌ ᠌ ᠌ ᠌ ᠌ ᠌ ᠌ ᠌ ᠌ ᠌ ᠌ ᠌ SSSS $520
Gut Fire Ice FN 0.0002 Rank №1 SSSS $385
Classic Knife Crimson Web FT 0.16 Clean SS $190
Falchion Tiger Tooth FN 0.002 ᠌ ᠌ ᠌ ᠌ Clean SS $160
Falchion Doppler P1 FN 0.01 Clean SSSS $155
Stiletto Damascus Steel FN 0.04 Clean SS $115
Gloves Wear Float Info ScreenShots B/O Prices
Gloves Pandoras ᠌ FT 0.33 Very Clean SSSS $2450
Gloves Vice ᠌ FT 0.35 BTA SSSS $1240
Gloves Nocts ᠌ MW 0.12 Vey Clean SSSS $730
Gloves Superconductor ᠌ ᠌ ᠌ ᠌ ᠌ FT ᠌ ᠌ ᠌ ᠌ ᠌ 0.33 ᠌ ᠌ ᠌ ᠌ ᠌ ᠌ Clean ᠌ ᠌ ᠌ ᠌ ᠌ ᠌ ᠌ ᠌ ᠌ ᠌ ᠌ ᠌ ᠌ ᠌ ᠌ ᠌ ᠌ ᠌ ᠌ ᠌ ᠌ ᠌ ᠌ ᠌ ᠌ ᠌ ᠌ ᠌ ᠌ ᠌ ᠌ ᠌ ᠌ ᠌ ᠌ ᠌ ᠌ ᠌ ᠌ ᠌•SS $1000
Gloves Spearmint ᠌ FT 0.23 Clean SS $1950
Gloves Slingshot FT 0.34 BTA Clean SSSS $790
Gloves Crimson Kimono FT 0.16 BTA SSSS $1100
Gloves Crimson Weave MW 0.14 Very Clean SSSS $690
Gloves Blood Pressure MW 0.13 Very Clean SSSS $650
Gloves King Snake FT 0.31 BTA SSSS $365
Gloves Emerald Web FT 0.18 BTA Clean SS $450
Gloves Crimson Web FT 0.16 Clean SS $335
Gloves Crimson Web FT 0.24 BTA Clean SS $260
Gloves Scarlet Shamagh FT 0.31 Clean SS $290
Gloves Foundation FT 0.18 BTA Clean SSSS $320
Gloves 3rd Commando MW 0.12 Clean SSSS $165
Gloves Hedge Maze BS 0.7 BTA SSSS $285
Gloves Bronze Morph FT 0.15 Clean SSSS $165
Gloves Polygon FT 0.3 Clean BTA SSSS $185
Hand Wraps Slaughter FT 0.32 BTA SS $190
Hand Wraps Slaughter WW 0.38 BTA SS $165
Skins Wear Float Info ScreenShots B/O Prices
AWP Medusa ᠌ ᠌ ᠌ ᠌ ᠌ ᠌ ᠌ ᠌ ᠌ ᠌ ᠌ FT 0.20 ᠌ ᠌ ᠌ ᠌ ᠌ ᠌ Titan Holo KW 15 ᠌ ᠌ ᠌ ᠌ ᠌ ᠌ ᠌ ᠌ ᠌ ᠌ ᠌ ᠌ ᠌ ᠌ ᠌ ᠌ ᠌ ᠌ ᠌ ᠌ ᠌ ᠌ ᠌ SSSS $1995
Desert Eagle Blaze ᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌ ᠌ ᠌ ᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌ ᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌ FN 0.01 Clean SS ᠌ ᠌ ᠌ ᠌ ᠌ ᠌ ᠌ ᠌ ᠌ ᠌ ᠌ ᠌ ᠌ ᠌ $370
AK Redline MW 0.14 x4 IBP DM 2014 SS $195
AK Redline FT 0.3 x4 IBP DM 2014 SS $140
AK Case Hardened WW 0.4 Blue Top / Blue Mag SS $155
AK Case Hardened WW 0.4 Blue Top SS $145
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2021.12.09 07:40 Alghabrah Just watched a highlight video and this was all of the nutritional facts from that stream, the Pepsi was 60oz as well, so you can see the calorie total go up 😬

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2021.12.09 07:40 officialkfc I slept on good boy

And what a mistake I made. It’s probably some of party’s best work tbh. I hope you all realise what a sweet spot were in rn where party is kinda popular but still underground. We’re witnessing their best days. The choice by party to continue to focus on the music and not reveal identity is so important to why his music is so good. I know we all want to know what they look like etc, but it’s not important.
Keep at it party, you’re making my life so beautiful.
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2021.12.09 07:40 TheGolfer27 Selling Diamond 3 Val account

Selling for $500. Has $500 worth of skins. Add CurryGolfer#3425 on disc. Open to negotiation.
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2021.12.09 07:40 slferar24 [WTS] Unimatic x Hodinkee U1-H Limited Edition

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2021.12.09 07:40 luxxvenenum [start] Looking for Vocalist / chill / darker instrumentals

When comes to vocals im looking for something with alot of harmonies and ethereal back vocals.

pm if interested. peace <3
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2021.12.09 07:40 MobMobbo Zekrom Raid - 9663 9948 7735

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2021.12.09 07:40 MoorenoW Hablemos sbore dCrops, juego p2e de nuestra red HIVE

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2021.12.09 07:40 Alsmith212004 Data Science for Design and Technology Major Work?

So I need something to do for my major work for design and technology yr12.
I've been looking into a data science course for uni, so I thought it would be good to do it for this major work. Would this be a good choice, and if so, any ideas or recommendations for a field of data to actually use? (Using Kaggle a lot right now)
I was thinking I was pretty set on it, but I have also been told that it's not the best idea and possibly not even enough content to cover a year-long major work. So I was also thinking about city planning (Not Just Bikes as an influence) or developing a simple game (Sebastian Lague as an influence.)

I know this isn't exactly an easy question, so I'm just looking for something to give me some inspiration or open a new line of thinking for me, and a bit of advice if anyone has some experience in any of these fields - rather than a complete and closed answer.
Any input is welcome,
Thanks for your time!
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2021.12.09 07:40 EthTraderCommunity Ledger unveils crypto debit card, partners with FTX, Coinbase, Rarible

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2021.12.09 07:40 BelinhoBR Is any of the covers part of a anime soundtrack?

I really can't recognize any
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2021.12.09 07:40 Philinizavr Pfizer and BioNTech Provide Update on Omicron Variant

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2021.12.09 07:40 Shihocchi Contemplating between the iBasso DC05 and the Hidizs S8

I have been wondering if there was a substantial difference between the DC05 and S8 when it comes to audio quality.
Since the DC05 is quite new I wonder how it performs to the well measuring S8 in both measurements and real world usage.
Am aware that the S8 has physical buttons and a detachable cable with the DC05 lacks and an overall cleaner and nicer build.
Also am open to other options! Will primarily be driving them out of the Oriolus Forsteni iems and an android smartphone.
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2021.12.09 07:40 LordRoetis Are we All just specks of nothing? If the universe will live till it is 6 trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion years old what percentage is an average human's lifespan?

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2021.12.09 07:40 drake_xp Guess only HODOR can save the panels. #HoldTheDoor #WinterIsComing

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2021.12.09 07:40 Dahyun_Fanboy Just an interlude that happened to be the context of one of the recent WoW cutscenes in the PTR

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2021.12.09 07:40 shanabailey GUUDGO 24 LED 1080P Camera [EU] for 29.99 USD without coupon (Best price in history: $33.99) [EUROPE]

European warehouse
Here is the link (Banggood): GUUDGO 24 LED 1080P Camera [EU]
Current price is $29.99. The lowest price in my database is $33.99 on 22.11.2021.There're already 5 records in DB. Price monitoring since 25.9.2021!
Price alerts and current coupons for GUUDGO 24 LED 1080P Camera are here https://couponsfromchina.com/guudgo-24-led-1080p-camera-eu-coupon-price/
Only real deals and discounts.
You can also check other channels:

  1. FB group
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Image: https://i.imgur.com/TAdhNZb.jpg
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2021.12.09 07:40 qaxispog dragon's breath sniper in chapter 3

got this from a broken vending machine. does this mean you could get the shadow tracker pistol or icy grappler?
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2021.12.09 07:40 Lucasvalentinuci In a Battle Royale to the death, which pseudo-legendary would come out on top?

-Rules (Death Battle Style!)
-The participants are : Dragonite, Tyranitar, Salamance, Metagross, Garchomp, Hydreigon, Goodra, Kommo-O and Dragapult.
-All the participants are wild Pokémon. They are not holding items and they can only one use moves they normally learn by level up. So no TM, TR, Tutor or egg moves.
-For more variety, the Pokémon can use every move they can normally learn. They are not limited by only four moves, like in the games.
-No hidden abilities. Only natural ones.
-No Megas or Dynamax.
-No Ev or Iv training.
-All the Pokémon have neutral natures.
-All the Pokémon are level 100.
-What the Pokédex says about the Pokémon is classified as real.
With that out of the way, who wins?
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2021.12.09 07:40 thebusiness7 For what reason does the widespread violence in South Sudan not make Western mainstream news, and who is supplying both sides in the conflict?

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2021.12.09 07:40 Shut_Up_You Should Vegetarians when hosting a dinner party make special allowances for meat eaters?

I've seen this come up a few times & just curious on everyone's thoughts.
We all know the cultural norm if you are hosting a dinner and one or more of your guests is vegetarian. There is an expectation that you as a gracious host will go the extra mile and make sure that there is a suitable option of a "main" is there for them. It's a considerate thing to do and of course as a host wanting your guests to enjoy themselves, you wouldn't think twice about it.
How about with the shoe on the other foot? If it is a person or household who is vegetarian are hosting a dinner. Is the same social expectation in place from the other way around? How likely would it be for them as hosts to go the extra mile & make a meat dish for the people who would prefer that food? As a guest, would you really appreciate the extra thought and effort rather than just the assumption that their dietary preference will be yours?
Of course I understand that there are rare dietary requirements based on allergies, medical conditions etc. They should always be considered when having people around for dinner.
Is the host simply being selfish if they don't make the effort to cater to their guests preference?
Or are the guests just being selfish in expecting that a special and specific effort is made just for them?
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2021.12.09 07:40 ADSPLTech7512 Programming memes

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2021.12.09 07:40 StormSwitch This Call of the Sea edition includes the OST on vinyl.

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2021.12.09 07:40 iAmSyther Please save our server browser filters.

I genuinely am not looking for FULL and PRIVATE servers...ever.
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